How To Calm Anxiety Before A Big Presentation

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How to calm Anxiety

We all know some situations can make us nervous. In spite of our preparation for them, we always find ourselves becoming nervous and anxious. These situations can be anything from visiting the doctor to having a speech in front of the crowd. In this article, we will discuss a few useful tips on how to calm anxiety before a presentation.

How To Calm Anxiety Before A Big Presentation


Naturally, you’ll want to go over your presentation a number of times. While it can be hard for people with packed schedules to spare time to practice, it is necessary if you want to deliver a big presentation. If you really want to sound awesome, write out your speech instead of taking chances winging it.

Try to practice on the stage you’ll be delivering your speech. A number of acting strategists recommend that you rehearse lines in different positions–sitting down, standing up, with arms open wide, on one leg, etc. The more you try different positions and settings, the calmer and comfortable you’ll feel with your speech. Also try to record your presentation and playing it back to evaluate which areas need work.

You may discover bad habits that you were not aware exists, just by listening to recordings of your past talks and this could also allow you have a taste and feel of what you really sound like.

Meet and Greet

Do your best to meet and greet with people before you make your presentation. Discussing with audiences will make you seem more likeable and easy to talk to.  A good approach could also be to ask the attendees questions and note their responses. You may even get some inspiration to include as part of your speech.

Use Positive Visualization

Whether or not you think of yourself as a master of Zen, know that a lot of studies have proven how effective positive visualization is. When we picture a positive outcome to a situation in our mind, it’s more likely to happen the way we envision.

Instead of thinking “It will turn out terrible” and imagining yourself throwing up mid-presentation, picture yourself getting lots of laughs and applause while presenting. Positive thoughts can be very effective–give them a trial.

Take Deep Breaths

When we’re anxious and nervous, our muscles tighten–you may even find out you are holding your breath. Instead of this, try to take those deep breaths to get oxygen to your brain and calm your body.


Smiling boosts endorphins. It can take away anxiety bringing about some calm, and makes you feel good about the job at hand. Smiling also radiates some confidence and enthusiasm to the audience. Just don’t overdo it because no one likes the maniacal clown look. Smiling is a great way of how to calm anxiety during a presentation.

Work on Your Pauses

Nervousness may result in your attempt to rush your speech or talk too fast and this could also lead to your losing breath, getting more nervous and panic.

Don’t be scared to take it slow and use pauses in your speech. Pausing can be used to stress certain points and to help your speech feel more conversational. If you think you are losing control of your pacing, just take a nice pause and keep calm.


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