Elizabeth Warren Net Worth, Career and Personal life

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Elizabeth Warren Net Worth
Elizabeth Warren Net Worth

Celebrated Name:Elizabeth Warren
Birth Name:Elizabeth Ann Herring
Birth Date:June 22, 1949
Age:71 years old
Birth Place:Oklahoma City
Height:1.73 m
Weight:62 kg
Marital Status:Married
Spouse (Name):Jim Warren (1968 – 1978); Bruce H. Mann (1980 – present)
Profession:American politician, senator, and lawyer
Net Worth:$12 million
Last Updated:2022


Elizabeth Warren is a United States lawyer and politician who is currently serving as a senator. She is a member of the Democratic Party and a former professor in bankruptcy law. As a member of the Senate, her major focus has been on economic opportunity, consumer protection, and the social safety net. Elizabeth Warren net worth in 2020 is currently $12 million.

Before she started her career as a politician, Warren was among the most influential professors of bankruptcy law. She has written several books and articles. Elizabeth won the United States Senate election, becoming the first female senator from Massachusetts. After winning the election, she was in charge of the special committee on aging, labor, health, education, and pension.

Then in 2018, she won another election, defeating Geoff Diehl, the Republican candidate. On the 9th of February, 2019, she announced her 2020 candidacy to run for the US presidential election. However, she withdrew from the race after the support for her campaign dwindled.

Elizabeth Warren Childhood

Elizabeth Ann Warren was born on the 22nd of June, 1949 in Oklahoma City to Donald Jones Herring and Pauline Louise Reed. Her mother was a homemaker, while her father was a United States Army flight instructor. She has three older brothers and they were all raised Methodist.

The family lived in Norman, Oklahoma until Elizabeth was 11 years, and had to move to Oklahoma City. Having moved to Oklahoma, her father who was working as a salesman, had a heart attack, making the family spend lots of money on medical bills. He left his sales job and started working as a maintenance man.

Their family car was repossessed because they could not make the payments. The mother had to go work in a department at Sears. By the time Warren was 13, she began to work in her aunt’s restaurant as a waitress.

She attended Northwest Classen High School where she became one of the star members of the debate team. When she was 16, she won a debate scholarship to George Washington University. She wanted to go to school and become a lawyer. However, two years later, she dropped out of school and got married to James Robert Jim Warren.

Elizabeth Warren Career

The main source of Elizabeth Warren net worth is her career as a politician. She began her political journey shortly after separating from her first husband. Elizabeth started to explore the pressures facing US middle class which made it easy for people or companies to declare bankruptcy.

Furthermore, she wanted to investigate why most individuals were ending up in court for bankruptcy. After doing her investigations, she found out that most of the people affected have experienced major financial hardships either from sickness, accident, or even divorce.

This was when she began to make research bankruptcy and commercial law and how it affects the poor, companies going through problems, women, and the elderly.

In subsequent years, Warren remarried and started moving around America with her new husband who is a professor at Harvard. She taught law at different universities such as the University of Houston, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. After a while, they settled in 1995 at Harvard. That same year, she became an adviser at the National Bankruptcy Review Commission.

On the 17th of September, 2010 ex-president, Barack Obama assigned Warren as the assistant to the secretary of the treasury CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau). Due to this new role, she designed the CFPB whose main goal is to help money lenders from signing up for risky loans.

However, she stepped down from the post in 2011, after she was not chosen as the head of the agency, due to opposition from Republicans.

On the 14th of September, she announced her decision to run for Massachusetts Senate against Scott Brown. Despite encountering some stumbling blocks, she beat her opposition by five to six percent and became the first female senate for Massachusetts. This was how Elizabeth’s Political career began,

Age, Weight, and Height

Elizabeth Warren was born in 1949 on the 22nd of June meaning that she is currently 70 years old. She is 1..73m tall and weighs 62 kg.

Elizabeth Warren Net Worth

Elizabeth Warren net worth comes from her career as a lawyer and also a politician. She has received lots of payments over the years on legal cases. When she worked with Travelers’ Insurance in 2008, she was paid above $200,000. Furthermore, she got $90,000 in 2010 for being an expert witness on behalf of Kenny Nachwalter’s law firm.

Elizabeth Warren and her husband earned more than $10 million between 2008 and 2018. According to reports, one-third of that money came from the senators writing, investment, consulting, and other ventures. She also got $3.2 million from Macmillan publishing on her book deals from 2013 to 2018.

In addition to that, she received $1.2 million from a publishing company, Henry Holt $ Co. in 2014. She and her husband live in a house in Cambridge which they purchased for about $447,000 in 1995. Elizabeth Warren net worth at the moment is estimated to be $12 million.

Personal Life

Elizabeth Warren dropped out of college in 1968 and got married to Jim Warren after the duo met while in high school. Having gotten married, they both moved to Houston and Jim started working at IBM. Elizabeth on the other hand, enrolled at the University of Houston to major in speech pathology and audition. She graduated in 1970 with a Bachelor of Science.

After some time, Jim was transferred and so, they had to move to New Jersey. She got pregnant with their first child, Amelia, and decided to be a stay-at-home mother to take care of her. When the child became two years, she went to Rutgers Law School and got her J.D in 1976.

Elizabeth passed her bar examination immediately after this. Before graduating from law school, she got pregnant again for their second child who was later named Alexander. However, Elizabeth and Jim got divorced in 1978.

Two years later, she got married again to a professor named Bruce H. Mann on the 12th of July, 1980. Although she was remarried, she did not drop her first husband’s last name. In addition to this, the senator has three grandchildren through her daughter.


Finally, that is all there is to know about Elizabeth Warren net worth, biography, and political journey. She is one of the most remarkable democratic politicians in the United States today.

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