How to Rise Above Challenges and Live a Fulfilled life

Chidera Onyeagubor
Chidera Onyeagubor May 25, 2019
Updated 2023/01/23 at 4:25 PM
Fulfilled Life

What does a fulfilled life mean? How can you have a fulfilled love life? In this article, we explore the ultimate ways of enjoying your life. It’s time to live a fulfilled life. 

When was the last time you laughed until you felt as though you would pee on you? When was the last time you felt so carefree that you couldn’t worry about life’s struggles?

Well, its time we bared our hearts, me to you in a hot embrace and discussion.

Life sucks, we all know that. There’s just too much of the bad things all around that sometimes it’s a bit hard to actually smell the roses. I mean, who will do that kind of thing anymore. Everywhere we turn we see people racing to somewhere. angry drivers, Angry mothers, and even kids can’t be allowed to be kids anymore. If you ever screamed in anguish, someone out there is prepared to mock at you or even tell you how pathetic you are. After all, their situation seems a lot better.

Or is it?

Are we all hiding behind a wall of hypocrisy?

For one thing, I have left that life behind. And it’s time you did too. What’s stopping you from having one more reason to sleep in peace. You don’t have to be a kid to behave like one. Who said, you couldn’t learn anything in your old age.

Definitely not me because there are a lot of old people out there who had learned new languages and made great inventions in their old age.

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It’s time to stop fussing and stressing about your problems. Time to stop being a doormat. it’s time to stop bending all over your back to make things good for others. It’s time to lighten up so you get to live long.

Yes, the country we live in may not get any better soon, but you may get to see your dreams more clearly and leave a better life. This is no religious mantra. It’s simply an ability deep within you. Join me, let’s talk and rediscover who we truly are.

Let’s start with a story

I know how hard life can be. My story is no different from the next, neither is it meant to make you feel as though yours is far better. It’s silly to feel that because my story looks worse than yours, then you have no right to be sad. You have a right to your feelings. my story is simply mine and yours is uniquely you. We can’t change it, but we can change what we make of it.

Some of us have battled eating disorders, loss of our jobs, our parents, depression, addictions. We all have seen such powerful curveballs. But by learning to lighten up and see things differently, we can face our most difficult times and move far from it.

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Why seek a fulfilled life?

When we learn to seek peace and happiness even when standing over an earthquake, you begin to see the clearer picture. I have stayed for months without a job with no one to help. Friends mocked. Parents ranted and yet, I sulked. It was only when I began to see the bigger picture that I was able to embrace life as it really is. By learning to lighten up and laugh even through difficult times was one of the most helpful things that helped me understand how to gain all the things I desired in life.

We are asked to grow

We are reminded of the things so important

It’s time to learn and lessons, insights and push forward

We can become our true authentic versions or we can get stuck living in the past of what ifs? Maybe your parents were terrible? Or you have been abused. Maybe the whole world seems to mock you? Its really just their problems. It’s time to be yourself, to embrace and cherish who you truly are. And so I will share with you what it really takes to live a fulfilled life and the strategies you need to get to that balance.

happy fulfilled life

What does a fulfilled life look like? What is a meaningful and fulfilled life?

For starters, fulfillment is not rated by how much money you have in the bank. It’s not categorized by the husband you have or the kids or the many other materials things that come your way. Yes, even your kids and spouse are all material artifacts, extensions of yourself but never enough to really make you fulfilled. Fulfillment comes from deep with you. It means making peace with just the person you truly are.

Fulfillment comes from looking at the mirror and all you find is that terrific person ( who though with flaws) is all you’ve got and has accepted wholeheartedly. Fulfillment is when you can sit in the midst of troubles and laugh your way out of it because you deeply trust in your own abilities to snap out of life’s problems.

Can you do this? Can you love yourself once more, as you once did as a little child? Is it possible for you to view the world once more like a big large playground?

Can you smile and enjoy who you truly are, when all of those things, your kids, money, spouse, parents, family, and friends have all been stripped away. You can! And it’s time you learned the tips to living a fulfilled life.

