How To Win Scholarship And Study Abroad From Nigeria

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full scholarships to study abroad

Most academically inclined student wish to have the opportunity to study abroad but, it is not that easy to achieve considering the cost of tuition and living expenses. However, you could also achieve this goal by obtaining a scholarship to pursue your education abroad. This article is about how to win full scholarships to study abroad and it outlines tips to help you win scholarship and accomplish such desires; and if you follow these simple and logical steps you should beat the hurdles that comes with it.

How To Win Full Scholarships To Study Abroad From Nigeria

  1. Get Yourself Prepared to Work Hard- Whichever way that you choose to get your scholarship, you must have to spend time to work extra hard. By this, I mean, you must have to be extremely ready to spend time to apply for several opportunities from the internet, as it might not be easy. This is a sacrifice that you must have to pay towards getting your scholarship to study abroad from Nigeria. It may require you dedicating some hours daily to work on applying to different organizations that are offering scholarships to study abroad. Without applying, you can not be considered for a scholarship, making this step very important.
  2. List all that is Needed to Qualify you- Importantly, you must have to make a list of everything that is requires for you to qualify for the scholarship by visiting the study abroad center or office in your area and find out what is available? Who is eligible? What requirements are needed? When is the deadline?. Once all the information are gotten you can then prioritize your application and that way you can understand what is needful for your application for full scholarships to study abroad.
  1. Programme your Organization Goals and Values into your Application- You practically need to understand the goals and values of your organization and what they stands for- their mission statement and their keywords and values and then you must ensure that you programme their ideologies and philosophy into your application. By so doing, you have improved your chances of being considered for full scholarships to study abroad award.
  1. Have an Insight into how the Organization Evaluates Candidates Applying for their Scholarship- This is another important tip for you getting full scholarships to study abroad. You, basically, have to understand what the organization is really looking out for from the candidates and you must frequently check the past winners of the organization’s scholarship to find out the frequently asked questions from their website and then ensure to read and read and read again that part where the organization described how candidates will be evaluated. Once you have been able to decipher this, you must now constantly check yourself and application and ensured that you do not fall short of the organization’s criteria.
  1. Avoid Generic Words in your Essay by all Means possible- Interestingly, everyone has got a story to tell, including you, therefore, you must avoid the use of generic statements like “I’ve always been interested in French” or “I want to explore a different cultural diversity”. This obviously might jeopardize your chance of winning their scholarship. You must have to share a real life experience about yourself, and, if anyone claimed your story that suggests that you have really not done justice enough to your essay. Your story must have the element that speaks to who you and only you are.
  1. Plan to Give Back to the Society- Organization that offers full scholarship to study abroad always appreciates it when candidates have plans to give back to the immediate society with what they have learnt and have become overseas.Even if your scholarship does not require it, volunteer your ideas to use it for the benefit of your people back home.
  1. You Need Good Recommendation- Get a professor to recommend you to the organization and relay to them why you are qualified for the scholarship.
  2. Check and Scrutinize your Application all Over Again- You must have to carefully check whether you have completely filled every of the requirement in your application form before you do the final submission.This is because a lot of candidates are disqualified as a result of improper and insufficient details.
  1. Do a Print out of your Application Form- this process requires you to print out all your application form including your essay and ensure you read out aloud, in order to correct grammar and typographical errors. Remember that a few grammatical errors and typos could stand between you and your chance of winning full scholarships to study abroad.
  1. Submit your Application Early- To avoid the rush hour syndrome; you must have to apply early.The evaluators conducting the application screening are human too and once they receive stack of applications in a row they tend to skim through, but then you have the best shot of winning full scholarships to study abroad when an evaluator reads your application and finds it appealing and fit for the organization’s goal. Besides, too, it never hurts to apply early and look eager.


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