Highest Paying Automotive Jobs, Descriptions and Annual Salaries

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Posted Joseph Kanu March 13, 2023
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Highest Paying Automotive Jobs
Highest Paying Automotive Jobs

The automotive jobs all over the world include primarily the production, wholesale, retail, and maintenance of motor vehicles. Following your search for the highest automotive jobs, this article presents you with exactly the top 16 highest paying automotive jobs, their brief description and salary ranges.

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Below are the top 16 highest paying automotive jobs:

1. Automotive General Sales Manager

An automotive general sales manager is the leader of the sales team at a car dealership. An automotive manager also assesses team performance, develops estimates for future vehicle sales, sets clear goals for the team, and collaborates with other teams or departments, like the marketing team.

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An automotive general sales manager’s additional duties may include the hiring and training of new team members, budget approval, and possible negotiation with customers. The salary range of an automotive manager is between $105,000 to $172,500 yearly.

2. Automotive Service Director

An automotive service director is the leader of the service department at a car dealership or vehicle parts store. An automotive service director manages the staff, creates goals for the team, ensures efficient operations to get customers in and out of the shop quickly and looks into the mechanical needs of a vehicle.

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An automotive service director’s duties may also include controlling the operating expenses and the management of inventory and accounts receivable. The salary range of an automotive service director is between $114,500 to $162,000 yearly.

3. Dealership General Manager

A dealership general manager oversees the operations of all the different departments within the auto dealership. A dealership general manager sets sales goals for the sales department, creates and manages the company’s budget, and approves contracts made in the financing department. 

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A dealership general manager also manages inventory, and overseas vehicle purchase operations, comes up with strategies to increase sales and profits at the dealership, hires and trains new staff and establishes employee compensation and benefits.

The salary range of a dealership general manager is between  $52,000 to $151,000 yearly.

4. Used Car Manager

A used car manager looks into the management of the used car department of an auto dealership. The management of automotive inventory, marketing, sales, and decision on the price of each vehicle are all the duties of a used car manager. 

Furthermore, a used car manager works on the purchase of quality used cars for the dealership’s inventory and negotiates with retail and wholesale buyers. In addition to all of the duties aforementioned, a used car manager may liaise with members of the financial services industry to help facilitate financing and loans for their customers. 

The Salary range of a used car manager is between  $100,000 to $145,500 yearly.

5. Automotive General Manager

An automotive general manager oversees various departments of an auto dealership to make sure the dealership is profitable. An automotive general manager motivates the staff, plans events and promotions, and ensures the customers are satisfied. 

An automotive general manager must also strictly follow the policies and procedures set out by the company and will make sure all employees do the same. The salary range of an automotive general manager will typically be between $57,000 to $144,000 yearly.

6. Collision Center Manager

A collision centre manager is the leader and manager of an automotive accident repair centre. This manager examines cars in the auto shop that have been in an accident and estimates the cost of parts and labour to fix each vehicle. 

Furthermore, a collision centre manager plans daily collision repair schedules to ensure efficient workflow, assigns work, supervises the parts department, estimates repair time, and meets customer deadlines. The salary range of a collision centre manager is between  $66,500 to $94,500 yearly. 

7. Dimensional Engineer

A dimensional engineer is an automotive industry worker whose primary duties are the designing of components for the assembly process of vehicles to increase productivity and safety. 

A dimensional engineer’s day-to-day duties also include data analysis, identification of problems in the manufacturing process, and documenting case studies. The salary range of a dimensional engineer is between $75,500 to $93,500 yearly.

8. Diesel Engineer

A diesel engineer’s duties are typically the inspection, maintenance, and repair of diesel engines. A diesel engineer performs diagnostics on engines and inspects the parts and system machinery to determine what service is needed on the vehicle.

A diesel engineer regularly makes use of diagnostic equipment and other tools and possesses an in-depth knowledge of the diesel electrical system. The salary of a diesel engineer ranges between $61,000 to $93,500 yearly.