Strategies for living a fulfilled and meaningful life

1. Enjoy Life’s ups and downs:

Life will always throw one curve or the other at you. Learn to appreciate not just the low points as well as the high times. You can’t expect life to be filled with roses. A lot of us has formed a habit of checking out those low points and doing a comparison check with other things in your life. Our brains have been programmed to dwell in those bad situations refusing to see the good in them because we just feel that we are so unlucky. Living a fulfilled life means being in control of how you feel even in unexpected situations.

2. Live in the Gap

Stop trying to figure out how bad the past was and what you should have done differently. Avoid worrying about the future. Rather take your day, one moment at a time. I have found that whenever I try to get agitated by the amount of work I have to do to achieve my goal, I end up doing nothing to achieve those goals. Learn to stay within the Gap. The Gap between the past and the future.

That little spot between your fears and anticipations. The Gap between the judgments of how others have gone ahead and how you should behave. Wishing for things never brings them into fruition. It only makes you miserable and less likely to take the actions that would bring those things into reality.

3.  Let your feelings flow

Life can sometimes be very traumatic. It comes with the loss of something or someone dear to us. The passing of a loved one, losing our home or job, losing a limb or our ability to see. All of these life events are indeed overwhelming.

But it never means that because someone else has had this experience before, then yours don’t count. Your feelings about those events are simply what it is. Learn to listen to them. Give yourself time to feel the hurt. Allow yourself to feel the betrayal, the sadness, the feelings of hurt or loneliness.

The earlier you allow those feelings to come through. It easier it becomes to sort them and keep them from consuming you. A lot of people have decided to let go of their feelings and have resorted to using other sources to soothe their pain – sex, alcohol, drugs, reality TV shows including many other addictions. You don’t need all of these things to dull your pain. All yourself to feel and you will marvel at how easily you will spring back to your normal self.

4. Accept What IS

There’s just a lot of things going on in your life right now that you probably don’t want. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t work or try to improve things, but denying what is going on with you right now does not make it all go away.

When you deny who you are and try to live the life of someone else, then you are setting yourself up for misery. Acceptance of your skin type, skin color, country, bank account and many other ridiculous things people get stuck up on will lead to a happier life.

It’s not what happens to us that really matters so much… even if it all looks as though they are … with a little time, we humans are built to bounce back from just about anything.

Don’t deny what comes up in your life. If somethings are just too bad, then they are. Stop trying to push them down by succumbing to a life of drugs or alcohol or some kind of obsession. Quit putting on the fake positive attitude. Don’t stay slouched up in self-pity all the same. But smile and really mean it.

Accept that it just sort of happened, and move on. Experience whatever it is… look it in the eye..  feel the feelings.. accept it and make peace with it…

If it persists, keep facing it. Push… embrace it… Allow it to be…

No matter how much your life seems made up, you are allowed to have bad moments. No matter how bad your life seems at the moment, you are equally allowed to have good moments. Accept it as it comes and goes and stays connected to yourself.

5. Do some really cool things

Scratch that… I mean do things that are pretty cool with everything. It’s true that money opens the routes to a lot of cool things but it doesn’t necessarily help us accept just how cool those things are.

Life is so much more than pots of gold or money. You can enjoy your life without having all the money in the world. Stop putting off living your life and waiting for that time in the future, when it would all be too rosy. You can be happier, you can enjoy your career even if you are at the bottom of the ladder. Stick to doing things that you love and stop making things rob you of being happy.

Naturally, if you have seven kids, house payments, school fees, parents to fend for, all of these might look a bit tricky but it rarely ever is. Let me explain; let’s say for instance you can only afford taking a cup of coffee at the break of dawn – savor it. Let’s say you can only afford taking one meal a day because of the bills you have to deal with – enjoy that meal.

Do you just one piece of clothing that makes the most sense? When next you put it on, enjoy how it makes you feel. All of these “cool things” are just the little moments you need to have fun.

In addition, take timeouts from playing the role of a mother, a daughter, a son or even a parent and enjoy your life. You have the right to do really cool stuff. No one is past their prime to enjoying life. You don’t have to be so rich to enjoy every moment of your life.

