Helen Paul reveals that she is the one providing vocals for Psquare’s hit track ‘Story’.

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Busy Bee November 28, 2023
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Helen Paul proudly reveals herself as the vocal talent behind Psquare’s renowned track, ‘Story.’ The multifaceted entertainer, known for her comedic prowess, academic achievements, and captivating performances, recently shared an intriguing revelation about her involvement in the music industry.

In a recent interview, Helen Paul, a prominent Nigerian comedian, actress, and media personality, disclosed that she lent her vocal talents to the hit song ‘Story’ by the acclaimed musical duo Psquare. The track, known for its catchy lyrics and infectious beats, took the music scene by storm, and now, fans are discovering the unique voice that brought the narrative to life.

Helen Paul’s versatility is well-known, with her ability to seamlessly transition between comedy and serious roles, and now, her foray into the world of music adds another layer to her diverse skill set. As the voice behind ‘Story,’ she adds a distinctive touch to the popular song, showcasing her range as an artist beyond the realms of comedy.

Fans and music enthusiasts alike are expressing their surprise and admiration for Helen Paul’s musical contributions. The revelation adds an intriguing dimension to her already illustrious career, demonstrating that her talents extend far beyond the boundaries of any one artistic medium.

Helen Paul’s revelation about her involvement in ‘Story’ not only highlights her versatility but also sparks curiosity about potential future collaborations and projects in the dynamic world of entertainment.

Nigerian comedian Helen Paul recently shared a fascinating revelation about her early career, disclosing that she was the voice behind the iconic “Uncle, Please Tell Us a Story” in the Psquare song titled ‘Story,’ released back in 2005. At the age of 45, Helen recounted her unexpected entry into the world of voiceovers during that time.

As she recounted on The Honest Bunch Podcast, co-hosted by actor Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, known as Nedu, Helen Paul disclosed that her journey into voicing the memorable lines in the Psquare track began when the original child actors slated for the task failed to appear. At the time, she was working as a receptionist and seized the opportunity to step in when the need arose.

This revelation adds an interesting chapter to Helen Paul’s multifaceted career, showcasing her versatility beyond comedy. It highlights the unpredictability of the entertainment industry and the unique paths artists often take to find success. The story not only provides a glimpse into the early days of Helen Paul’s career but also adds a nostalgic touch for fans who grew up listening to the catchy and distinctive voiceover in the Psquare song ‘Story.’

As Helen Paul continues to make her mark in the entertainment industry, this revelation serves as a testament to her ability to adapt and contribute in unexpected ways, showcasing the diverse talents that contribute to the rich tapestry of Nigeria’s entertainment landscape.

Initially, my acquaintance with P Square was nonexistent. The revelation of their potential stardom was not on my radar. They entered the studio with the intent of recording their music, oblivious to the fact that the expected child artists were a no-show. Ayoadeife, our mutual acquaintance, stepped in and suggested, “We have someone who can handle this, with the ability to mimic children across all vocal ranges.”

At that time, my understanding of vocal ranges was limited, but I possessed a knack for imitating voices. I was working as a receptionist, and when Ayoadeife presented me as the solution, P Square agreed. The terms were laid out: I would work during the night, and the compensation would not be substantial. Unfazed, I responded with a nonchalant, “I don’t care; just get me a ‘soft drink’.” This seemingly modest arrangement marked the beginning of my involvement with P Square.

“So, I was offered the job, and my task was to provide the voice for the children in the song. They combined various children’s voices to create a full, harmonious sound. At the time, I didn’t fully grasp the concept of having my name associated with a song; I didn’t actively seek credit for it.”

Helen Paul went on to share that her vocal talent opened up numerous opportunities for her, leading to a significant increase in her income from N9,500 per month to over N400,000 per month.

Reflecting on her career trajectory, she recounted, “The subsequent job I took on was for another milk product. I was at the reception when they presented this job, explaining that the child originally slated for it was currently taking exams. Given the urgency of airing the advert at 3 p.m. and the time being 12 p.m., they urgently needed a baby voice for the project.”

When Uncle Ayo suggested Helen for the voiceover, I was brought in to lend my voice, and I gladly took on the task. Little did I know that this seemingly routine job would significantly impact my life. Following the completion of the advertisement, I found myself signing a document without a clear understanding of its contents. At that time, my monthly salary stood at a modest N9,500.

To my astonishment, my financial situation underwent a drastic transformation. Instead of my usual earnings, I began receiving a monthly income of around N400,000 to N450,000. The unexpected windfall brought about by this opportunity had a profound effect on my financial stability.

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