Top Highest-Paying Jobs In Italy

Richard Atang
Richard Atang April 17, 2023
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Highest Paying jobs in Italy

Are you interested in finding employment and establishing yourself in Italy? If so, be assured that you’ve made a fantastic decision.

Start your job search today by using this list of the most lucrative positions in Italy and some excellent job portals as a reference.

Italy is not just a popular holiday spot but also a desirable location for living and working. Graduates from Italian universities are likely to seek employment opportunities in Italy, while others may consider studying there.

Italy offers some of the highest-paying jobs in Europe, including doctors, lawyers, professors, engineers, and other professions typically found in other countries.

Highest Paid Jobs In Italy

Information Researcher:

 Information researchers are sought after around the world, and Italy is no exemption.

These experts break down complex informational collections to uncover examples, patterns, and experiences that can be utilized to illuminate business choices.

Information researchers with mastery in AI, man-made brainpower (artificial intelligence), and huge information are frequently profoundly redressed.

University Professor:

Even though university professors may not earn as much as other professions, it can be a fulfilling career both mentally and emotionally.

As a university professor in Italy, you will have the opportunity to teach and mentor some of the brightest minds in Europe.

Italy has a rich cultural and academic history with renowned scholars such as Giovanni Pascoli, Ermolao Barbaro, and Thomas Aquinas, making it a hub for learning and research.

Finding a teaching position in Italy after completing a postgraduate degree or publishing a Ph.D. thesis may be a bit challenging.

Starting salaries for entry-level positions at universities in Italy typically begin at €38,200 per year.

However, if you have extensive teaching experience as a university professor, you may earn up to €122,400 annually.

Marketing Executive:

In Italy, a marketing executive is a high-ranking executive responsible for overseeing all marketing operations within an organization.

 Aspiring professionals interested in lucrative career options may consider roles such as copywriter or marketing executive, but becoming a marketing director can be even more financially rewarding.

 With prior experience as a top-level marketing professional and the necessary cultural knowledge, one could apply for the position of marketing director.

 In Italy, marketing directors can earn up to €91,440 per year, making this an attractive career path for passionate newcomers to the field.


If you’re a surgeon, Italy could be a great place for you to practice your profession.

The medical field in Italy offers excellent job opportunities, and if you’re fortunate enough to secure a job in the public sector, you could potentially earn a lot more as a surgeon.

You can apply to some of the country’s most prestigious medical facilities, such as the Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda in Milan, as well as several other healthcare facilities like the Policlinico Universitario A.

Gemelli in Rome and the Policlinico Sant’Orsola-Malpighi in Bologna. As a doctor in Italy, you could earn anywhere between €75,000 to €113,000 annually, with specialized surgeons earning even more due to high demand.


Programmers and engineers are liable for planning, coding, testing, and keeping up with programming applications and frameworks.

Profoundly gifted and experienced computer programmers, particularly in specific regions, for example, network safety, distributed computing, and versatile application improvement, can order significant compensations in Italy.

IT Supervisor:

IT chiefs regulate the preparation, execution, and board of an association’s IT framework and frameworks.

They are answerable for planning IT tasks, overseeing groups, and guaranteeing that IT projects are finished effectively.

 IT directors with broad experience and skill in regions like IT administration, risk the board, and IT systems can procure cutthroat pay rates.

IT Specialist:

 IT advisors give master counsel and direction to associations on the most proficient method to best use innovation to accomplish their business goals.

They might spend significant time in regions, for example, network safety, distributed computing, advanced change, or IT methodology. Experienced IT specialists with a demonstrated history of conveying results can order significant compensations in Italy.

Blockchain Designer:

Blockchain innovation is acquiring fame worldwide, and talented blockchain engineers are sought after.

 These experts are answerable for planning, creating, and carrying out blockchain-based answers for different enterprises, for example, finance, store network, and medical services.

Because of their particular abilities, blockchain designers can procure serious pay rates in Italy.

Data Security Supervisor:

Data security administrators are liable for creating, carrying out, and keeping an association’s data security arrangements and methods.

They guarantee that IT frameworks and information are safeguarded from security breaks and digital dangers.

 Data security directors with broad experience and skill in online protection, risk the executives, and consistency can procure significant compensations in Italy.

Cloud Designer:

Cloud designers are liable for planning, executing, and overseeing cloud-based answers for associations.

