7 Steps To Becoming An Event Planner

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how to become an event planner

Event planning is simply the act of planning any occasion ranging from large ceremonies; such as Weddings, funerals to simple events such as an office luncheon. An Event Planner in any event (or occasion) is in charge of all logistics such as decoration, entertainment, and location etc. at any occasion. Beginning an event planning business can be quite easy if you understand the Pros and Cons of the Event Planning World. This article focuses on how to become an event planner.

To Kick start your Journey towards becoming a successful Event Planner; you must understand a few basic steps:

How To Become An Event Planner

1. Personality Development

Event planning is simply a networking affair. To become a successful event planner, you must horn your people skills to gain the right footing in this great field. Some of such skills that you should develop include effective communication skills, Ability to manage your time effectively, Ability to Work under pressure.

2. Get An Education

The part to becoming that dream Event Planner is one that requires dedication and hard work as well as all round Knowledge. Education is first and foremost fundamental as it ensures you fully understand the strategies involved in all sectors of this filed. You can only get this exclusive information from event planning training institutes. Therefore, strive to enroll at any Event planning training center to get started. Education is an important part of how to become an event planner.

3. Experience

The Next step is to gain the perfect experience. Sign up or volunteer to serve under any event planner around you. This ensures you get all information that cannot be accessed at the training center, preparing you for emergencies and alternative routes that may arise during any event you anchor in the near future. it will give you an all-round insight into the pros and cons required to successfully launch your own business.

4. Create a Portfolio

In this very dynamic world, a simple word of mouth or business card may not effectively communicate your business venture to potential clients. A portfolio is necessary and a must have item to ensure that your business gets the right exposure it deserves. A portfolio is simply a picture book that gives your client inside information on what you have to offer. At every occasion you assist or anchor, ensure to take beautiful fun catching pictures to build that picture book.

A word of caution: Never use an event you had no business with (whether from the Internet or someone’s wedding you attended). Not only is it a crime, it also sends the wrong picture to your would-be client and eventually wards them off.

5. Networking

Networking is crucial in this technological age. Ensure to make better use of your Social media accounts. Share, re-share and Post exciting memories about your business to place your business in the minds of millions so they think about you first, when they have need of your services.

6. Set up Supply Partnerships

To give your clients the best service, you must have intimate knowledge concerning the best places to get all materials needed to make any occasion a success. To ensure this, inquire on the best pricing and discount strategies; then set up long term partnerships with the companies you are okay with. This strategy ensures fast and accurate delivery of all materials at the appropriate time; therefore giving your clients the sense of confidence in your capacity to deliver.

7. Get Certified

Certification is important to the Event planning field as it is with a lot other professional businesses. You must enroll and get certification to give your business the overall attracting effect it deserves. You can get certified by two ways: Online or via Event planning training institutes. This process usually takes a week and you may be required to partake in an examination before certification.

The Event planning field is competitive as well as rewarding, if you do get it right. Do ensure to follow these steps to get your Business on the road to success as an Event planner. This is how to become an event planner.


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