How To Make Our Heels Last So Much Longer

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How to make your Heels Last so much longer

Let’s face it; we all love our shoes, whether as women or men, no one of us can say we aren’t quite attached to our shoes. Shoes serve as protective coverage against the unevenness of the floor/ground as well as add a sense of Uniqueness to whatever attire we have on. As women, we love our heels,  it may seem silly, but when you have got that perfect heel that keeps you elegant, you can’t help not feeling some sense of compandre with your shoes.

Great heels are quite an investment and so should be well taken care of. No one likes a pair of ruined favourite shoes, it is usually heart-breaking to loose such a loved pair of shoes that way.  Generally, shoes do get ruined with the length of time as it grows older but there are ways to help improve on the lifetime of your lovely heels so we prolong that heart-breaking moments of telling our “babies” goodbye.

How To Make Our Heels Last So Much Longer

Try out Boot trees

Invest in boot trees, they are great for preserving the though shape of your shoes, especially when used in conjunction with stuffing papers into your shoes. When shoes are used and discarded without this proper ways of preserving, they curl, sag and wrinkle. So investing in boot trees are very important.

Allow Shoes Dry before Packaging

After a day out with your shoes, whether they do get really wet or just sweaty from your own body fluids, allow them dry- but not under the blaring shoes (only sportwears should be dried that way). Dry then in an area with good ventilation and please never use the furnace or heater to dry them. If you do, then you may find cracks on the body of the shoe (especially true for leather)

Give your shoes some space

When you have that special set of shoes, it’s always tempting to wear them every day, especially if they are so great and can be complemented with every single attire in your closet. Extend the life of your shoes by giving them a break for some time to allow them return back to their true shape before using again.

Protect the soles

Most shoes wear and tear, starting from the heels, increase the life span of your shoes by investing in a removable shoe sticky sole protectors, they are especially a must for stilettos.

Store them properly

Since your shoes are a special part of your life, they should be handled with care.  Get dust bags for each pair of shoes you have and store them in this. These protect the shoes from the effects of dust and other environmental conditions and ensure they last longer.

Visit the Cobbler

When the Soles of your shoes start looking worn out, it’s high time to pay a visit to the Cobbler. Change the soles of your shoes as fast as possible, because the more they wear out, the more the pressure on other parts of the shoe and may render it unfixable. Never allow a single crack on tear on your shoes stay far too long. Remember- A stitch in time saves 9.

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