6. Let go of your fears

There’s an amazing life waiting for you at the other side. It’s time you got rid of that mindblowing fear. Let’s face it. It’s been far too long. You have been too cautious for a long time. Get rid of trying to justify why going to that new job is not worth it. Quit trying to justify why you need to stay glued to an abusive relationship. Stop trying to justify why you shouldn’t pull out of your job. Quit trying to justify why you shouldn’t go back to school.

Step away from the passenger’s seat. Sit in the driver’s side. Stop trying to say that you can’t have a fulfilled single life. What you are feeling right now is stage fright and wonder how it would have looked like if the famous comedians and musicians we have climbed up the stage and froze with fear.

7. You have flaws! I do too, let’s deal with it

Are there people in your life who are quick to tell you just how skinny or fat you look? Who can’t stand your temper? Its time to kick them out. Friends should understand you and not judge you. I keep telling people that pressure is not a good thing for anyone. There’s no such thing as good pressure. We all change if we want and when we want to. It’s all about our willpower. So if you are happy being overweight, it’s all your business and no one else.

True beauty is flawed. The artistic designs we have seen, the great masterpieces are all flawed pieces. Any true artist would tell you this simple truth. What differentiates the real artworks from their fake counterparts are those little details when the fakies look flawless. So if the greatest artworks showed where their sculptors faulted why should you get so mad with your self because you are flawed.

Stop trying to worry about that ” Mr. Perfection”. We all know that there’s no such thing as being perfect. Our noses will always fell wrong, the same as the hands, leg,s, stomach or even our kids. Stop trying to compare yourself to yet another flawed creature out there. it’s never really with all the fuss.

Perfection is really just a stuffed up, boring flatline

Let’s take a different cynical view too it. If we all had the perfect shapes, where so pretty and successful ( exact doll versions of each other).

Who would need God? Who would need love? Would there be anyone out to learn all about personal growth? When would we ever have the chance to appreciate one another? We will all be so obsessed with ourselves ….. to think about others.

8. Use what you have to your advantage

So you are really really flawed/ That’s really good because it also means there are lots of amazing and surprising things you can do. Great people have done bad things. So quit counting your flaws and start using them to do great loving thins.

Use your flaws to get everything you truly want. I’m not much of working around a person. I’m also not really fond of the 9-5 cubicle or the corporate titles Nigerians love so much. But I can proudly sit in my room for 15 hours working. Find what you love and go it. We don’t all have to make all the money in the world but we are all obligated to doing all the fun things and enjoy our lives.


9. Trust That You Are Taking Care Of. 

Have you ever had troubles making ends meet? Are you alone and without help. Chances are you have a computer or maybe a smartphone. And even if it seems as though you are moving from one paycheck to the next and are not sure what would happen if even that was taken away from you. Start trusting in yourself. As humans, we are all build to overcome anything. We have the inborn ability to face problems and come out victorious.

10. Learn to believe in yourself

You can adapt if that kind of situation comes tomorrow. Just the way kids always know that they have protected. That’s the same way we are all built. Trust in your abilities. You can live a fulfilled life. Quit thinking about those statements flung at you. Maybe someone called you are dullard in the past. Or maybe you dropped out of school. Don’t worry too much about how your next meal will come. Rember to trust in the fact, that you are taking care of things and that it would always work out in the end. When you learn to relax and embrace yourself, you will be able to see the little things you can do to shift your position in life.


Lighten up. Smile all the way even when things are too tough. Laugh all the way even if you just lost your job or got separated from your partner or the fact that you just lost someone dear to you. Learn to accept it and then let it go. Know that your future self is already in support of you, seeing you through tough times and cheering you to get back on your feet and meet up. Maybe you just got passed on the promotion? Or you lost the court case? Or you just lost all your savings. Learn to laugh and play with the word. Appreciate all of its wonders and you will marvel at how much your life will turn around for the better. You don’t have to stay within that boring unfulfilled life. It’s time you attained fulfillment.



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