How To Become A Travel Writer

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Mary Joseph April 20, 2023
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How To Become A Travel Writer

 What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “travel writing”? Many people picture themselves staying at a fancy seaside hotel, relaxing on the beach while writing blog posts on their laptops.

Although some travel writing jobs offer paid to travel and picturesque surroundings, there are numerous opportunities available, especially for novice freelance writers.

If you possess an experience that you are excited to tell to the world and have the skill of crafting a captivating narrative, the idea of pursuing a career as a travel writer might have crossed your mind.

To become a travel writer, one must have an eagerness to explore new places and cultures and convey their observations through writing.

 It is crucial to possess traits such as endurance, attentiveness, and the ability to articulate vivid descriptions. Overall, a travel writer must have a passion for travel and adventure.

A  travel writer frequently creates content focused on a particular location to provide readers with a deeper understanding of the destination.

Their pieces might include assessments or depictions of their own encounters to encourage travel and tourism.

What Is Travel Writing?

Travel writers are individuals who receive compensation for producing written content related to travel.

 The category of travel writing encompasses all forms of written work that deal with this subject matter.

 Due to its extensive scope, there are numerous prospects for individuals interested in pursuing travel writing.

 Some examples of the content that travel writers generate include travel guides for well-known locations, lists of essential items to pack, evaluations of hotels, attractions, and popular eateries, as well as travel recommendations.

Travel writers have the option of specializing in a few areas or working as generalists who accept any assignments that come their way, given the diverse array of options available.

Their work can include blog posts, social media content, travel books, and other written materials.

Create The Proper Mentality:

Achieving your goal will be challenging since you’re going against the norm and attempting to pursue a career that wasn’t a viable option a few decades ago.

However, if you take the necessary steps, the reward will be worth the effort. Believe in your abilities as a writer and storyteller and make consistent efforts to enhance and refine your skills. Keep learning and growing.

Your talents are unique and deserve to be recognized by the world. Nowadays, it’s easier to showcase your work and name, increasing your chances of being considered for a travel writing job.

Gather all the necessary resources, create a strategic plan based on the given steps, and transform your experiences into captivating stories.

Write Frequently:

Becoming a travel writer requires practicing writing, which is quite straightforward.

You can write about any travel experience, whether it is a beach vacation, exploring a new city, or an international trip.

 Recall interesting encounters with strangers or fun childhood trips with your family and describe them in detail using all your senses. It doesn’t need to be lengthy, just like a diary entry.

Allow your thoughts and emotions to flow freely onto the page, following tangents wherever they may lead you. The goal is to find a good writing rhythm and enjoy the process.

Read Frequently:

To improve your writing skills in travel writing, one effective way is to examine the works of other travel writers.

You can start by subscribing to popular magazines such as National Geographic, Travel & Leisure, or Lonely Planet to feed your passion for travel and gain inspiration.

Additionally, you may want to explore the blogs that rank on the first page of Google or have received recognition awards.

It’s also beneficial to read beyond travel-related content, including books from esteemed authors and contemporary writers.

 This allows you to broaden your knowledge of different genres, discover preferred writing styles, and understand what makes your writing appealing to readers.

By incorporating these techniques into your own creative writing, you can enhance your storytelling skills and craft compelling travel pieces.

Be Available To Travel:

A common perception of travel writers is that they embark on extravagant, worldwide journeys that seem unattainable for those with busy lives.

However, this shouldn’t discourage you from becoming a travel writer, even if you have a job, a family to take care of, or limited funds.

 In reality, to write about travel, you must travel, and it doesn’t have to be as glamorous as you might think, especially when starting out.

Instead of using your limitations as excuses for not traveling, try to find solutions to overcome them.

 Once you have made up your mind to pursue a career in travel writing, you will turn every obstacle into your stepping stone to getting started in your career.

Every obstacle you face requires a specific problem-solving approach. It’s important to remember that travel doesn’t have to mean going abroad; you can explore a nearby city or state for a weekend getaway or a mini road trip.

You’ll be surprised by the exciting adventures you can discover close to home.

Start A Travel Blog:

Beginning a blog may take a longer time to earn money, but it can be an effective strategy in the long run.

Determine the type of travel writing you want to feature on your blog and start producing content.

To increase your chances of success, it’s advisable to narrow down your focus even further by deciding if your blog will specialize in extensive family travel, minimalist travel, or a general lifestyle website that covers travel and other aspects of life.

You can always make changes later if needed. Once you have determined your niche, start creating content.

As you employ content marketing to grow your audience, you can initiate the process of monetizing your blog.

An added benefit of running your blog is that you will produce your own writing samples along the way.

If you plan to write for others, you will need a portfolio of high-quality pieces to showcase your abilities.

Choose A Niche:

To become a travel writer, it is crucial to establish expertise in the topics you’re writing about, despite being a beginner.

 Your writing will become more convincing and reliable as you gain confidence.

Creating your identity is about presenting yourself to the world. Pick a unique blog name that reflects your personality and use it consistently to establish your brand.

Leverage Social Media:

Travel writers should have a presence on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

This way, if someone comes across their content online and enjoys it, they may follow them for updates.

While consistently posting on social media can be challenging, there are social scheduling programs available that can save time.

It is recommended to focus on quality content and captions rather than numerous mediocre posts.

Understanding each platform’s algorithm can also help ensure that the content is seen by the audience.

 Being on social media as a travel writer is crucial for building a community that appreciates their work.

It’s important to value the followers and engage with them genuinely rather than obsess over the number of followers.

Build A Strong Network:

Although it’s crucial to develop connections through online platforms, it’s not the only way to establish relationships.

Attending a travel writing workshop or enrolling in a writing course can provide opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and share contact information.

To expand your network further, consider attending a travel writers’ meetup. Various annual seminars are held in different locations, both within the country and overseas.

You can register for one of these events and, if you’re driven, create your business cards to distribute among other travel writers.

Having a more extensive network of connections can be beneficial, so it’s essential to keep making new connections.

Travel Writing Jobs You Can Explore:

How To Become A Travel Writer

Travel Related Article:

Numerous magazines are focused on the topic of traveling, and some of them offer payment for your written contributions.

If your work receives positive feedback from editors, you may even secure a regular writing position.

Social Media Content Creator Specializing In Travel:

Numerous travel companies advertise their services on social media platforms, and there are opportunities available for individuals to secure a position producing such promotional content.

Writing Travel Guides:

Prior to embarking on a journey, individuals desire to be aware of what to anticipate. You have the ability to create a guidebook that will enable them to have a great time on their excursion.

Travel Copywriter:

In this role, you can create website copy, advertisements, brochures, and other materials if you possess the ability to influence individuals into taking action through your language.

Travel Blogger:

One option is to begin your own travel blog or contribute to an existing one. By creating your own, there’s a possibility of receiving sponsorships in the future.

Travel Journalist:

Travel journalists report objective information rather than their personal views. To excel in these travel-related careers, one must conduct research. As a travel journalist, you have the freedom to create various forms of content such as documentaries, articles, books, and other formats.


Becoming a travel writer entails wearing multiple hats, including being a social media expert, photographer, editor, videographer, proofreader, and negotiator. In order to succeed, one must possess self-discipline, and motivation, and be willing to step outside of their comfort zone. If you believe you have what it takes to sell your travel stories, take the plunge and invest in your growth by gaining knowledge about the industry, developing your understanding of responsible travel, attending workshops and meet-ups, taking online courses, and staying focused on your goals.

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