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In Seoul, South Korea, there is a national research institution called Seoul National University. It is one of the premier national universities in Korea. In this article, we will be discussing the question people ask often;how can i get a scholarship in seoul national university.

Seoul National University is the most prestigious university which was established in 1946. three campuses make up the university: the main campus in Gwanak-gu, as well as branches in Pyeongchang and Daehangno. The institution has nine professional schools, one graduate school, and sixteen colleges.

The university’s different  colleges offer many undergraduate degree courses. There are postgraduate programs across five disciplines of study for master’s and doctorate degrees. Interdisciplinary programs are those that were developed and are run by multiple departments. 

Submissions for theSNU Scholarship 2023 are now being accepted by Seoul National University in South Korea. Applying for the scholarship is open to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. 

Seoul National University ranks first in Korea and as the 37th best university in the world. You only have ten days to submit your scholarship application for foreign students at Seoul National University.

Benefits of studying in Seoul National university

The importance of diversity and the international community on campus will increase as SNU embraces its aim of being a genuinely global university.

It continues to support global partnerships and has agreements in place for academic exchange with almost 860 universities and research institutions throughout the world.

A variety of dual degree programs are also provided in collaboration with notable universities.

They also provide a short-term program with unmatched depth and scope called the International Summer Institute.

There are a lot of overseas students studying on campus right now. Seoul National University maintains an Office of Foreign Affairs to help its foreign students. Additionally, it offers numerous scholarships to students from abroad and plans to boost its financial aid in the coming future.

Seoul National University has been a leader in exceptional education since its founding and has instilled a passion of learning in all of its students. They train the best students  in a variety of fields in its undergraduate, master’s, and PhD programs as part of our commitment to preparing learners to work and live in a more competitive global world.

Top 2.5% of those who sit for its National University Entrance Exams are among its freshmen. The faculty at SNU is also very well qualified, has a knack for scholarship, and is committed to teaching. most of which were obtained from internationally renowned universities.

The graduates’ reported level of satisfaction and professional advantage is the greatest in the country as a result.

SNU provides an abundance of priceless cultural and academic resources. Daily programs include public debates and lectures, and eminent foreign speakers frequently stop by. 

Additionally, the university is home to two highly regarded museums that add to its cultural diversity. The ease and standard of living in college are enhanced by amenities like a medical facility, a counseling service, and recreation and sporting facilities. With its wireless and high speed network for general operations, SNU is also renowned as a high technology campus.

Benefits of Seoul National University Scholarships

International students at Seoul National University are eligible for scholarships that will pay for all costs. 330 scholarships are available.

Tution fees are covered for a full year, allowances, health insurance for a year, research funding, thesis cost of printing, and returning travel expenses,with an economy round-trip, Korean language training is required.

How to get scholarship in Seoul National university

To get scholarship in this prestigious University, you have to meet the following criterias below

  • You have to be a forieng student and not a Korean citizen to qualify for this scholarship.
  • The applicant has acquired a comparable degree of education like a secondary school leaving certificate , scaling more than average is an added advantage.
  •  Applicants’ parents should not be Korean nationals’
  • The applicant should make sure he or she must have finished secondary school before applying for an undergraduate scholarship. 
  • If an applicant is applying for a masters degree,then he or she should be able to provide  A bachelor’s degree.
  • If an applicant is applying for a doctoral degree a bachelor degree and a master’s degree or higher is required of the applicant.
  • A recognised language proficiency evidence.

Furthermore. Before applying, the student must also be in good bodily and mental health. 

According to the course, participants must have documentation of prior education and must be below  the age of forty for postgraduate students and under the age of 25 for undergraduate students. 

Undergraduate students must show proof by the date of arrival that their elementary, middle, and high school courses have been completed or are about to be completed. A prior Bachelor’s or Master’s degree must have been earned in order to enroll in postgraduate courses.