 They have aptitude in distributed computing advances, for example, Amazon Web Administrations (AWS), Microsoft Sky blue, or Google Cloud, and assist associations with relocating their IT foundation and applications to the cloud. Cloud engineers with broad experience and affirmations in cloud advancements can acquire cutthroat pay rates in Italy.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer:

Artificial intelligence engineers create and convey AI and computer-based intelligence models to take care of mind-boggling issues and make shrewd applications.

They have an aptitude for programming dialects, information displays, and AI calculations.

Computer-based intelligence engineers are sought after in different ventures, like medical services, money, and assembling, and can procure significant compensations in Italy, particularly with cutting-edge abilities in man-made intelligence advances.

Full Stack Designer:

Full-stack engineers have skills in both front-end and back-end web advancement and are equipped for planning and building total web applications.

They are capable of numerous programming dialects, data sets, and structures.

 Full-stack designers with solid coding abilities, experience in web advancement undertakings, and capability in current web advancements can acquire serious pay rates in Italy.

Information Researcher:

 Information researchers dissect complex informational collections to distinguish examples, patterns, and bits of knowledge that can be utilized to illuminate business choices.

They utilize factual and AI methods to remove esteem from information and make prescient models.

 Information researchers with mastery in information examination, information representation, and AI calculations can procure serious pay rates in Italy, especially in businesses like money, medical care, and web-based business.

IT Arrangements Draftsman:

IT arrangements planners are liable for planning and carrying out IT arrangements that meet an association’s business necessities.

 They break down business needs, foster specialized structures, and administer execution projects.

IT arrangements engineers with mastery in framework reconciliation, programming advancement, and IT foundation can procure significant compensations in Italy, especially in counseling or innovation organizations.

Data Security Official (CISO):

CISOs are liable for supervising an association’s data security program and guaranteeing that its IT frameworks and information are safeguarded from digital dangers.

They create and execute security systems, strategies, and techniques, and lead occurrence reaction endeavors.

CISOs are normally senior leaders and can acquire significant compensation in Italy, especially in bigger associations with complex IT conditions.

Network Safety Trained Professional:

Network protection experts are liable for safeguarding an association’s data frameworks and information from digital dangers.

 They survey weaknesses, execute safety efforts, screen for security breaks, and answer episodes.

 Network safety experts with skill in data security risk the executives, and affirmations like Guaranteed Data Frameworks Security Proficient (CISSP) or Confirmed Data Security Supervisor (CISM) can procure cutthroat pay rates in Italy, especially in enterprises that handle touchy information like money, medical services, and government.

 Chief Technical Officers (CTO):

CTOs are liable for supervising an association’s innovation procedure and driving the specialized course of the organization.

They work intimately with chief initiatives, oversee innovation groups, and drive development.

CTOs with broad involvement with innovation administration, key preparation, and business sharpness can acquire significant compensations in Italy, especially in enormous endeavors or innovation-driven organizations.

IT Advisor:

IT specialists give master counsel and direction to associations on their IT procedures, frameworks, and tasks.

 They survey IT needs, foster innovation guides, and give proposals for progress.

 IT experts with specific information in regions, for example, distributed computing, information examination, or computerized change, and a history of fruitful counseling tasks can order significant compensations in Italy, especially in counseling firms or innovation specialist co-ops.

IT Exploration Researcher:

IT research researchers direct state-of-the-art research in the field of data innovation, foster new advances or arrangements, and distribute research papers.

They might work in scholastic foundations, research labs, or confidential associations.

IT research researchers with a solid examination foundation, mastery in a specific IT field, for example, man-made reasoning, quantum processing, or progressed organizing, and a history of distributed exploration can procure serious compensations in Italy.

Cloud Arrangements Modeler:

Cloud arrangements modelers are liable for planning and executing cloud-based answers for associations.

They have mastery in cloud stages, for example, Amazon Web Administrations (AWS), Microsoft Purplish Blue, or Google Cloud Stage (GCP), and plan models that influence cloud administrations for versatility, unwavering quality, and security.

Cloud arrangements planners with top-to-bottom information on cloud advancements, experience in planning and executing cloud arrangements, and significant certificates can procure cutthroat pay rates in Italy, especially as distributed computing keeps on acquiring notoriety in the IT business.


Italy is not just a popular tourist destination, but it also provides excellent prospects for living and working. The economy is thriving, leading to the creation of numerous employment opportunities every month. Whether one wants to pursue education or work in Italy, there are ample options available. European Union (EU) students and professionals can take advantage of certain benefits related to education and employment. However, non-EU citizens can also benefit from reasonable advantages that make working in Italy an exciting prospect. Additionally, there are various job opportunities available in the fields of hospitality, accounting, and information technology in Italy besides those mentioned here.

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