Doctor Olaleye has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the court for rape.

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Busy Bee November 6, 2023
Updated 2023/11/06 at 11:32 AM

Justice Rahman Oshodi delivered his verdict, stating that the prosecution, represented by the Lagos State Government, had successfully proven the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, as the evidence presented against him was compelling.

On November 30, 2022, Dr Olaleye was brought before the court and charged with two offenses: defilement and sexual assault through penetration of a minor. The incidents allegedly occurred between December 2019 and July 2022, during the period when the minor was residing with their family.

During the trial, Dr Babajide Martins, the Director of Public Prosecutions for Lagos State, informed the court that Olaleye had engaged in sexual assault against his wife’s niece for a duration of around 19 months. It was not until the wife discovered these acts and reported them to the police that legal action was taken. The minor, who was subjected to these crimes, is currently 18 years old.

Upon being formally charged, the doctor pleaded not guilty to the offenses laid against him.

Later, the prosecution called six witnesses to provide evidence against him. These included the minor involved, the defendant’s wife, a medical doctor, and another child care expert who examined the minor. Additionally, two police officers who were part of the investigations testified in court.

In defense, the defendant himself testified and was accompanied by his long-time friend of over 40 years. He also had a forensic physician who criticized the medical evidence presented by the prosecution.

After carefully considering all the evidence, Justice Oshodi found it to be convincing and compelling.

The judge pointed out that the defendant’s confession to his former lawyer, Mr. Olalekan Buruji, and the Divisional Police Officer at the Anthony Police Station in Lagos State, was proof of his guilt in committing the crimes.

Justice Oshodi characterized the medical director as a menacing offender devoid of any remorse during the trial. Oshodi stated, “You confessed to being a sex addict, but in this courtroom, you resorted to falsehood. There was no display of remorse, and your conduct signifies a dangerous disposition.”

He continued, “You subjected a minor to explicit content against her will, making her watch pornography, touch her own breasts, and engage in oral sexual activity with you. This conduct involved repeated violations of the victim.”

Ultimately, the court convicted the defendant of the charges.

During the plea for leniency, Adebisi Oridate, the convict’s counsel, mentioned, “He is a medical doctor specializing in providing care to individuals battling cancer-related conditions, particularly women.”

“The defendant’s contributions are acknowledged by the state, and it is important to note that he is a first-time offender. However, due to his incarceration, he has suffered significant losses in his business and has also impacted his family, particularly his elderly mother who relies solely on him. We humbly request your leniency in your ruling.”

Justice Oshodi delivered the following sentence, “According to the laws of Lagos State, I am obligated to impose a life imprisonment sentence for each count of your offense. However, your counsel has mentioned that you are a first-time offender and a doctor treating cancer patients. Therefore, I hereby sentence you to life imprisonment for both counts one and two.”

The judge additionally ordered that Olaleye’s name be included in the Sexual Offences Register of the Lagos State Government.

During the trial, Aderemi Olaleye, the wife of the defendant, testified that her husband had been engaging in sexual abuse towards her niece while she was residing in their home.

According to Mrs Olaleye, she became aware of the alleged crimes when the survivor confided in her aunt and the family’s driver that the doctor was having a sexual relationship with her and threatening to harm her if she spoke up.

The mother of two, who is the complainant, stated under oath, “Your honor, on November 27, 2021, my second cousin informed my aunt, who is my mother’s sister, that Femi has been sexually abusing her and exposing her to pornography since March 2020. The abuse escalated to oral sex, which took place in various parts of the house where there are no surveillance cameras.” These acts are in violation of Sections 137 and 261 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State.

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