Highest Paid Mechanics, Job Descriptions and Salaries

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Highest Paid Mechanics
Highest Paid Mechanics

Are you searching for the highest paid mechanics? Here is the right place to find the highest paid mechanics!

Mechanics are experts who have all the mechanical skills, abilities, and training to effectively solve mechanical problems. These professionals actually do not mind getting their hands and body dirty, instead, they feel fulfilled when they complete their job and they are paid.

Mechanics are on the list of the top 10 highest-paid professionals worldwide and their job covers the fixing of problems ranging from big construction equipment to motorcycles and even motorboats.

In this article, we are going to show you the top 12 highest paid mechanics and not just that, we will tell you their various job descriptions, special skills and training, and their salaries so you know which one to go for in case you want to be a mechanic.

Below are the 12 highest paid mechanics, their job descriptions and salaries:

1. Aircraft Mechanics

Aircraft mechanics are mechanical experts who maintain aircraft and their components to ensure the safety of flight travels and on schedule. These professionals make sure all sizes of aircraft are in good working condition and are required to carry out inspections under the directives of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines.

Aircraft mechanics carry out scheduled maintenance checks and repairs on aircraft before and after flights, This group of experts must have attended Aviation Maintenance Technician School, they must have had 18-30 months of work experience and must have undergone and passed oral, written, and practical tests before they can become certified aircraft mechanics.

The median salary level for an aircraft mechanic in a major part of the world is $53,420 yearly. Looking at the above-mentioned figure, it’s quite obvious why this group of experts always top the list of the highest paid mechanics. 

Furthermore, if you want to become an aircraft mechanic, take the necessary steps, the right skills and training and there you go!

2. Industrial Machinery Mechanic

Industrial mechanics are saddled with the responsibility of servicing, repairing and replacing machinery used in factories through the use of technical manuals, computerized systems and even their own observations. They also diagnose problems with the aforementioned pieces of equipment.

Industrial machinery mechanics often begin work as assistants thereby gaining skills on the job. They also take courses offered by the employer while some of these experts acquire their skills through an apprenticeship program, and may further have completed a two-year associate degree program in industrial maintenance.

Industrial Machinery Mechanics in so many parts of the world earn a median salary of $45,420 per annum.

3. Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Mobile heavy equipment mechanics fix all problems that have to do with equipment used in the construction and railroad industries. This set of mechanics inspects services and repairs equipment used to perform functions like digging the earth, tilling the land and lifting beams.

The special skills and training of mobile heavy equipment mechanics include taking courses in math, chemistry and physics as the first step for the preparation for this profession, and after they must have completed high school, they move on to the next step by attending either a community college or vocational school program in diesel technology.

The median rate of salary for mobile heavy equipment mechanics is $44,830 per year.

4. Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic

Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics otherwise known as HVAC technicians are responsible for the inspection, repairs and replacement of elements in a system’s pump, motor, fan, thermostat or switches. 

These mechanical experts carry out their job on the inside or outside, in less-than-ideal temperatures, as the result of the heating or cooling system that is either shut off or actually not performing properly.

The special skills and training of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics will include a completed training or apprenticeship program in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration offered by either a community college, trade or even a vocational school.

Furthermore, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics must have received a license by fulfilling the various set requirements depending on the jurisdiction. These mechanical experts across the world are expected to receive a median salary of $42,540 per annum.

5. Diesel Mechanic

Diesel mechanics are mechanical experts responsible for the maintenance and repairs of heavy transportation and construction equipment including cranes, road graders, bulldozers, and farm machinery.

A good number of diesel mechanics are graduates of community college or vocational school programs in diesel engine repair while some are just physically fit and possess excellent problem-solving skills, a driver’s license and a series of mechanical natural talents and have other unofficial other training.

Diesel mechanics earn a median salary figure of about $40,850 yearly.

