Family-Friendly Activities In Maldives For Summer Vacations

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph July 16, 2023
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family activities in maldives

Family-Friendly Activities In Maldives For Summer Vacations

The Maldives has become a popular choice for travellers worldwide, earning a coveted spot on many people’s travel bucket lists. Renowned for its breathtaking beauty and exotic appeal, it is considered one of the top vacation destinations globally, especially for families.

You can bring your children along to this enchanting place and witness their joy as they engage in activities like building sandcastles on the beach and frolicking in the water.

The Maldives offers a wide range of kid-friendly activities that are both thrilling and safe. These exciting experiences will contribute to creating even more cherished childhood memories for your little ones!

When it comes to family vacations, the main focus is on ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of children. That’s why we have compiled a list of nine top activities to engage in with your kids while visiting the Maldives.

Our aim is to ensure that both you and your children have an unforgettable and enjoyable experience during your time there.

Family-Friendly Activities In Maldives For Summer Vacations


Experience an extraordinary island-hopping journey with your children in the Maldives, where you can select from a vast array of over 1900 islands while cruising along the coastlines. Luxurious cruises abound in the Maldivian waters, providing a lavish and indulgent travel experience as you move from one island to another.

Additionally, by opting for a sunset cruise, your children can relish the breathtaking spectacle of the sun descending on the horizon, enhancing their enjoyment of the stunning views.



If you’re vacationing with your children in the Maldives, prioritize engaging in water sports. The majority of Maldivian islands offer tranquil and gentle waves near their beaches, ensuring the safety of your kids. Experience scuba diving or canoeing and consider renting a boat to leisurely explore the Maldivian waters, surrounded by peaceful surroundings.

The enchanting sight of eagle rays, immense turtles, and playful dolphins swimming by while you dive will truly make the experience memorable, and your children are bound to relish this extraordinary adventure.


Experience the ultimate adventure of snorkelling in Male, Maldives, as it presents an exceptional opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of this captivating destination. Embarking on a thrilling three-hour snorkelling excursion, you will first receive a brief swimming tutorial before delving into an enchanting underwater world teeming with vibrant marine creatures.

Witness the beauty of exotic marine life as you swim alongside colourful fish, creating unforgettable memories. This incredible activity is also perfect for children, who are sure to relish the excitement of a safari-like experience.

Tour Of Maldivian Cuisine:

Don’t miss out on the incredible Maldivian private cooking experience if your children are fond of seafood. This exclusive tour begins with a meeting with your guide in Male and provides an opportunity to select your preferred ingredients from the nearby local market.

Once you have gathered the ingredients, your guide will assist you in preparing delectable Maldivian dishes that will leave you craving more. Following the cooking session, you will have the pleasure of savouring your own culinary creations. This tour accommodates a maximum of four participants at a time and typically lasts for approximately three hours.

Secret Trip To Paradise:

If you desire your children to have a firsthand encounter with the culture and history of this area, the hidden paradise excursion stands out as an excellent activity to engage in while visiting the Maldives with your kids. During this four-hour tour, you will have the chance to witness the vibrant atmosphere of the local market, explore the Friday mosque, and visit Sultan Park, among other attractions. Seize the opportunity to broaden your child’s horizons by immersing them in this enriching cultural journey!

Dining By The Sea And Outdoor Cinema:

You and your children can have a delightful experience in the open-air cinemas of the Maldives. Relax on a cosy couch under the starry sky, right on your villa’s deck, while enjoying your favourite comedy. Many resorts and hotels in the Maldives can arrange beachside alfresco cinema upon special request.

As you watch the movie, you can savour the finest Maldivian cuisine. Indulging in alfresco beachside dining is a highly popular activity in this destination.

Whether you choose to feast on the private beach of your villa or a secluded island, you will relish the breathtaking ocean views and the gentle touch of sand on your feet.

Additionally, if you have a preference for barbecues, you can request one and enhance your experience even further.

Dolphin Submarine:

If you or your children have a fear of diving underwater but still desire to witness the captivating wonders of the sea firsthand, then the Submarine excursion is perfect for you. By embarking on a tour in a compact submarine, you will have the opportunity to intimately encounter all that the ocean has to offer.

Whether it’s exploring sunken ships, observing vibrant schools of fish, or any other marvels, the whale submarine provides you with a comprehensive experience. Both adults and children can partake in this exhilarating adventure, which is available at an affordable price. Numerous resorts and hotels arrange daytime and evening whale submarine rides for your convenience.


Fishing is widely practised and highly regarded in the Maldives due to its abundant fishing grounds and lagoons. It is a favoured pastime and occupation among the locals in various areas of the region. Whether you’re on any of the islands, it’s a common sight to witness many individuals heading towards the shoreline, carrying their fishing rods.

Fortunately, you have the freedom to observe skilled fishermen in action, and if you desire, you can even partake in the activity. Traditional fishing boats known as Dhonis can be rented for this purpose, providing a delightful and enjoyable experience that can be shared with your children.

Watching Dolphins:

When you go on a family trip to the Maldives, one of the fantastic activities you should definitely try is dolphin watching. Witnessing the incredible acrobatic displays of numerous dolphins will undoubtedly amaze both you and your children. Numerous resorts provide convenient access to areas where you can enjoy observing these magnificent creatures.


There are numerous exciting and engaging activities available in the Maldives for children, ensuring they remain entertained and thrilled throughout the trip. You and your child will never experience a dull moment as these activities not only provide fun but also facilitate learning and create wonderful memories. By planning a trip to the Maldives, you can offer your children the enjoyable vacation they desire.

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