Getting the most of your Android Oreo 8.1

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Android Oreo

Google’s Android Oreo was released with quite a number of innovations which are almost always overlooked by users. You might have been using mobile devices running for some months now or intend to upgrade to the Google Android’s latest OS release and relish every experience using it.  Let’s learn some unique features inherent in the Android Oreo.

Getting the most of your Android Oreo 8.1

  1. Power and Connectivity Aspect:
  2. Restyled Power Menu: Typically, when you hold down the power button to restart or shut down your device, the power menu will cover the whole screen and become the active window to select options from. In the Android 8.1, the options will now appear on the right side of the screen in a miniature window in a more stylish way.
  3. Monitor the battery level of your Bluetooth connected headphones: A new feature in the Android 8.1 allows the user to monitor the battery level of headphones connected via Bluetooth. While the headphones are connected, navigate to the Quick settings panel, you will be able to see the battery level of the connected headphone and even view the precise percentage when you tap the Bluetooth settings menu.
  4. Keep tabs on all power hungry applications: In the Android Oreo, you can now see which apps are sapping your battery. Navigate to the Battery section of your system settings and scroll to see the apps that drain your battery the most.
  5. Introducing the Picture-in-picture mode: This innovative feature allows you to view videos or navigate through maps in a miniature floating window pane while still working with other applications. To know the apps that support the picture-in-picture mode, tap to open the Apps & Notifications unit of your system settings, and then tap Advanced and then Special app access. Tap Picture-in-picture in which you can see the list of installed apps that support the picture-in-picture mode. On the whole, conventional chat apps like Whatsapp and other chat apps that make video calls in picture-in-picture and all other audiovisual-centric apps like YouTube, Google Play Movies and Netflix support the picture-in-picture mode.

How can we activate this awesome feature? Simply open supported app, start the process supported through the picture-in-picture e.g. navigation, video playing and then press your phone’s Home Key, and the app would automatically shrink into a floating window pane over your home screen independent of the actions of the home screen.

Note: You can also change its location on your screen by dragging it to the desired spot.

  1. Exciting modifications of the Oreo’s notifications: The Oreo now features options to select your notifications according to a priority scale, consistently alerts the user on apps that consume the phone’s battery in the backgound and a snooze feature to check a desired notification at a later time.
  2. Notifications on a Priority Scale: You can set the desired category of notification for just about any app especially those who have Oreo notification support. Simply navigate to the Apps & Notifications unit in your device settings, then choose any app and tap App Notifications, you should be able to select varying classes of notifications for the app and set their prominence level. A notification set to low does not have any accompanying sounds when it alerts the user.

.b. Notifications’ Amazing Snooze feature: There are notifications that might pop-up which we might not wish to check immediately. Oreo has a concealed feature that allows the user to snooze the given notification. To snooze a notification, slide the notification either to the left or right, then tap the clock icon that becomes visible along its edge to snooze for 15mins, 30mins etc for it to reemerge at a desired time later.

  1. Exquisite Management of Both Files and Texts in the Android Oreo:
  2. Innovative File Management: Oreo has upgraded the conventional file manager, where the user can manage the intensity of the Night Light of your phone and also preview al the notifications that have popped up in the phone regardless of if it was dismissed.

To access the new file manager, go to Downloads app on your device, tap the extra menu icon in the top right corner and select Show Internal storage. Then open the menu to the left of the screen and search for your phone’s name and select it. You can now search through, copy, rename and move files.

  1. Managing the Intensity of the night light: This option is available using a slider found inside the Night Light option configured under the Display section of the device settings.

iii. Notification History: You can always preview all your notifications by opening Apps & Notifications in your device’s settings. And tap Advanced, Emergency alerts and Emergency alert history

  1. Pioneering Text Management: The Android Oreo offers a Magnification feature that allows you to magnify areas of your screen. To access this feature, navigate to Accessibility section of your system settings and select Magnification. Then select Magnify with button and tap the toggle to turn it on. To magnify anywhere thenceforth on your screen, tap the new button in bottom right corner of your display screen and then touch and hold anywhere on your screen to magnify
  2. Smart Text Selection: The Android Oreo can identify text type which we copy, be it a phone number, email address or web address. Once you long press on the particular text, Oreo identifies the type of text and its use and quickly determines the appropriate start and end point and then suggests the most suitable place to open it, e.g. browser app, phone app, or email messaging app etc
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