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DJ Tira biography

DJ Tira biography is about a star artist aka Mthokozi Khathi. He is a South African DJ, artist, producer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Afrotainment Record label and he is best known grooming artists like Big Nuz, DJ Fishermanand DJ C’ndo through his Afrotainment label.

Dj Tira Music Career      

He started off his romance with music while studying at Durban. He got admitted to study Human Resources at the University of Natal in 1995 and while there developed interest in being a Disc Jockey. In 1996 he bought his first vinyl and learnt how deejay with it.

His passion and knowledge about his chosen craft grew and he started getting gigs at varsity parties, private parties, wedding and nightclubs.

He began to receive some recognition for his modest exploits and in 2000 and 2001 he became winner of the Smirnoff SA DJ Knockout competition. He also teamed up with the late DJ Khabzela in 2001 to release the Real Makoya compilation.

In 2005, he together with Kalawa Jazzmee formed a group named Tzozo EnProfessor and they released three compilations. The Vol 1 and Vol 2 of their compilations won 2004 and 2005 Metro FM Best Compilation Awards.

The artist further went on to set up Afrotainment studios and produced his first artist DJ Cndo in 2007. He also in 2007 signed on a kwaito group Big Nuz. The new group released an album in 2008 titled “2nd Round Knockout” with the single “Ubala” becoming a number 1 hit.

DJ Tira Wife 

He is married to Gugu Khathi .  In October 2016, he and his wife hosted a traditional marriage ceremony named “Umabo” at his home in KwaHlabisa, in KZN.

The Umabo is a Zulu traditional marriage ceremony where a bride gets introduced to her husband’s ancestors. It comes with a cow slaughtering ritual and celebration. The “Umabo” ceremony usually takes place after the white wedding and in Zulu culture one is not considered to be fully married until this ceremony has taken place.

DJ Tira Age    

DJ Tira was born in KwaHlabisa, a village in the north of KwaZulu Natal on the 24th August 1976. He is 42 years old.

DJ Tira Son

He has two sons named Junior and Chase Khathi. Both sons seem interested in music and are following in their father’s footsteps. While Junior is interested in hip hop music, Chase enjoys spinning the decks.

However, though he supports his sons is scared if they will be able to break through the tough competition or continue loving education.

DJ Tira Net Worth

He has made lots of money from his craft . DJ Tira net worth is estimated at about $650,000. He earns from music sales, endorsements, Performance fees and other business.

DJ Tira Contact Details 

Tira Khathi Director
Tel: +27 31 309 4643

DJ Tira Cars

He owns a good number of choice automobiles. Dj tira cars include a Range Rover SVR sport car worth R2 million, a silver BMW and white convertible.

DJ Tira Songs

  • Malume – 2017
  • No Rush – 2018
  • No Rush Remix – 2018
  • Ngisemathandweni – 2014
  • Sobuye Sibonane – 2017
  • Amaphara – 2016
  • Sfuna Abo Chomi – 2016
  • Ungesabi – 2013
  • 4000 – 2013
  • Solomzi – 2016
  • Summertime – 2013
  • IData Endlini Ka Tira – 2016
  • Single Guys – 2016
  • Finest Things – 2016
  • Umsindo – 2016
  • Believe in Me – 2016
  • Nginqobile – 2016
  • Mad in Love – 2016
  • Dangerous – 2013
  • Kuyavela Ngalapho – 2016
  • Hayi Hayi – 2016
  • Eternity – 2016
  • S’philela Ubumnandi – 2013
  • Ngathi Uyahamba – 2016
  • Thank You Mom – 2013
  • Champagne – 2015
  • Top Celeb – 2016
  • Konke Kuhamba Kahle – 2016
  • Samba Nabahambayo – 2013
  • Bakhuluma Futhi – 2016
  • Run Free – 2016
  • Havaiki E
  • E He’e Te Va’a
  • Fakateretere
  • Himene Tatarahapa
  • No Rush
  • Te Pua No’a No’a
  • No Rush Remix
  • A Rutu

DJ Tira Awards      —    Dj Tira Biography

  • Song of The Year at South African Music Award 2010
  • Video of The Year Award at Channel O Awards 2010
  • Best Club DJ Award at Mzansi Star 2008
  • Best Compilation at Metro FM 2005
  • Best Compilation at Metro FM 2004


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