Top 10 Health Benefits Of Watermelon For Your Body

admin May 23, 2018
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Top 10 Health Benefits Of Watermelon For Your Body

Watermelon is a healthy and refreshing type of fruit which has many good effects on our health as you shall be seeing later on this post. This fruit can be consumed in different ways like using it to make smoothies, drinking its juice, eating it in its raw form, or applying it tropically in the body and hair. Read on for the amazing health benefits of watermelon.

Here are the Health Benefits of Watermelon to Your Body


  1. Asthma Prevention: water melon contains lycopene This enzyme serves as an anti oxidant which helps the body to react effectively against cold and flu. The fruit’s lycopene content still makes it possible for the body to reduce asthmatic condition especially in children. Consumption of watermelon also helps those who already have asthma to breath properly.
  2. Controls Blood Pressure: water melon is very necessary in controlling blood pressure. This is basically possible due to the Citrulline and Potassium content of the watermelon.
  3. Prevents Dehydration: One of health benefits of watermelon is the prevention of dehydration. Apart from drinking normal water, another good way to keep the body hydrated is through the intake of watermelon because the fruit contains about 90% of water. Combined with the Vitamin A in the fruit, the skin and hair stay moisturized all day. And this encourages the healthy growth of collagen and elastic cells.
  4. Lower Heartburn: the Minerals content of this fruit helps to ease heartburn. Also an effective way of preventing third-trimester sickness in pregnant women.
  5. Improves Wound Healing: watermelon contains some important nutrients like Vitamin C Vitamin A. these vitamins play a vital role in improving the bone health and facilitates wound healing. The lycopene content of this fruit can also prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures.
  6. Increases System Immunity: the fruit contains Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C which helps the body in the formation of red blood cells and production of antibodies. These antibodies fight against any foreign material in the body. Combined with the effort of Vitamin A that is also present in water melon, protects the body from infection and regulates the body immune system.
  7. Promotes Sexual Health: watermelon produces an amino acid known as citrulline. This citrulline is then converted into arginine-nitric oxide precursor which helps to relax and dilates the blood vessels. Thereby aid in the treatment of erectile disorder. This is another of the health benefits of watermelon
  8. Reduces Tiredness: watermelon is rich in potassium. This potassium has electrolytic factors which prevents the body from getting tired even after a stressful day.
  9. Aids Digestion: the high water content and fibers present in watermelon makes it relevant in digestion process. It also increases easy passage of excreta from the system without stressing the kidney.
  10. Reduces Inflammation And Oxidative Stress: many chronic disease affecting majority of people in the world today are as a result of oxidative damage and inflammation. Watermelon is a good source of anti-inflammatory antioxidants especially for its lycopene and vitamin C contents.  With an increased intake of watermelon, the risk of having oxidative stress and inflammation might reduce to a reasonable amount.

I know you won’t have much problems in enhancing your health with watermelon. After all you have been taking it for refreshment purposes even when you probably didn’t know what it offers medically. Start taking a reasonable amount of this fruit daily now that you know what it can do for your health and enjoy the health benefits of watermelon.

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