9. Powertrain Engineer

A powertrain engineer is an automotive industry worker who designs transportation, including cars, motorbikes, and commercial vehicles. A powertrain engineer focuses on the aesthetics and technical performance of powertrain components and also the electronics and software used in modern cars. The salary range of a powertrain engineer ranges from $70,500 to $92,500 yearly.

10. Chassis Engineer

A chassis engineer looks into the design, analysis, and test running of structural systems, steering, brakes, hydraulics, and suspensions in vehicles. The chassis engineer assists in the architectural design of the chassis system conduct investigations and drives failure analysis on found problems. A chassis engineer’s salary ranges between $84,500 to $89,500 yearly.

11. Automotive Service Manager

An automotive service manager is a worker within an auto dealership’s service department to repair cars. An automotive service manager looks into administrative tasks and oversees the hiring of staff, training, and even firing. An automotive service manager’s salary ranges between $50,500 to $87,000 yearly.

12. Fleet Maintenance Manager

A fleet maintenance manager is in charge of maximizing efficiency and profitability through the management of the maintenance of the vehicles used by the company. A fleet maintenance manager may be tasked to research and select vehicles for lease or purchase, as well as keep excellent records on vehicle use and maintenance.

This very manager is to track logs of driver routes and resell unwanted vehicles that no longer meet the company’s needs. In a nutshell, a fleet maintenance manager looks into fleet maintenance logistics and makes sure there are minimized costs and maximized profits, by monitoring everything from vehicle wear to fuel costs.

A fleet maintenance manager earns between  $58,500 and $85,500 as a yearly salary.

13. Heavy Equipment Sales Manager

A heavy equipment sales manager has the duties of overseeing sales representatives in the region or territory, making provision for excellent customer service to clients, and as well generating leads in the construction industry and other sectors for the company’s sales representatives. 

A heavy equipment sales manager’s goal is to improve customer relationships with heavy equipment dealers and retailers, attracting and getting them to purchase products wholesale from the company and the sales team.

 Furthermore, a heavy equipment sales manager is also responsible for driving sales goals and policies for the sales team and collaborating very closely with the marketing department and upper management. The salary range of a heavy equipment sales manager is between $42,000 to $85,000 per annum.

14. Automotive Designer

An automotive designer is an automobile industry worker and a creative professional whose work is primarily designing nearly all aspects of a vehicle, including both external and internal components. 

An automotive designer centres around using software like AutoCAD to develop plans that can then be carried out and turned into reality by the manufacturing team. This manager works with a creative team of designers to make sure a cohesive product that is both aesthetically appealing and as well functional is created.

An automotive designer’s salary ranges between $54,000 to $83,500 per annum.

15. Automotive Consultant

An automotive consultant, otherwise called an automotive sales consultant, is an employee of an auto dealership responsible for the sales of vehicles to their customers. This very consultant looks into the many aspects of the vehicle sales process, including arrangements for test running, driving and matching customers with the right vehicles.

An automotive consultant is specially trained to identify the customer’s needs through detailed profiling and knows expert sales strategies to overcome common buyer objections to purchasing a vehicle.

Automotive consultants possess in-depth knowledge about the company’s products and can communicate effectively the benefits of the products to people from all angles of life. An automotive consultant’s salary ranges from $37,500 to $80,000 yearly. 

16. Automotive Service Consultant

An automotive service consultant performs a series of both administrative and customer service duties at a car dealership or an auto repair facility. An automotive service consultant’s responsibilities include making cost estimates, tracking the status of repairs, and writing reports that detail time and labour costs. 

An automotive service consultant may also work closely with customers to assess their vehicles, give explanations for what types of repairs and services are required, and fix appointments. An automotive service consultant’s salary ranges from  $40,500 to $78,500 yearly.


Finally, we’ve been able to provide you with the top 16 highest-paying automotive jobs, their descriptions and yearly salary ranges just as promised. We believe you’ve learned a lot from this article and your search intent has been duly satisfied.

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