Frank Bollok Biography & Net Worth

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Frank Bollok Biography & Net Worth

Frank Bollok Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name:Frank Bollok
Real Name:Frank Bollok
Birth Date:1975
Birth Place:
United States
Height:180 cm
Weight:75 kg
Marital Status:Married
Darcey Silva (Divorced)
Kristell Mapelli
Profession:Real Estate Agent, Entrepreneur
Years active:N/A
Net Worth:$600,000
Last Updated:2021


Frank Bollok is an American businessman and investor who works in the sales team of a top real estate agency called Douglas Elliman. Also known as the founder and owner of The Twilight Lodge, Frank is also famous for being formerly married to reality television star, actress, and film producer Darcey Silva who attained widespread popularity after featuring on the hit American reality television show “90 Day Fiancé”.

Frank Bollok’s Early Life

Currently 46 years old as of 2021, Frank Bollok was born in 1975 in the United States of America. His father was a businessman while his mother stayed at home taking care of the children for the most part of her life. It is indeed noticeable that Frank got his business acumen from his father who did all that was possible to help him to be business acclimated.

Frank is a highly educated man. Seeing the success he has registered in his field as a real estate broker as well as being the founder of The Twilight Lodge, it is easily noticeable that he is also a qualified man whose success has come from his intelligence and deep business skills. When it comes to some background on Frank Bollok, it is reported that during his younger days, he attended the Bronx High school of Science, after which he enrolled in, and graduated from Hunter College.

Career & Businesses

Once he was through with his college education, Frank joined the real estate firm Douglas Elliman and became a part of the company’s sales team. After a while, he combined with another entrepreneur and co-founded The Twilight Lodge. His father, who used to be a businessman, possibly transferred his strong business attributes to Frank who is achieving success in his business profession. He is also making a very good amount of money as well, as a man who’s very much into his vocation.

Frank Bollok Net Worth
Frank Bollok

Frank remained on the low in the initial stages of his life and only became a media figure due to his highly publicized relationship with his former spouse Darcey Silva. Darcey is a successful TV personality, businessperson, actress, and clothing designer who in October 2010, co-founded the clothing line ‘House of Eleven’ along with her sister Stacey. The sisters also own and manage a production company called Eleventh Entertainment. The sisters also worked as co-executive producers with their father, Mike Silva, on the flick ‘White T’, starring Jerod and Jamal Mixon. The duo also provided background vocals for one track on ‘White T’. Their film production company, Eleventh Entertainment, collaborated with AmVic Entertainment and produced the 2015 film ‘Soul Ties’

Darcey attained widespread fame after featuring on “90 Day Fiancé”, the hit American reality television show which follows various couples as they meet after connecting online. She has also featured in several spin-offs of ‘90 Day Fiancé’, including ‘Pillow Talk’, ‘Self-Guaranteed’, and ‘B90 Strikes Back’. In June 2020, Entertainment Weekly announced that Darcey and her sister Stacey were getting their own reality show, titled ‘Darcey & Stacey’. Also, the sisters, together with their family members, have featured in exclusive interviews and photoshoots for several leading magazines and organizations.

Personal Life & Family

Bollok is currently married to Peruvian beauty Kristell Mapelli. They tied the knot in Mexico on April 20, 2019, and will be celebrating two years of being together in April this year.

Prior to his marriage to Kristell, Bollok was previously married to TV star Darcey Silva. Bollok has not mentioned much regarding the details of his first marriage. However, looking at his teenage daughters known as Aniko Bollok and Aspen Bollok, it can be said that the couple were married for a very long time. When their relationship couldn’t continue, Frank filed for divorce and ended their marriage

Bollok has moved on in his love life after their divorce and has remarried, with more kids with his second wife

Darcey on her own part, has met and dated several men including Jesse Meester, who is almost twenty years her junior, and Tom Brooks, whom she dated online for a brief period before taking things more personally. Apparently, she was two-timing both Jesse and the love triangle turned into a maze when it was discovered that Tom was also cheating. The 46 years old TV actress and producer was born and raised in Connecticut, United States of America. She has custody of her two daughters with Frank Bollok, who always maintains close contact with the girls.

Frank Bollok Net Worth

At this moment, Frank Bollok has managed to assemble a net worth of approximately $600,000. His occupation as a real estate agent and owner of The Twilight Lodge has helped him make all his fortune. Even though he now has a celebrity’s reputation due to his marriage to his ex-wife Darcey, Frank prefers to lead a very modest lifestyle.

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