20 Best Highest Paying Tech Jobs and Their Yearly Salaries

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Joseph Kanu  - Content Writer, Editor and Blogger February 9, 2023
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Highest Paying Tech Jobs
Highest Paying Tech Jobs

If you are searching for the highest paying tech jobs, you certainly do not need to search any further!

In a world where everything is almost becoming digital, tech experts have decided to take the bull by the horn and make sure the come up with exactly what billions of people across the globe want thereby making them and how much they earn the talk of the day.  Following that, this article presents to you 20 best and highest paying tech jobs and their average salaries.

Below are the 20 best and highest paying tech jobs across the world:

1. Web Developer

Web developers have the sole goal of designing web pages that are visually appealing, highly functional, user-friendly and free from errors. They create web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and other related coding languages. 

Web developers also take care of the technical aspects of websites , including  website capacity and performance. The National average salary of a web developer in a country like the United States is $70,825 per year.

2. IT Security Specialist

IT security specialists are IT professionals responsible for monitoring computer systems and ensuring that information on the system is safely stored. An IT security specialist must have an in-depth knowledge of cybersecurity threats, technologies and countermeasures in order to secure computer systems accurately and effectively. 

Another major responsibility of an IT security Specialist is the development of plans to safeguard computer files, encrypt data transmissions and erect firewalls, and implement password authentication. In a country like the US an IT security specialist earns an average salary of $65,905 yearly.

3. Development Operations Manager

A development operations manager manages and optimizes the organizational development processes of the company to increase funding revenue, and also creates and implements development operation policies, procedures and strategies. 

The development operations manager also keeps the integrity of records/data and as well manages the development operation budget. In the United nations and the United States Of America, the Development operations manager earns $67,767 yearly.

4. Application Analyst

Application analysts are professionals that are responsible for maintaining a company’s infrastructure. These professionals consult with management to figure out a company’s needs and then they move onto designing applications to meet them. 

Application analysts typically come up with functional design documents and provide technical assistance and expertise in designing, developing and test-running applications. In the United States of America,  Application analysts are paid a national average salary of $74,371 yearly.

5. Application Developer

Application developers all over the world create and implement the source code for new applications. They evaluate already created or existing applications to see what is missing and then they carry out the necessary updates and modifications.

Application developers also develop technical handbooks and documents to represent the application’s code and design accurately. These tech professionals are paid a National average salary of $82,343 yearly.

6. User Interface Designer

A user interface designer works hand-in-hand with other designer specialists to ensure users are able to interact with a product as they should. This set of tech professionals are responsible for creating interactive programs that enhance user experience with any product at all.

User interface designers also make accessible and usable code that enables the users to quickly accomplish their goals. In the US, User Interface Designers are paid a National average salary of $80,923 per year 

7. Business Intelligence Analyst

Business intelligence analysts are in charge of the institution of new analytics and metrics procedures, programs and policies. This group of tech professionals  process a series of different types of data, and they review and validate data from users exactly as it’s gathered.

Business intelligence analysts monitor metrics and analytics results and review customer files to make sure the data collected  and their utilization are properly and safely handled. The National average salary of  Business intelligence analysts in several parts of the world is around $84,507 yearly.

8. Software Test Engineer

Software test engineers have the role of  making sure software is consistently functioning exactly the way it was designed to function. These engineers come up with methods for evaluating software and then run a series of tests on the software.

Part of the responsibilities of the software test engineers is to test networking features across operating system platforms, introduce and assess new testing tools and set up documentation on identifying test scenarios. Software test engineers in the US are paid a National average salary of $89,373 per year.

9. Database Administrator

Database administrators make use of  specialized software to store and organize data. They manage and maintain company databases and make modification to the database structure.

Database administrators also monitor the database’s user access and come up with reports by querying from the database. In the United States, the National average salary of data administrators is $90,041 per annum. 

10. Information Technology Manager

An information technology manager’s role is managing the IT staff by monitoring performance, speclling out the job expectations, recruiting and training of employees. This set of tech professionals monitor operating systems, software and server hardware. 

