File Extension: Its Definition And Regularly Used Ones

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file extension

A File extension is a suffix added to the names of files in windows used to identify the type of file or type of application that can be used to open the file. It is usually a three-letter or four-letter abbreviation preceded by a ‘.’ e.g. .doc, .docx, .xls, .mp3, .mp4 etc. Typically, a Windows’ file name is divided into two parts, the filename followed by the file extension. For instance, in Cheetahs.doc the filename is Cheetah and the extension is .doc. The .doc file extension expresses to the computer that the file Cheetah.doc is a Microsoft Word file. Also, newer version of Microsoft Windows applications can now recognize a MAC OS X file in Windows. So to open a MAC OS X Word 6 documents probably named Othello, you would need to rename the file to Othello.docx so that Microsoft word can be able to open and view the file.

This article is intended to educate everyone who intends to learn about this and also in turn share the knowledge to others who might have wondered on these suffixes added to the filenames stored in Windows. Here are some relevant, regularly used file extensions and their file types below:

Regularly Used File Extension

File Extension                                    File Type

.AMR                                                     Audio Recording

.APK                                                      Android application file

.AVI                                                       Multimedia Audio/Video

.BAT                                                       Batch File

.BMP                                                     Windows Bitmap file

.CLASS                                                  Java Files

.CSV                                                       Comma Separated Value file

.CVS                                                       Canvas file

.DBF                                                       dBase II – IV data file

.DIF                                                        Data Interchange format

.DOC                                                      Microsoft Word file version 97 – Office 2007

.DOC                                                      Microsoft Word File (Office 2010 and newer)

.EPS                                                       Encapsulated Postscript

.EXE                                                       Windows executable file

.FM3                                                      Filemaker Pro database file

.GIF                                                        Graphics Interchange Format file

.HTM/ .HTML                                     Hypertext Markup Language text (web source text format)

.ISO                                                        CD / DVD disc Image format

.JPG / .JPEG                                        Graphic Picture format

.MAP                                                     Webpage image format

.MDB                                                     Microsoft Access database file

.MIDI                                                     MIDI sound file

.MKV                                                     Matroska Multimedia Container file

.MOBI                                                   Mobile phone application format

.MOV                                                    QuickTime Video format

.MP3                                                     Music Playable file

.MP4                                                     Movie playable file

.MTB                                                     MiniTab

.PDF                                                       Acrobat Portable Document Format

.PNG                                                     Portable Network Graphics

.PPT                                                       Microsoft PowerPoint file 97 – Office 2007

.PPTX                                                    Microsoft PowerPoint file Office 2010 and newer

.PSD                                                       Adobe Photoshop file

.PSP                                                       PaintShop Pro file

.QXD                                                      QuarkXpress file

.RA                                                         Real Audio file

.RAR                                                      Compressed Archive file

.RTF                                                       Rich text Format

.TAR                                                       UNIX TAR Compressed Archive file

.TIF                                                         TIFF Graphic

.TXT                                                       ASCII Text, Notepad text file

.WAV                                                    Windows Sound file

.WMV                                                   Windows Movie file

.WK3                                                     Lotus Version 1 – 3 application file

.WKS                                                     Microsoft Works

.XLS                                                        Microsoft Excel up to Office 2007

.XLSX                                                     MS Excel for Office 2010 and newer

.ZIP                                                        Windows ZIP Compressed

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