Requirements for scholarship in Seoul National University

To qualify for this scholarship applicants would have to provide the following

  • Applicant should fill the application form is very important
  • a statement of purpose letter, applicant should endeavor to go straight to the point and cross check to avoid errors
  • A study plan Should be provided
  • The applicants are expected to provide two letters of recommendation
  • Applicants should also provide a proof of language proficiency test results
  • Applicant degree credentials should be provided
  • Applicants are expected to provide transcripts
  • certificate of citizenship should be provided by applicants
  • certificate of parent and child relationship
  • Applicants are expected to provide their portfolio
  • other supplemental materials must all be submitted in order to complete the application.

Courses offered in Seoul National University

Below are some of the courses offered in Seoul National University

  • Humanities and Social Sciences (All Fields)
  • Physical sciences(All Fields)
  • Law
  • Business and economics(All Fields)
  • Psychology  
  • Natural Sciences (All Fields)
  • Computer(All Fields)
  • Education(All Fields)
  • Engineering (All Fields)
  • Medical Sciences (All Fields)
  • The Arts (All Fields)

Seoul National university scholarship for international students

There are scholarships available for international students in seoul national university some of them are listed below

Scholarships for undergraduates

1. Korean Government scholarship program (KGSP)

The Amount of Scholarship includes Full Tuition, Living Allowance, and other benefits.The Education Ministry offers the chance for scholarships to be awarded to international students. 

At Seoul National University, this significant scholarship provides monthly stipends, language instruction, tuition, health insurance, round-trip air travel, and other educational expenses. The Korean language program is required and is studied at the university. 

The scholarship’s term is one year for the Korean language class and four years for their  Bachelor’s degree. Applicants need to have a GPA of at least 80% from their prior school in order to be eligible for the KGSP. for more information check here 

2. Global Hope Scholarship

The global hope Scholarship Amount includes Full or Partial Tuition Coverage for the Only applicants from the developing nations included on the DAC list of ODA Beneficiaries are eligible for Seoul National University award for overseas students.

 For a maximum of eight semesters, the scholarship will pay KRW 600,000,000 ($490) in monthly living expenses. for more information check here

3. Overseas Korean Scholarship 

The amount of the scholarship includes full tuition as well as a living stipend. This scholarship is intended for Koreans living abroad who wish to apply for and enroll in a bachelor’s degree program at Seoul National University. 

In addition to receiving complete tuition reimbursement, scholarship recipients will also get a monthly living expense allowance, a roundtrip ticket, medical coverage, and a Korean course learning fees. For more information visit overseas korean scholarship

You can look at the System of International Affairs page on scholarships for foreign undergraduate students to learn more about other Seoul National University financial aid opportunities.

Scholarships for postgraduate students 

1. Korean Government scholarship program

Applicants that are non-Korean citizens can study graduate programs at Seoul National University. About 40–60 students are beneficiaries of these scholarships each year. It includes Full tuition waivers for the Master’s program’s first four semesters and the PhD program’s first six semesters.

A costs about 1,000,000 KRW for monthly living expenses and the Airfare includes one round-trip economy ticket, it covers the Costs of studying Korean language for a year.Studying Korean is required, and if a student does not pass TOPIK grade 3 within one year, they are ineligible to enroll in a degree program.

Other expenses include health insurance, a research fund, printing costs for a thesis, settlement costs, and return costs. There are different selection methods. The applicants can select one of the subsequent application processes. Applicants should submit an application to SNU’s Office of Admission. 

The decision is made by the National Institute for Foreign Education. applications are to be  submitted to the Korean Embassies in their home nations as part of the Embassy Recommendation Program. The decision is made by the National Institution for International Education.

2. President Fellowship at SNU 

The Amount of this Scholarship includes full tuition candidates must be from developing nations, faculty members at prestigious universities, admitted as Ph.D. students at SNU, and not already hold a Ph.D. 

The first 3 years of the doctoral program are covered by this SNU grant for international students. It is renewable for up to six semesters as long as the student retains a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Once accepted, the student is given a full tuition waiver, a monthly stipend, Korean language instruction, group health insurance , and roundtrip transportation. To find out more visit the president fellowship at SNU

For more information on postgraduates scholarships check here 

Studying in SNU comes with great benefits and in order to qualify for this scholarship, one must be eligible and meet the requirements. Endeavor to go through this article thoroughly if you have interests in applying for these scholarships. For more information visit Seoul National University.

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