Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth : Age, Salary, Wife and Children

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Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth
Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth

Ellen DeGeneres is an American writer, comedian, host, comedian, and producer.  She came out as gay in 1997 and has since become a very outspoken activist for LGBTQ rights. Ellen DeGeneres net worth is estimated at $450 million.

This woman has starred on many sitcoms and is very popular for hosting her television talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Ellen DeGeneres Early Life

Ellen Lee DeGeneres was born on the 26th of January, 1958 in Metairie, Louisiana to Elizabeth Pfeffer who was a speech therapist, and Elliot DeGeneres who was an insurance agent. She has just one brother, Vance DeGeneres who is an actor/ comedian and also a former correspondent for The Daily Show. Ellen is a descendant of French, English, German and Irish.

Her parents separated and got divorced in 1974 when she was 15 years. Her mother then married a salesman, Roy Grussendorf. She and her mum moved from New Orleans to Atlanta, Texas with the new husband while her brother stayed behind with his father.

At age 16, Ellen was molested by her stepfather. Her first years of high school were at Grace King High school. Then, in 1976, she graduated from Atlanta High school and moved back to and attended the University of New Orleans where she studied communication studies.

She nursed the idea of being a veterinarian while growing up but had to give it up because she wasn’t book smart. After spending a semester in school, she left to do work as a waitress, house painter, clerk, hostess, and also bartender.

Ellen DeGeneres Careers

Stand-up comedy

During a public event some time ago, she used humor to get through her stage fright. Since then, she started receiving offers to perform stand-up comedy. In 1981, she started performing in coffee houses and clubs.

That same year, at Clyde’s Comedy Club in New Orleans, she was the emcee. Ms. Ellen has always named Steve Martin and Woody Allen as her main influences. One of the sources of Ellen DeGeneres net worth is her job as a comedian.

She was named Showtime’s funniest person in 1984. After 15 years of retiring from comedy, she appeared in a Netflix stand-up comedy “Relatable” in 2018.


In the early 1990s, she appeared in the film Coneheads. After this, she starred in a show Ellen’s Energy Adventure featuring people like Bill Nye, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Michael Richards.  Her first role on television was in Open House, a sitcom by Fox.

The show featured stars like Mary Page Keller and Alison LaPlaca. After this, in 1992 she starred in another sitcom, Laurie Hill which was produced by Carol Black and Neal Marlens. She played the role of a nurse in the show.

After the cancellation of the show, the same producers were impressed by Ellen and featured her in another show “These Friends of mine”. The show was later renamed “Ellen” and it became the foundation of DeGeneres Comedy Career.  Her humorous style made the show very popular.

In 1997, she came out as a lesbian on The Oprah Winfrey show and this made her popularity grow. The character she played on the sitcom came out of the closet to her therapist. That particular episode was named “The puppy episode” and it was one of the episodes that were rated high.

The series later experienced low ratings and in 1998, it was canceled. Ellen later returned to her comedy and started hosting talk shows.

TV shows

In 2001, she starred in a CBS sitcom, “The Ellen Show” which got canceled after thirteen episodes.  Later in 2003, she launched a daytime TV talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. It was one of the talk shows then and it rose in the Nielsen ratings and received praise.

This show has received 25 Emmy awards and nominations for 11 Daytime Emmy and it won just four. With the help of her sponsors, she gives out free trips, cars, gifts, and also cash to her audience.

Ms. Ellen also dances and sings with them when the show starts and during commercial breaks. In 2006, she flew her graduating class to California as guests on her show to celebrate their 30 years reunion.

In 2009, she made an appearance at Tulane University appearing in a bathrobe and furry slippers. When she came out following Bill Clinton and George Bush, she said: “They told me everyone would be wearing robes”.

In 2007, she tore a ligament in her back and was on bed rest but that didn’t stop this woman from hosting her show. She hosted and received guests while on the hospital bed. She celebrated her 1000th episode featuring celebrity guests like Paris Hilton, Justin Timberlake, and Oprah Winfrey. For her 2000th show, she got a surprise visit by actress Jennifer Aniston and singer Timberlake in 2015.

In the ninth season of American Idol, Ellen DeGeneres replaced Paula Abdul as a judge. She reported making a contract of five seasons with them. However, she left after one season when she realized the show was not a fit for her.

In 2017, she started hosting Ellen’s Game of Games on NBC which is based on the games that are played on her show.

Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth

Forbes named her the 15th highest paid entertainer in the world because of her total earnings in 2018, which was $87.5 million. She is second on the list of World Pride Power and also one of the most powerful women in the world.

Her career as an actress and Television host earned her a $75 million salary in 2019. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ellen DeGeneres net worth is estimated at $500 million.

Ellen DeGeneres Personal Life

In 1997, after coming out as a lesbian, she started a romantic relationship with actress Anne Heche which lasted for 3 years. From 2000 to 2004, she was in an affair with photographer Alexandra Hedison.

In 2004, she was dating Portia de Rossi whom she later married in 2008 after there was a lift in the ban on same-sex marriage in California. The pair have no intention of having children.

They live with 4 dogs and 3 cats in their home. In 2010, the court granted the petition for Ms. Rossi to change her name to Portia Lee James DeGeneres.

Ellen DeGeneres Activism

Ellen DeGeneres is a staunch advocate for the LGBTQ right. Her mother, Betty is one of her strongest supporters as she is a member of PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). She is also a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaigns Coming Out Project.

She is also a vegan and a big lover of animals. The site for her show has a section titled “Going Vegan With Ellen which features different recipes for vegans”.

Ellen DeGeneres Endorsements

The endorsement she has had over the years has also contributed to her wealth.  All this has kept her in the spotlight over the years. She is the face of the Covergirl Cosmetics beauty company.

She signed a contract with them and still works for them now. Some of the companies she has endorsed are “Halo Purely for Pets”, “American Express”, “Olay”, “SoJo Studios” and so on.

Ellen DeGeneres also sells and buys real estate. She has a history of selling luxury houses in LA areas such as Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara, Malibu, and so on.

Ellen mostly sells houses and homes to entertainers, actors, and other celebrities. She has gained millions of dollars as profits from her sales.

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