Eduardo Hochschild Net Worth, Biography and Career

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Eduardo Hochschild Net Worth

Eduardo Hochschild Net Worth  $  $3 Billion

Popular Name:Eduardo Hochschild
Real Name:Eduardo Hochschild Beeck
Birth Date:1964
Birth Place:
Lima, Peru
Marital Status:Married
Mariana Correa Sabogal
Profession:Businessman, Investor
Years active:N/A
Net Worth:$3 Billion
Last Updated:2022


Peruvian businessman Eduardo Hochschild is the topic of our essay today. Many people will easily recognize him for his role as the chairman of two leading Peruvian conglomerates, Hochschild Mining and Cementos Pacasmayo.

He is one of the most influential people in his country, and his performance in the field of business has helped him to become one of the wealthiest businesspeople in Peru and in the world at large. More details regarding his life, business career, and financial statistics have been made available in this publication. Read on for more information.

Early Life: Family, Childhood, Education

Eduardo was born in Peru in the year 1964 into the family of Luis Hochschild Plaut and Ana Beeck Navarro. His father was a businessman and the founder of Cementos Pacasmayo.

He also co-founded the Tecnologia Superior University with his brother-in-law named Rodolfo Beeck Navarro. Luis is a cousin of Hernán Hochschild (the president of Sociedad Nacional de Minería).

Eduardo’s great-uncle, Sali Hochschild, founded Compania Minera y Comercial Sali Hochschild S.A., and another great-uncle, Moritz Hochschild, founded Hochschild Mining.

In 1987, Eduardo Hochschild graduated from the Tufts University School of Engineering, earning his degree in Engineering Physics. He then moved to work for the family in his father’s company as a mine safety assistant.

Professional Life: Business Career

In 1998, Eduardo’s father, Luis Hochschild, was killed in a kidnapping attempt. He then assumed the leadership of both companies. At the moment, he is the chairman of the two conglomerates, Hochschild Mining and Cementos Pacasmayo.

The Hochschild Mining company is a leading silver and gold mining business headquartered in Lima, Peru with operations in North, Central, and South America. It has a corporate office in London in the United Kingdom and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The primary shareholder of this business is the Peruvian businessman Eduardo Hochschild. The company was established far back in 1911 by Moritz “Mauricio” Hochschild, a South American tin baron who had mining operations in many countries, primarily in Chile and Bolivia.

It was in the year 2006 that the company was listed for the first time on the London Stock Exchange. It started its operations at the San José mine in Argentina in the year 2007.

Likewise, it also started operations at the Moris mine in Mexico and at the Pallancata mine in southern Peru in the same year. The Company has mines in and operates in the following locations: Argentina (San José mine), and Peru (Arcata, Pallancata, and Inmaculada mines).

On the other hand, Pacasmayo is the largest cement company based in the north of Peru. The company currently has 3 cement plants in Piura, Pacasmayo, and Rioja with a total capacity of 4.9 million tons of cement annually. The founder of this company was Eduardo’s father, Luis Hochschild Plaut.

Personal Life: Wife, Children, Private Interests

Eduardo Hochschild has been married to his wife, attorney Mariana Correa Sabogal, for many years now. She is the daughter of Dolores Sabogal Morzan and Gustavo Correa Miller. Likewise, she is the niece of former Foreign Minister of Peru, Javier Correa Elías, and former Peruvian first lady Violeta Correa.

The couple is proud parents of four children, Michelle Hochschild, Alexia, Hochschild, Nicolás Hochschild, and Sofía Hochschild.

Eduardo Hochschild Net Worth: Salary, Income Salary

Born and brought up in Peru by his parents, Eduardo Hochschild grew up to become a Peruvian businessman who found success by following the footpath of his father and grandfather.

He is the richest businessman in his country today, thanks to the success of the leading Peruvian conglomerates, Hochschild Mining and Cementos Pacasmayo which he heads. An Alumnus of Tufts University, Mr. Hochschild owns a net worth of 3 billion dollars.

He currently serves as the Chairman of the Hochschild Group, a popular business enterprise in South America. Eduardo’s great-uncle founded the Hochschild group back in the early 1900s. The company is famous and success successful in the mining and cement industry.

Based in Lima, Peru, the Hochschild Group is made up of Cementos Pacasmayo, the group’s cement-making arm, and Hochschild Mining, the gold and silver mining arm. Over the last decade, the Hochschild group of companies has launched mining operations in several countries, including Canada, Argentina, and Mexico, thereby increasing its value and reputation in the business scene.

Hochschild Mining has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2006, and Cementos Pacasmayo has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 2012.

Although the Hochschild Group initially made its fortune selling metals to the forces during the Second World War, it has become a world-known establishment patronized by different companies and individuals in different industries.

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