Top 10 Natural and Home Remedies for Malaria

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Home remedies for malaria

Malaria is one of the most deadly diseases found to be affecting tropical and subtropical regions in particular. This is an infectious disease caused by a protozoan parasite known as Plasmodium having the female Anopheles mosquito as its carrier which eventually gets to the human’s body from the carrier’s saliva through bites. The disease causing parasite is of different species: Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodium vivax, Plasmodium ovale, Plasmodium malariae and Plasmodium knowlesi. This article is about home remedies for malaria.

Malaria has two forms: severe and the uncomplicated type.

Symptoms of Malaria

Many have ignorantly lost their lives or that of their loved ones by wrongly treating another medical condition without knowing the person was actually suffering from the malaria. That is why we thought to first of all expose you to the common symptoms of the disease so you can personally detect easily and these are as follows:

  • Shivering
  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Seizures
  • Coma
  • Severe anemia
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Hemoglobinuria

Most Effective Natural and Home Remedies for Malaria

As a way of helping humanity and reducing the number of deaths, we went out of our ways in search for the possible solution to the deadly disease. Good news as we were able to come up with some possible ways one can effectively get rid of malaria without having to go to the hospital. Here are our outlined natural and home remedies for malaria to prevent and treat the disease:

  • Cinnamon: this herb is one of the helpful tools of malaria treatment because of its contents- cinnamaldehyde, procyanidins and catechins. Use water to boil 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder and a pinch of pepper powder for few minutes. Strain and allow it to cool a little, add honey for taste, stir thoroughly and drink twice daily.
  • Orange Juice: This is one of the home remedies for malaria as the juice of orange contains Vitamin C which helps in boosting the immune system, thereby waging war against any malaria attack. The root of orange plant has also been found effective in naturopathy medicine. Take raw oranges or 3 glasses of fresh juice daily. I know this won’t be an issue to many because of its refreshing taste.
  • Grapefruit: the juice of grape fruit contains quinine-like substance which has great abilities in alleviating malaria symptoms and controls the intensity of malaria infection. Get ¼ of grapefruit and boil with clean water. Allow to cool a little, strain and drink the liquid.
  • Holy Basil: people often call this herb the “Queen of herbs”. No wonder the holy prefix attached to its name. The leaf has anti-malaria effects and gives relief from malaria symptom. Crush 15 holy basil leaves, press out the juice on a sieve having a container beneath. Then add ½ teaspoon of black powder to the basil juice. Stir to mix well and enjoy drinking this herbal concoction.
  • Alum: this substance is antimicrobial in nature hence an effective means of treating malaria. Roast an inch-sized piece of alum on a hot pot and break it into powder. You can take ½ teaspoon every two hours.
  • Fenugreek seeds: this seed of the herbal plant helps improving the digestive system, boost the immune system, reduces high temperature, reduce muscle pain and eventually get rid of malaria. Boil 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and boil for 10 minutes using 1 cup of clean water. Allow to cool, strain and drink the water content twice daily.
  • Lime and Lemon: the juice of these fruits is very helpful in alleviating malaria as is one of the home remedies for malaria. They are capable of preventing, controlling, improving the immune system and keep the body hydrated. Mix lemon juice with 3 grams of lime and add 50 ml of clean water. Take this like three times daily.
  • Chirayata: this herb is a natural pain reliever and has abilities to reduce a high fever. You can consume this by steeping 15gms of Chirayata into 250ml of hot water. Then add 1 tablespoon of Cinnmon and two cloves to the mixture. Strain out the liquid content and take 20 ml of the water twice daily.
  • Tuvrimallayogia: this herbal remedy is a type of Ayurvedic malaria remedies. The pills are made from mixtures of herbs such as Karanja, Suddha Spatika and Godani Bhasma. Take a pill of the herbal capsule for twice daily.

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