Entry-Level Marketing Internships In Canada

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph July 15, 2023
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Securing a remarkable marketing internship can significantly enhance your chances of landing your initial or subsequent marketing position.

Within this article, we present a compilation of ten websites that feature listings for marketing internships. Additionally, we provide insights into the tasks typically assigned to marketing interns, details regarding their potential earnings, and more.

Securing a marketing internship holds significant value in paving the way for a future marketing career upon graduation.

This is due to the prevailing requirement of experience, even for entry-level marketing positions. Undertaking a marketing internship presents an excellent opportunity to acquire practical marketing expertise alongside your ongoing studies.

However, what if encountering difficulties in obtaining a marketing internship?

Securing an internship is just as challenging as securing a job due to the high level of competition. You are not required to be enrolled in an undergraduate program; you have the flexibility to balance an apprenticeship alongside your studies or a full-time job.

Moreover, the internship is entirely remote, allowing you to participate from any location as long as you have access to a computer and an internet connection.

Numerous marketing internship positions are available on a daily basis, presenting a multitude of opportunities. It is advantageous to explore various sources when searching for these positions.

Our research reveals that there are several websites that feature captivating marketing internships.

Entry-Level Marketing Internships In Canada


Indubitably, Indeed serves as an excellent starting point for finding marketing internships due to its ability to gather internship listings from various online sources. The marketing internships available on Indeed are comprehensive and kept current.

Additionally, you have the convenience of filtering the listings based on specific keywords and desired locations, which proves advantageous when seeking a marketing internship in a particular place.


LinkedIn is a valuable resource for finding marketing internship opportunities. As the leading social media platform for professionals and companies, it is highly recommended to explore internship listings on LinkedIn. If you have a particular interest in interning with specific businesses or organizations, it is advantageous to follow them on LinkedIn.

By doing so, you can stay updated and be among the first to discover their internship postings. Furthermore, LinkedIn offers the opportunity to connect with employees from these companies, allowing you to establish professional relationships and expand your network.


Glassdoor not only features marketing internships but also serves as a platform for reviewing employers. In addition to being a job board, it allows you to explore the background of the business or organization offering the internship.

This way, you can determine if it aligns with your preferences for an internship experience. Glassdoor provides a wealth of valuable information about internships, employers, and jobs in general.

However, accessing this content requires creating an account and submitting your own reviews.


Another platform for finding marketing internships is SimplyHired. By entering the keywords “marketing internships” into the search field and specifying a location or choosing “remote,” users can easily find relevant opportunities.

Upon conducting a search for remote marketing internships, SimplyHired provided an extensive list of 725 results. Additionally, the majority of these listings provided salary information, either in precise figures or approximate estimates.

Intern Abroad HQ:

If you’re interested in pursuing a marketing internship in a foreign country, Intern Abroad HQ is the ideal platform for you. This website showcases a wide range of internship programs across continents such as Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, and South America.

Additionally, they also offer remote internship opportunities. Intern Abroad HQ ensures a seamless experience by handling all aspects, including internship placement, arranging accommodations abroad, and offering on-site assistance to interns.


Are you in search of a marketing internship in Canada? If so, don’t forget to visit Workopolis, a Canadian job platform established in 1999. By applying through this website, you’ll have the ability to monitor the progress of your application.

For instance, Workopolis provides information on how many times your resume has been viewed. Additionally, Workopolis ensures transparency by including either the precise salary for each job posting or an approximate salary based on data from external sources.


Wowjobs is a job search platform that aggregates job listings from various job boards in Canada and the United States. It offers a straightforward interface that may attract those who prefer a simple and uncomplicated approach to finding internships.

The platform allows users to organize job listings based on factors such as relevance, posting time, employer, and location.

Google Careers:

If you’re interested in interning at Google, make sure to include “Google Careers” in your search. Currently, there are limited internship opportunities, and most of them are located outside the United States and Canada. However, if your ultimate goal is to work at Google, it is advisable to explore internship options on Google’s official job board.


iAgora is a specialized job platform exclusively focused on providing international internships and opportunities. If your goal is to pursue education or employment abroad, iAgora is the ideal website for you.

When I explored marketing internships on iAgora, I was amazed to find nearly 1,400 diverse listings from various locations worldwide. For individuals seeking marketing internships abroad, iAgora is an indispensable resource.

The Intern Group:               

The Intern Group is an essential part of any internship search, offering tailored global internships. This UK-based organization caters to individuals at various points in their education or professional journey, providing a comprehensive range of internship programs.

Their most prominent offering is the international internship program, but they also present opportunities for remote internships and independent travellers.

What Is The Pay For Marketing Interns?

The compensation provided to marketing interns can differ significantly.

In the United States, marketing interns typically earn an average hourly pay ranging from $13.67 to $15.34.

In Canada, the average salary for marketing interns varies from CA$ 16.37 to $30.13 per hour.

The amount of payment received by marketing interns is influenced by their experience level and the location of their internship. Interns in larger urban areas generally receive higher compensation, as these regions have a higher cost of living.


Securing an excellent marketing internship is crucial for obtaining both your undergraduate degree and your initial post-college employment. Although numerous possibilities are available, acquiring an internship can be just as challenging as securing a job due to the high level of competition.

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