Hassan Jameel Biography & Net Worth

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Hassan Jameel Biography

Hassan Jameel biography is about a wealthy businessman from Saudi. He is widely known as the Vice Chairman and Deputy President of Abdul Latif Jameel, which is his family business with a lot of branches and subsidiaries in North Africa, Turkey, and the Middle East. The ALJ is one of the biggest companies in the World and also has a charitable wing called the Community Jameel. This wing of the organization is responsible for helping the educational, social, cultural and economic development of communities and individuals around the Middle East and beyond. This article is about Hassan Jameel biography and other interesting facts about him.

Hassan Jameel Biography

Hassan Jameel was born in Saudi Arabia in the year, 1988, October, 22.  He is a Muslim. His father is the famous entrepreneur and founder of the ALJ Company Limited, Abdul Latif Jameel. His father created the company in 1945 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Jameel also has a brother called Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel, but he is the crucial player in his father’s company and also serves as a Chairman in many other businesses owned by his father. His educational background and early life are also kept hidden from the public.

Hassan’s family has been ranked at one time as the fourth most affluent family in Saudi Arabia; with an astounding net worth of $2.2 billion. Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel received an honorary knighthood by the Queen for his philanthropic works making him the first Saudi to earn such an excellent award.

His family was said to have sold over 14.1 million Toyota Corolla beginning from 1966 to date. They have met the British Royals and had pictures with some of them. The ALJ also has partnerships with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Grameen Foundation. The Saudi Prince is also said to have a Saudi Professional League which is named after their company and called Abdul Latif Jameel league.

Hassan Jameel Wife

Hassan Jameel got married to his first wife Lina Lazzar in 2012. She is an Art Specialist based in Sotheby. However, they got divorced in 2017.

Hassan Jameel Relationship with Rihanna

Rihanna at one time was said to have dated the rapper, Drake in an on- and off the romantic outfit. She was reported to have broken up with Drake in October 2016. The Eight-time Grammy Winner is said to have begun the relationship with the Saudi Billionaire back in 2017. The two have been spotted passionately kissing in their swimming pool at a luxury villa they had rented at one time.

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Hassan Jameel Net worth

Hassan Jameel wealth is tied to his family business; however, estimates made by Forbes places his personal net worth somewhere around $1.5 billion.


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