10 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Failed Before Succeeding

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entrepreneurs who failed before they succeeded

Failure is no respecter of persons. It will shock you to know some of the most successful entrepreneurs who have failed at some point in their lives before becoming a success. Read on as you learn from the experience of entrepreneurs who failed before they succeeded.

10 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Failed Before They Succeeded

Donald Trump

A well known Business man, an investor, an author and television personality. He is also President of Trump organization and founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts. This impressive profile only exists because he never gave up on himself when he was faced with some failures. One of the worst experience he had was in the year 1988, when he failed woefully in an Airline business that landed him with so much debt that he was forced to hand over control of several of his businesses to his bankers in order to avoid personal bankruptcy. Trump today is the President of the United States of America.

Bill Gates

He is the founder of Microsoft and one of the world’s richest men. Gates failed in earlier part of his life when he dropped out of college. After then he went to start a business called Traf-O- data which again failed. He later founded Microsoft which became hugely successful making him several billions of dollars rich.

Benny Luo

He is a successful business man who founded NextShark, NewMediaRockstars and other several ventures. Before arriving at the stage he is now, he tried several businesses like network marketing, affiliate marketing, online poker which never succeeded.

Arianna Huffington

A successful writer who has launched several books including The Huffington Post. Before having a successful career, her work was rejected by over 35 publishers. She was busy writing what no one agrees to read. But today, is successful because she never gave up on herself.

Akio Morita

Morita is sony product designer which has gained good ground in technology market. During the early days of the company, some of the products were not good enough. Their first product a rice cooker ended up burning the rice instead.

Steve Jobs

Before he died he was an American entrepreneur, an inventor, marketer, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple. Some of the failures he recorded in life was in late 1980’s when some of his products like The Apple Lisa, The Apple III and The Powermac g4 cube failed. He also experienced failure as a college student when he dropped out of school but went on to become one of the most phenomenal entrepreneurs America has ever known.

Richard Branson

A British business magnate, an investor and the founder of the Virgin Group. Despite his many business successes has also had his own fair share of failures on projects like the Virgin Cola, Virgin Student, Virgin Brides, Virgin clothing, etc.

Dave Ramsey

An American author, a financial guru, TV host and motivational speaker especially on personal money management and ways of getting out debt. With all his current knowledge in the world of money, there was a time in his life when he failed big time to the extent of selling off all his assets just to be out of debt.

Mark Cuban

A successful business man who owns NBA’s Dallas Marvericks, Landmark Theatres and Magnolia Pictures. In his earlier days in life, he failed in many jobs including Carpenter, Cook, Bar-attender. He also lost his job as a sales person in a software company in less than a year and today he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs.

Jeff Bezos

He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and the CEO of Amazon. Bezos too failed so many times before finding success. Some of his notable failures was an online auction site that evolved into zShops, a brand that ultimately failed. Bezos is one of those entrepreneurs who failed before they succeeded and today he is ranked as the richest man in the world.

Failure at anything doesn’t necessary mean the end of the road as even in failures we get to learn a lot of valuable lessons from them and this is the what these entrepreneurs learnt. Lesson which enabled them to start all over more intelligently. “Failure is just a resting place. It is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently” according to Henry Ford. i hope this article about entrepreneurs who failed before they succeeded added value.

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