Drew Barrymore Net Worth, Biography, Career, Husband and Kids

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Drew Barrymore Net Worth

Drew Barrymore Net Worth   $140 million

Popular Name:Drew Barrymore
Real Name:Drew Blythe Barrymore
Birth Date:February 22, 1975
Birth Place:
Culver City, California, United States
Marital Status:Divorced
Jeremy Thomas (m. 1994; div. 1995)​
Tom Green (m. 2001; div. 2002)​
Will Kopelman (m. 2012; div. 2016)
Profession:Actress, Model, Producer, Director
Years active:1976 Till Date
Net Worth:$140 Million
Last Updated:2022


Drew Barrymore is a beautiful American actress, director, model, and film producer who became popular as a child actress with her role of Gertie in Steven Spielberg’s film ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.’

The granddaughter of the popular American actor John Barrymore, Drew is a member of the prestigious Barrymore family that has most of its members as famous stage and movie actors. Even as a child, she was quite natural before the camera.

She overcame her teenage problems which involved alcohol and drug abuse and went on to attain her current status as one of the most successful actresses in the world by proving her abilities in hit movies like‘50 First Dates,’  ‘The Wedding singer,’ ‘Music and Lyrics,’ and ‘Charlie’s Angels.’

Along with Nancy Juvoner, she founded the film production company ‘Flower Films’ which was responsible for the production of the cult film ‘Donnie Darko.’

In 2007, she has received a star on Hollywood walk of fame, and was named among the 100 most beautiful people in the world in 2007 by People Magazine.

Drew Barrymore net worth has received contributions from her modeling career alongside her roles in films. She has worked with brands like Gucci’s jewelry line and Cover Girl Cosmetics.

The remainder of this article contains information on Drew Barrymore biography, and details about her fantastic career where she has established herself as one of the most popular and wealthiest American actresses alive.

Drew Barrymore’s Early Life

Drew Blyth Barrymore was born in Culver City, California, United States on February 22, 1975. Her parents John Drew Barrymore and Jaid Barrymore were also active in the film industry as actors. While her mother is of Hungarian ancestry, her father was of German, English, and Irish decent.

Drrew is a descendant of famous actors and actresses like John Drew Jr, John Barrymore, George Drew Barrymore, and Maurice Barrymore. She was adopted by Steven Spielberg and Sophia Loren as their goddaughter.

When she was aged 9, her parents divorced, and this affected her negatively. She attended Fountain Day School in West Hollywood for her elementary education.

Drew’s first audition took place when she was 11 months old, and she auditioned for a ‘Gainsburger’ puppy food commercial. By the time she was 2 years of age, she had already acted a movie titled ‘Suddenly, Love.’ She also had a number of appearances in commercials before making her debut as a child actor in ‘Altered States’ (1980).

Drew Barrymore’s Career

Barrymore’s acting debut came when she was four years old in 1980, when she had a role in ‘Altered States’. At age 7, she played Gertie in the film ‘E.T.: The Extraterrestrial’, and her performance in the film pushed her to the limelight.

Due to going to nightclubs with her mother, Drew’s childhood became ruined as he found herself abusing drugs and alcohol at just 13 years of age.

Together with a friend, Drew Barrymore started her own film production company named ‘Flower Films’ in 2005, and started working as a film producer and director while also maintaining her status as an actress.

She appeared in the movie ‘Boys On the Side’, before delivering a memorable performance in the blockbuster movie ‘Scream’. In 1998, she appeared in two romantic movies ‘Ever After’ and ‘The Wedding Singer’.

Up next, she appeared in the 2000 movie ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and this was a turning point in her career as the film was massively successful. Drew became even more popular after playing a role in the second part of the film and further got many more opportunities to star in a long list of films including ’50 First Dates’ where she featured alongside top actors like David Spade and Adam Sandler.

Drew Barrymore’s Movies

  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
  • Ever After (1998)
  • 50 First Dates (2004)
  • The Wedding Singer (1998)
  • Donnie Darko (2001)
  • Blended (2014)
  • Never Been Kissed (1999)
  • Firestarter (1984)

Awards & Achievements

As a good actress, Drew has been able to win several awards in her acting career. She has persevered long enough in the industry.

After starting as a child actress who began appearing in commercials and minor roles from when she was a toddler, Drew Barrymore has transformed into a mature stunning actress whose acting skills have bought her tons of fans and appreciation, as well as well-deserved awards.

From her over 87 award nominations, she has ended up with 33 award winnings, which is quite an accomplishment in her illustrious career.

Personal Life & Family

Drew’s mother started taking her to parties and clubs when she was in her early teens, and this led her to corruption as she embraced the life of alcohol and drug abuse as a 13-year old.

However, she found her way out of the mess and focused on her career which turned out a huge success. She has since published a book titled ‘Little Girl Lost’ where she narrated her experience as a troubled teenage girl.

A 16 year old Drew got engaged to Leland Hayward in 1991. Three years later, she married Jeremy Thomas who ran a bar but their marriage survived for just a number of weeks. In 2001, she married a comedian named Tom Green, but their union only existed for six months.

Drew Barrymore married Will Kopelman on June 2012. Their marriage produced two children before the actress officially filed for divorce in 2016.

46 as of today, she is single after having dated the likes of Justin Long and drummer Fabrizio Moretti in the past.  Her height is 163cm and her weight is 57kg.

Drew Barrymore Net Worth

This highly talented and beautiful actress earned her wealth from her hardwork and dedication as an actress who started appearing on TV right from her days as a toddler.

She may not have had the most romantic life as she has been divorced several times just like her own parents, but with a total worth of $140 million, it is obvious that this lady has had a successful and fulfilling career.

Her wealth has been earned by her appearance in several movies and shows as well as brand endorsements and commercials. To add to her list of income boosters, Drew owns a film production company which operates to date and provides significant additions to Drew Barrymore net worth.

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