How To Increase Workplace Productivity And Set Yourself Apart

admin April 23, 2018
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how to be more productive at work

This article is about how to be more productive at work. Workplace Productivity is very important for career progression or business success. It can be really frustrating when you are not getting the recognition you deserve for your role in executing a task or project; probably your manager considers your performance low and quite unimpressive. This may happen to be true; to which you need to bolster your performance level, or the narrative may be false; also to which you need to prove your self-worth. In either of the above scenario there is need for you to boost your level of workplace value and performance.

High level of workplace productivity is what sets you apart from your colleague and it is also your ladder to getting that office promotion you’ve always wanted. However in a situation whereby you find yourself working tirelessly through the day and closing late without overtime pay, calls for need to change your approach to work.

On this note I will be giving you some insights on how to increase your workplace productivity and get your employer or managers recommendation without working yourself out.



Excellent time managers exhibit interest to work with proactive workers rather than the opposite, hence the saying that one proactive worker is equivalent to three reactive workers or procrastinators; in addition time active workers create a balanced workflow in every organizations. Workers with time management skills are mostly considered for a raise or promotion. You might need to reconsider how you manage your time in achieving your goals. How to be more productive at work can never become a reality without effective Time Management.


Treat your most crucial task first at the beginning of each work day, handling your top challenging task for the day first while you are still fresh and energetic gives you the advantage to execute the task exceptionally. Push aside the non-essential task for later while focusing on the demanding ones foremost. This approach makes your difficult task easier and gives you the ability to deliver par excellence.In return your workplace productivity goes up.


Just as scale of preference in economics, create a list of to-do list in which your daily task are to be listed, this method can help you complete lot of task within a limited time. In addition it makes you a very detailed and organized person with how you plan and execute office duties. You can simply begin by listing the things you wish to accomplish today and start out with the most important. This work ethics boost your confidence level on the job and indirectly increase your output.


Office distractions comes in many forms, but their outcome is to limit your potential and productivity level. Undisciplined access to internet, office gossips and sorts, could be a major cause of distraction in work place.  Workers spend hours meant for productive output on these vices; and deliberately ignoring office distractions tune out all forms of productivity killers; and as a result showcase your true potentials.


It is a popular theory that multitasking get jobs done faster, but the contrary appears to be true. Attempting to get several task done at once leads to wasting more time from dealing with disorganized task and leaving lapses and error at the end. Rather it is advisable to attend to a task at a time to ensure best result and increased workplace productivity.


To this effect is the reason we observe breaks at work. This is the perfect time to reflect on all you’ve accomplished so far; and also a good time to sort out pending task. It is also a time to reorganize your plans for the day to be sure you are on the right track. However working as a productive worker gives you the edge over your colleague; and the chance to get the recognition and advancement you’ve only imagined.

In summary, how to be more productive at work means, you don’t only have to work hard but also work smart.


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