Eleanor Calder Biography & Net Worth

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Eleanor Calder Biography & Net Worth

Eleanor Calder Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name:Eleanor Calder
Real Name:
Eleanor Jane Calder
Birth Date:July 16, 1992
Birth Place:
London, England, The United Kingdom
Height:175 cm
Weight:55 kg
Marital Status:Single
Profession:Social Media Star, Fashion Blogger
Years active:N/A
Net Worth:$2 Million
Last Updated:2021


Eleanor Calder is a beautiful British lady who rose to prominence by virtue of her relationship with Louis Tomlinson, a member of the popular boy band ‘One Direction’. She met the singer in September 2011 through a friend of fellow One Direction bandmate Harry Styles, and the duo went on to enjoy a long run of a widely publicized relationship which was equally a usual topic of discussion in the media.

Career-wise, Eleanor Calder is successful as a fashion blogger and model. She has worked for the clothing store chain, Hollister, and has rendered her unique writing services to several media platforms and journals. Read the below article to find out everything we know about this popular Instagram celebrity.

Eleanor Calder’s Early Life & Education

Calder was born to Philip and Deborah Calder on July 16, 1992, in London, England, The United Kingdom. She’s the only child of the family and as such received tremendous attention while growing up. She had the opportunity to attend some of the finest schools in London and later graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in politics and sociology in 2013.

Professional Life & Occupation

Eleanor Calder Net Worth
Eleanor Calder

Early Years

During her teenage years, Eleanor worked for a company called Hollister as a store assistant. She also served as a floor model at the establishment until she started dating One Direction member Louis Tomlinson and her plans changed once she became famous overnight.

As her relationship with the musician became public, Miss Calder was hounded both by the paparazzi and green-eyed fans of the One Direction band who went as far as to even set up hate accounts on social media to criticize her. But none of this either affected their relationship or her personal endeavors.

Social Media Presence

Following the publicity her affair with One Direction hottie Louis Tomlinson awarded her, Eleanor, through the help of her boyfriend, set up an Instagram account where she started to share posts on the hottest fashion trends. Her account soon started to witness the arrival of tons of followers who mostly were fans of the One Direction band.


At the time she found her feet on social media, Eleanor also started the fashion and lifestyle blog ‘The Trend Pear’. She founded this blog along with her friend Max Hurd with the aim of taking away the gender taboos that existed in the fashion industry. As expected, their blog received positive feedback from lots of its readers and also gained massive fame for being one of the very few blogs that focused on lifestyle and fashion trends and showcased both female and male fashion trends in a contemporary gender-neutral way.  Their blog ‘The Trend Pear’ was a resounding success and helped Eleanor and Max Hurd launch amazing blogging careers.

Currently, Eleanor is established as a popular Instagram star and successful fashion blogger. Although her blog ‘The Trend Pear’ is currently inactive, Eleanor Calder uses her social media platforms to showcase the latest fashion trends. In addition, she is closely associated with several top fashion brands like Diesel and Tommy Hilfiger to name a few.

One of the most sought-after fashion bloggers of the decade, Eleanor has been influential in promoting youth fashion. On the not-so-bright side of things, she has expressed her displeasure over and over again. She has talked about her discontent with being hounded by paparazzi and gossip publications because of her relationship. But nevertheless, she’s still waxing on strong in the industry and doesn’t seem to succumb to the negative energy and hate she has had to deal with for several years now.

Personal Life & Family

Best recognized by her hazel eyes and long brown hair, Eleanor Calder is a very beautiful woman who has a repute of making heads turn whenever she walks by.

Eleanor is best known for her relationship with One Direction star Louis Tomlinson. Despite receiving numerous death threats during the course of her love affair with the singer, her love for Louis only increased, and she also focused more energy on building their relationship. The duo started dating in 2011 and called it quits in 2015, but found each other once again in 2017, and has remained unshaken since then. Several rumors claim that there’s a wedding agenda on their minds but the lovebirds haven’t verified anything yet.

Eleanor co-founded the fashion blog TheTrendPear.com along with her friend Max Hurd. She’s a dog lover and likes to share pictures of her pet dogs on her Instagram account.

Eleanor Calder Net Worth: Salary, Brands & Endorsements

Eleanor Calder is a popular British fashion blogger and Instagram model. She enjoys success as an Instagram celebrity and also as a model and blogger. It was her association with One Direction band member Louis Tomlinson that initially gave her international fame but she has since solidified her presence in the media by founding and evolving a career for herself.

She makes her money from modeling for top brands as well as from her doings on social media. On Instagram alone where she now has over three million people following her works, the 29 years old model makes thousands of dollars annually by posting fashion trends and promoting fashion and lifestyle-related businesses. She makes a good sum of money from her hard work, and even as her actual salary has never been disclosed, Eleanor Calder’s net worth is expected to fall close to $2 million. Her boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson, is said to have a net worth of $70 million which he has made from his successful career as a singer.

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