Highest Paying Law Jobs, Their Descriptions and Annual Salaries

Joseph Kanu
Posted Joseph Kanu March 16, 2023
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Highest Paying Law Jobs
Highest Paying Law Jobs

Don’t just bother searching for the highest paying law jobs, you’re at the right place!

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The law could be described as the system of rules and regulations, dos and don’ts which is supreme to a particular people and helps in regulating the actions of those people. Laws can be enforced by the imposition of penalties. The people who work in this field are legal practitioners.

Following your search for the highest paying law jobs, we are going to show you the top 15 highest paying law jobs, and as well provide you with their brief but detailed job descriptions and their national average salaries so you would be satisfied.

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Below are the top 15 highest paying law jobs, their job description and salaries:

1. Lawyers

Lawyers are professionals who practice law. Their role varies quite enormously across different legal jurisdictions. Lawyers are generally involved in the practical application of abstract legal theories and knowledge to proffer solutions to specific problems. 

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Some lawyers can as well work majorly in the advancement of the interests of the law and legal profession. They represent their clients in a courtroom, before government agencies and in a variety of legal matters and communicate with their clients and other parties involved in a case, even their co-lawyers and judges. 

These legal practitioners also conduct legal research, give interpretations to laws and regulations and provide legal counsel to their clients. Lawyers receive an annual national average salary of not less than $51,436 per year.

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2. Mediators

Mediation in law is a kind of alternative dispute resolution. It involves the resolution of disputes between two or more parties with concrete effects. The mediator who comes in typically as a third party helps the parties to negotiate and reach a settlement amicably.

Usually, mediators act as neutral third parties who facilitate rather than direct the process, and with the way these legal professionals were trained, they are more concerned about a more peaceful and internationally accepted approach to ending conflicts, and they can resolve disputes of any magnitude.

Mediators receive a national average salary of  $62,191 per annum.

3. Managing Partners

Managing partners at various law firms are responsible for the establishment and enforcement of policies and procedures. These professionals implement varieties of programs such as orientation, training and counselling programs at those law firms. 

Managing partners are also responsible for the creation of the organizational, financial and operational strategies at the various law firms where they work and as well enforce ethical legal practices for the prevention of conflicts among speciality groups and service areas. These partners receive a national average salary of  $79,756 every year.

4. Immigration lawyer

Generally, immigration law refers to the national statutes, regulations, and legal precedents which govern immigration into a country and as well deportation from a country.

Immigration lawyers are legal practitioners who advise their clients whether individual or business on matters regarding visa applications, migration, political asylum citizenship, green cards, deportation problems and noncitizen employment. They also serve as representatives of their clients in some countries like United States Immigration Courts. 

People in this field of law are learned experts in immigration law and can make cases for legal immigration into a nation. They receive a national average salary of  $66,670 each year.

5. Judge

Judges are people who preside over court proceedings. A court proceeding can be presided over by a judge or by a panel of judges. Judges hear all the witnesses and any other evidence presented by the barristers or solicitors of the case, carry out the assessment of the credibility and arguments of the parties and then issue a ruling in the case based on their interpretation of the law and their own personal judgment. 

Judges are expected to be impartial in the conduct of all trials and in open courts. The method of appointment of judges in addition to their powers, functions, discipline, and training of judges is quite different across various jurisdictions

In some jurisdictions, the power of judges is often shared with juries, a judge might as well be an examining magistrate in inquisitorial systems of criminal investigation, nevertheless, presiding judges ensure that all court proceedings are conducted lawfully and orderly.

Judges in several parts of the world receive a national average salary of $77,521 yearly.

6. Counsel

Counsels provide legal advice and guidance to their clients; both individuals and organizations. They apply their understanding of an organization’s objectives and strategies to advise them concerning risks and legal issues regarding management decisions.

Counsels work along with an organization’s management team in the creation of efficient defence strategies and also monitor the organization’s compliance with various laws and regulations. They receive a national average salary of $84,797 per annum.

7. Attorneys

The duties of attorneys vary depending on the type of law they practice. Attorneys principally advise their clients regarding litigation and give explanations for various legal issues they are handling. 

This group of legal practitioners also carry out research regarding legal cases, interpret case law and decisions from other courts, come up with case strategies, prepare pleadings and appear in court to defend their clients. 

There is a group of attorneys known as “patent attorneys” who make use of their intellectual property law expertise to protect the property rights of investors. Patent attorneys lead their clients through the process of securing a patent and also help enforce their rights if infringed. 

Attorneys receive a national average salary of $88,970 and even more every year.

8. Intellectual Property Paralegals

Intellectual property paralegals are professionals who look into copyrights, patents and trademark law. These professionals are legal industry workers without a law degree, they assist intellectual property attorneys and work for their clients. 

Intellectual property paralegals are also responsible for the creation, revision and filing of patent documents and as well management of their clients’ communication. They receive a national average salary of $85,849 yearly.

9. Contracts Lawyers

Contract lawyers are legal practitioners responsible for the creation and update of legal contracts and other related documents to fit a company’s needs. This set of lawyers ensures these documents are in line and follow both federal and state regulations and negotiate contract terms. 

Contract lawyers as part of their functions may help in the negotiation of better deals for their clients and help during contract disputes. They receive a national average salary of $103,233 per annum.

10. Litigation Lawyers

Litigation lawyers simply known as litigators usually serve as representatives of plaintiffs and defendants in courtrooms. This set of lawyers deals with the entire litigation process including the investigation, pleadings, trial and settlement. 

Litigation lawyers consult with their clients, be they individuals or organizations, conduct pre-trial activities and, in situations where cases do not reach a settlement in enough time, these lawyers represent their clients in trials. Litigation lawyers receive a national average salary of $117,532 per year.

11. Employment Lawyers

Employment lawyers deal with the management and provision of legal representation for labour-related legal matters. This set of law workers effectively works to resolve legal matters between employers and their employees.

Employment lawyers handle matters such as matters regarding pay, workplace health and safety issues, pension disputes, contract disagreements and workplace discrimination. They receive a national average salary of $115,125 per year.

Chief legal officers make good use of their legal expertise to help various organizations lower potential legal risks. As part of their core duties, they provide counsel to the other officers of the organization and board members on matters concerning litigation risks. 

Chief legal officers most importantly provide direction regarding legal and regulatory issues and also keep the organization up-to-date on legal changes that could affect them. They receive a national average salary of $122,516 per annum.

13. Family lawyers

Family lawyers are legal practitioners who manage or solve legal problems between members of the same family. This set of lawyers offers legal advice on matters including divorce, adoption, emancipation and guardianship. 

As part of their functions, family lawyers also oversee family estates and monitor family mediation sessions. In the major part of the world, family lawyers receive a national average salary of $127,745 yearly.

14. Corporate Lawyers

Corporate lawyers work to make sure all commercial transactions are legal. This set of lawyers serves as representatives of corporations and counsels the employees of those various corporations regarding their legal duties and responsibilities. 

Corporate lawyers often focus on a specific area of corporate law, such as mergers and acquisitions. They receive a national average salary of $132,416 yearly.

15. General counsel

General counsels are law workers who advise executive leaders and senior leaderships of organizations on legal matters and laws. This set of legal workers manages various organizations’ legal matters, draft various agreements, such as employment agreements, and they as well evaluate the input and impact caused by organizations’ decisions. General counsels receive a national average salary of $129,141 yearly.


Certainly, this article on the top 15 highest paying law jobs is a major eye opener to the possibilities of earning very high by just applying the general theories of law in diverse fields of law. Again this article has provided a little bit of key knowledge of what law is and a few areas in which law can be practised.

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