Another role of an information technology manager is to oversee the IT budget. In Countires like the United States, the information technology managers earn national average salary of $91,412 per year.

11. User Experience Designer

User experience designers are group of tech professionals who put their heads together to create fantastic experiences for users of  their company’s products. Their roles include planning and conducting user research,competitor analysis, interpreting data,qualitative feedback and creating sitemaps. 

User experience designers work with other developers and designers to make sure the software is user-friendly and easily understood. A user experience designer’s national average salary is $93,266 per year.

12. Business Intelligence Developer

Business intelligence developers have the responsibility of developing reporting systems that bring forth accessible information that aid decisions making. These professionals usually evaluate and improve existing business intelligence systems, create and update technical documents and work with other teams to properly integrate systems. 

Business intelligence developers also make choices of  softwares and data sets that are used in making decision. A business intelligence developer earns a national average salary of $94,417 per year

13. Database Developer

A database developer designs effective, stable and reliable databases, and as well maintains, optimizes, modifies and repairs current databases to make sure they are up to standards. 

This group of professionals communicate frequently with other developers to sort out application improvement, and best practices establishment. A database developer receives a national average salary of $96,242 per year$83,873.

14. Front-end Developers

Front-end developers are computer programmers who specialize in web designs. They determine the design and structure of web pages, strike a balance between aesthetic and functional design and as well optimize web design for smartphones.

This set of tech experts as part of what they do tests webpage functions and gather user feedback. Front-end developers earn $102,092 yearly.

15. Hardware Design Engineer

Hardware design engineers are responsible for the development, testing and improvements of system components like processors, circuit boards and memory cards for computers and other electronic devices. 

Hardware design engineers core roles consist of making modifications to existing hardware, overseeing manufacturing processes and generating specification documents. They also work with software developers in order to integrate certain systems. They earn a national average salary of $101,427 yearly.

16. Solutions Engineer

Solutions engineers are work tirelessly to figure out customers’ needs and ensuring the correct plan is implemented. Solutions engineers build relationships with customers, prospects and sales teams. 

Part of the things solution engineers do is to install and configure customizable software that meet customers needs and document pertinent user identification information. They earn $105,039 per year.

17. Network Security Engineer

A Network security engineer’s job comprises of the provision, deployment, configuration and administeration of series of pieces of security and network hardware and software. They come up with different methods of solving existing threats and security issues.

Network security engineers as part of their job design security strategies for new networking areas, analyze records and come up with specific solutions for security measures, provide technical support to log aggregation set-up and solve networking issues at the time of detection. Their national average salary is $108,774 per year.

18. Development Operations Engineers

Development operations engineers are Information Technology professionals who have the technical-knowhow of software development and IT operations.  They determine project objectives, configure operational priorities and develop operations solutions.

Development operations engineers research and study new technologies, integrate infrastructure builds with application deployment processes, and design, they analyze and evaluate automation systems and scripts.Their salary is an average of $117,652 annually.

19. Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineers are IT professionals who are incharge of cloud computing software. This set of IT experts manage and monitor cloud computing software by generating, implementing and testing cloud technologies following the company’s needs.

They generate and come up with disaster recovery solutions, oversee compliance audits and reporting, and come up with new avenues of  enhancing systems operations. In the United States, the National average salary of the cloud engineers is $120,712 annually.

20. Data Warehouse Architect

A data warehouse architect’s roles are primarily the development of physical and logical data models, preparation of designs for database systems and development, and maintainance of various database tools and scripts.

A data warehouse architect defines the scope of projects and decifer which tools to employ to complete it. Furthermore, a data warehouse architects may possibly  define metadata standards for the data warehouse, look into all proposal requests and provide support to all data warehouse initiatives.

A data warehouse architect’s national average salary in the U.S is $119,557 yearly.


So far, we’ve been able to point out to you the 20 best and highest paying tech jobs across the world and how much each category earn as an average salary. We believe you’ve learned a lot through this article. For more article like this, visit our site @https://busytape.com.

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