6. Electrical Mechanic

Electrical mechanics are mechanical professionals whose work principally covers the testing, repairing and rebuilding of motors, heaters, generators, electric wiring systems and controllers. Electrical mechanics may work in institutional, commercial or industrial settings.

In the aspect of their special skills and training, these professionals must have undergone and completed a four to a five-year apprenticeship program or on-the-job instruction offered by their employers.

Electrical mechanics receive an average salary of about $40,000 and even more each year.

7. Radio Mechanic

Radio mechanics are responsible for the installation and servicing of equipment for radio transmission and reception. The duties of radio mechanics could also involve the servicing of radio towers or marine equipment. 

These mechanical experts examine the various equipment to figure out damaged components and they thereafter repair or replace them. Their special skills and training include a completed two or four-year undergraduate degree in electronics or possible training in the military before they can be called radio mechanics.

The median salary level for a radio mechanic is $39,740 per year.

8. Automotive Mechanic

Automotive mechanics simply called auto mechanics are mechanical experts responsible for the inspection and repairs of vehicles that run on gas, electricity or ethanol. Part of the work of automotive mechanics includes carrying out basic maintenance, such as tire rotations and oil changes. 

Automotive mechanics also diagnose more serious problems by carrying out diagnostic tests and reading and as well evaluating computerized printouts. Concerning their special skills and Training, some of these experts are graduates of an automotive service technology program at either vocational schools or community colleges.

The median salary of automotive mechanics is not lesser than $35,790 yearly.

9. Motorboat Mechanics

Motorboat mechanics are mechanical professionals who work on engines, carburettors and other mechanized parts of watercraft. These experts also carry out inspections and repairs on propellers and propeller shafts. 

Motorboat mechanics may also mount motors onto boats and carry out operations on them on the water to observe any operating issues and on the aspect of their special skills and training,

some of these mechanics must have had their high school education, while some have completed a specialized program at various postsecondary institutions.

The median salary of motorboat mechanics is $35,600 per annum.

10. Motorcycle Mechanic

Motorcycle mechanics are experts who work on choppers, dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles and cruisers. This set of mechanical specialists may also carry out repairs on snowmobiles and jet skis. Some of these mechanical experts focus on the restoration of the aforementioned personal modes of transportation.

The median rate of pay for motorcycle mechanics is at least $29,973 per year.

11. Mobile Mechanic

Mobile mechanics are auto mechanics who travel from one place to the other to render services to customers and provide vehicle maintenance on-site, rather than in a garage. The services of mobile mechanics are fast and increasingly becoming popular as a result of their convenience, and also for the fact that it allows customers to save time and avoid towing charges. 

As a matter of fact, mobile mechanics provide most of the services that are available in various garages and their services include electrical maintenance, transmission service, repairs of the engine, recharge of air conditions, replacement of batteries, and fixing of brakes. 

The special skills and training of these experts are major that they must have completed their high school educations and have proceeded to either a college or any of the vocational institutions. The Salary range of mobile mechanics across the world is between  $41,500 to $60,500 yearly.

12. Shift Mechanic

Shift mechanics are experts who carry out mechanical preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance duties in pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging processes and even related utilities or facilities.

The special skills and training of shift mechanics are primarily that they must have completed their high school educations and have furthered their studies at any college offering courses in the related discipline or any of the vocational institutions where they must have obtained the required skills and training before they can be addressed as shift mechanics. 

The Salary range of shift mechanics is between $36,500 to $59,500 yearly.


Just like we earlier said, mechanics, are on the list of the top 10 highest-paid professionals worldwide and the fact that their job covers the fixing of problems ranging from big construction equipment to motorcycles and even motorboats which are a very crucial aspect of mobility and transportation is enough justification for their high salaries.

Also, we earlier promised to show you the top 12 highest paid mechanics, and further provide you with their various job descriptions, their various special skills and training, and salaries, and we did exactly all.

We believe you’ve learned a lot from this article, if that is true, kindly visit our website at https://busytape.com for more interesting articles like this.

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