Guinness World Records: Nigerians mock the successor of Hilda Baci

Busy Bee
Busy Bee November 9, 2023
Updated 2023/11/09 at 11:20 AM

Irish chef Alan Fisher, the latest Guinness World Records setter, has recently faced criticism from the Nigerian online community. Fisher surpassed Nigeria’s Hilda Bacci on Tuesday to achieve the world record for the longest cooking marathon, clocking an impressive 119 hours and 57 minutes at his restaurant in Japan, as announced by the Guinness World Records committee.

Fisher completed two marathons in quick succession, starting on September 25 and concluding with a total time of 167 hours, 19 minutes, and 37 seconds. Despite facing challenges and expressing his physical toll on Instagram, Fisher reflected on the accomplishment, stating, “Breaking these records is a fitting way to close this chapter.”

Hilda Bacci, who previously held the record with 93 hours and 11 minutes of continuous cooking in May, acknowledged Fisher’s achievement. Bacci’s attempt, which gained significant attention and temporarily crashed the GWR website due to high traffic, set a record for cooking on a MacBook. Despite attempting to reach 100 hours, a minor mistake affected her goal, according to GWR officials.

Following his victory, Fisher expressed gratitude on Instagram, assuring followers that all evidence for his cooking attempts has been submitted to GWR for review. However, his post received criticism from Nigerians who accused him of overshadowing Bacci’s achievement.

In response to the backlash, Bacci congratulated Fisher on achieving the new record and described it as “a huge achievement,” emphasizing her best wishes for him as the new world record holder.

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