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Fr. Mbaka Returns To Adoration, Addresses Congregation Amid Tears

by Busytape
Fr. Mbaka Returns To Adoration, Addresses Congregation Amid Tears

Rv Fr Ejike Mbaka, the spiritual director of the Adoration Ministry in Enugu, Nigeria, AMEN, returned to the adoration grounds on Wednesday to encourage the devotees to be peaceful and quiet.

Tears flowed freely and uncontrollably as the fiery Enugu Catholic priest declared to the congregation that he would not attend Mass again unless the Bishop gives his approval.

A video released on Adoration’s official Facebook page depicts the arrival of Fr. Mbaka at the AMEN ground, where he would purportedly address the thousands of Adoration devotees who have apparently continued to congregate everyday at the site since it was closed.

Fr. Mbaka informed the congregation that the Adoration was still closed, and that all activities were halted in accordance with Bishop Callistus Onaga’s directive.

Hear him: “I’m a priest of the Catholic Church and the Bishop is my father, I swore an oath to obey him and his successors. I can not do otherwise.”

He appealed with them to henceforth, stop castigating the Bishop or Enugu Catholic Church but to pray and bless them. He also urged them to continue praying for Peter Obi because he’s one of them, their brother and friend.

“I have come to bless you and to dismiss you, I don’t want you to go to the main road. I don’t want you to be pugnacious or to be cantankerous. I don’t want the adorers to be violent. I don’t want Adoration people to be classified as bandits for we’re not bandits. We’re obedient children of God, we love the mother church and the mother Church loves us so much.

“We appreciate our Bishop and henceforth, I want to order everybody here, to stop Insulting the Bishop. We can’t forget all his goodness to us.” “…this is a time we show our Bishop love, speak good of him, don’t write anything negative of him. To insult the Bishop is to insult me directly.” 

“I will never come out here for Mass until the Bishop approves it.” They asked him why? He replied “don’t ask me why, because I’m a Catholic priest, I have to obey.”

He however replied to the faithful who  asked him to give them a date they will resume their activities, saying, “I’m not the Bishop to give date, we are pleading and that’s why you have to pray that he gives us date. I have come to disperse you to go in peace, at least you have seen me.”

The Cries of “Bishop have mercy on us and give us a date (to reopen adoration ministry)! We can’t do without adoration oh! Tamper justice with mercy! Bishop we’re pleading!” took over the entire adoration ground as Mbaka left.

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