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Are you prepared for the 2022–2024 Erasmus Mundus Scholarship? In Europe, there is a fully funded masters and doctoral scholarship program called Erasmus Mundus.

One of the best opportunities for students to study for free in Europe is through Erasmus. It is the biggest scholarship program in Europe. 

The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for International Students is a scholarship for masters and doctoral study at various European universities throughout various European nations.

In this article, I’ll explain why applying for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship in Europe is a fantastic opportunity.

Why study in Erasmus Mundus 

Wherever you are in the world, there is a scholarship for you.

Worldwide applications are accepted by Erasmus Mundus. Every school strives to have a diverse group of students because of where higher education in Europe is headed nowadays. 

You can proceed as long as you can demonstrate that you are capable of handling the academic work in English.

It ensures a constant flow of cash. Each scholarship is unique. Some just cover a portion of your tuition, while others provide you with a monthly stipend.

The value of the scholarship varies according to your nationality. In addition to insurance coverage and free tuition, students from one of the partner countries may get 1000 EUR per month for living expenses and 4,000 EUR annually for travel and installation fees.

Benefits of the Erasmus Scholarship

Erasmus is a fully funded, all-expenses-paid scholarship program for all students. All of your expenses will be paid for by them.

  • Monthly Stipend (almost 1100-1200 Euros per month)
  • Free of charge for tuition.
  • Travel Expense.
  • International Flight Tickets
  • Travel Compensation When Your Semester Is Over.
  • Returning to the country is not subject to any bond restrictions.
  • After receiving a Master’s or PhD, a job visa is given. Following receiving a degree, use the degree to work in Europe.
  • Erasmus is the Fulbright of Europe. You need to think about this chance because it has so many advantages.

Important aspects of the Erasmus Scholarship 2022

The following are the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Scholarships 2023’s unseen major features:

  • Erasmus is a fully funded scholarship program run by the European Union, to start. If more scholarships interest you: See Fully Funded Scholarships 2022–2023
  • Numerous universities in Europe offer a variety of masters and doctoral programs.
  • The Erasmus degree grant will allow you to pursue your education and finish your program in three to four different nations.
  • In practically every field or major, Erasmus is one of the most coveted scholarships to Europe.
  • No prior employment experience is necessary.
  • No GRE prerequisites.
  • No IELTS prerequisites.
  • A part-time internship serving as training in other nations is another component of the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship.
  • For the Master’s program, the scholarship’s duration is two years.

Requirements for Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

The following papers are required for the 2023 Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program:

  • Diploma from high school
  • CV for a scholarship, Motivation Letter, and Copies of Passport and National ID (optional)
  • Disclosure of Financial Assets
  • Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship Plan of Research Application Form
  • Certificate of Facts, a Letter of Intent, and a Study Plan
  • You can also find out if your program’s institute accepts results from other language tests. Launched in Duolingo English Test Proficiency, a new IELTS substitute. Consequently, you are able to administer a test from home.
  • Every program accepts candidates with an IELTS score of at least 6.5. In no program is the GRE necessary.
  • in the event that you lack an IELTS. A certificate proving your fluency in English is acceptable.

What does the scholarship not require?

The items on the list below are not necessary when applying for the Erasmus Scholarship. However, if you already own these, that is great and well.

  • Students awaiting results may also apply.
  • There is no program that requires the GRE.
  • There is no need to speak with a professor.
  • No prior work experience is necessary.
  • Applicants must have completed at least 16 years of education.
  • No limitations on age.
  • Additionally, individuals with CGPAs of 2.5 to 3.0 have been chosen. Thus, those with poor CGPAs must take a chance.

Guidelines for 2023’s Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Applications

  • First Go Here to the webpage. An official Erasmus website will be opened. Scroll down a little.
  • A list of the Erasmus Mundus Catalogue will be displayed.
  • The name of each program and the location of the project are displayed.
  • Use the search filter in the sidebar to find the right program.

Accessible fields

Over 100 Erasmus Mundus courses are available, including topics like:


Computing Science






Social Science

Application deadline for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for 2023–2024

Depending on the program you apply to, the deadline for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship application may differ, however, the deadline for submission is anticipated to be in March 2023.

Detailed Objectives of the Program

Three outstanding justifications can sum up the underlying goals of the Erasmus Mundus scholarship program. 

Erasmus Mundus is a participation and portability program in the field of higher education for: 

  • The improvement of value in European higher education.
  • The advancement of the European Union is a focal point of magnificence in learning.
  • And The advancement of intercultural understanding through cooperation with third countries as well as for the improvement of third countries in the field of higher education.

How many Erasmus Mundus programs exist?

To begin one of the 145 Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programs this fall, more than 2500 students have been given scholarships supported by the EU!

The 2756 scholarship recipients hail from 141 distinct nations, with Indonesia and the Philippines placing among the top 15.

Scholarships for non-EU nationals

The scholarships are even better for people from developing nations.

This is because Erasmus Mundus was initially intended for non-EU people, and EU nationals were only recently welcomed into the program.

The Master’s Scholarship provides two years of study and up to 48,000 EUR;

  • The cost of tuition (if there are any)
  • Health coverage
  • university-specific paperwork and administrative needs
  • A monthly living allowance of 1,000 EUR for 24 months
  • Every time you switch universities, you’ll receive an additional scholarship worth 3,000 euros (on top of the $1,000 monthly award).
  • various activities and language programs
  • A 2,000 EUR down payment is required before the studies begin for visas as well as travel costs
  • You earn dual or multiple diplomas from each university you attended at the conclusion of the master’s.

Scholarships for residents of the EU

The scholarship for residents of EU member nations might be as much as 23,000 EUR for two years of study. This will include:

  • The cost of tuition (if there are any)
  • Health protection
  • Any paperwork and administrative demands from the college
  • A monthly stipend of 500 euros for 24 months
  • If your studies take you outside of the European Union, you’ll receive an additional scholarship of 3,000 euros (on top of the monthly award of 500 euros).
  • Various language programs and activities

Following these pointers will help you ace your application:

  • Continue to increase your knowledge in the field you are applying for. 
  • The Erasmus+ interviews are difficult and challenging. As your level of knowledge rises, your chances of winning the scholarship do as well.
  • Create a persuasive letter that inspires action. If your CGPA isn’t high enough, it might be the only thing that can help you.
  • Building a strong profile might benefit from your co-curricular, extracurricular, and online course experiences. 
  • Online courses are incredibly beneficial when you are switching industries.


1. How do you get the Erasmus Mundus scholarship?

Candidate’s profile. Students at the master’s level may apply from anywhere in the world. Before the master’s program begins, you must have earned your bachelor’s degree (first degree) or be in your final year of undergraduate study. If you can show that you have the learning equivalent of a bachelor’s degree, you may also apply.

2. Is the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship still available?

One of Europe’s most esteemed awards for scholarships. For the 2023–2024 academic year, the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships are currently available. With the Erasmus grant, students have the chance to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree in any institution or nation in Europe.

3. Is Erasmus Mundus fully funded?

All students are eligible for Erasmus, which is a fully funded scholarship program. All of your expenditures will be covered.

4. What GPA is needed to be eligible for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship?

No prior work experience is necessary. no limitations on age. Additionally, individuals with CGPAs of 2.5 to 3.0 have been chosen. Low CGPA holders must therefore take a chance.

5. Who doesn’t qualify for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship?

If you are a citizen of a third country, you are eligible for the Erasmus Mundus Category A scholarship. You do not live in one of the 27 member states of the European Union, Iceland, Norway, or Liechtenstein. You haven’t completed your primary task (studies. work. private visits, tourism, etc.)

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