How To Deal With A Stubborn Partner

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How To Deal With A Stubborn Partner

Being in a relationship with a stubborn partner can be overwhelming. This would be a bigger blow when the person is not contributing positively to the cause of the relationship. For example as a guy you would feel a certain peace of mind if knowing that your girl is a well behaved person , who will always with reason abide and support the right decisions you make . There are few steps on how to deal with a stubborn partner.

How to deal with a stubborn partner



When trying to approach him or her about being a stubborn partner, you should be subtle because you never can tell how their reaction might be. Avoid sarcasm, criticism or other negative approaches when speaking with your partner about his or her character. Be sure to communicate your feelings about your frustrations, concerns and worries and underline what you want from them. Do not expect your partner to know what you want to say just like that. Bottom line they would appreciate what you say, and nothing beyond


When dealing with a sensitive issue like this, ask your partner to help you to help them. You can also ask help from your contacts who have gone through similar issues with their own spouses. You can also make a list of things you will like your partner to work on and ask them lovingly to work on certain behaviors that you seem uncomfortable with and can’t condone anymore. Remember asking respectfully and affectionately because this will yield much better and positive results than arguing.


Do not think he/she will be as well behave as you always want him / her to be. You should be aware of the standing differences between you and your partner. There could be a few loose ends to your expected levels, but ignore these issues and compromise with their style and level of understanding. Never, ever redo something your partner has just done. Remember that opposites attracts and two people who are alike cannot complement each other.


Everyone has their unique ways of doing things. You need to accept your partner’s ways and not force them to adopt to yours; this would appear as if you’re trying to be a control freak. Try as much as possible to be content with your partner’s behavior while you’re hoping for better and improvements in due course and also try encourage him or her


One of the ways on how to deal with a stubborn partner is never to compare them with anyone else. If you know a person who you feel is well behaved or less stubborn, always resist the temptation to compare them with your partner. The moment you start to  mention names and giving examples, your partner may be angry about this. Comparison never works for people because it may make them feel inadequate which can negatively impact their self-esteem.


Don’t keep on going back to things that did not go well in the past. Make good and mature conversation that would avoid bringing back the past fights or quarrel you may have had about maybe the same issues. Don’t argue but don’t also let your partner take advantage of you.


When it comes to a relationship, you and your partner need to be a team at all time and with that you need exercise patience when you want a change to happen, especially when your partner is trying to change their life because of you. Shared experience can even strengthen your bond and love. And if you seem to be impatient, hold on to your patience levels and understand that losing your temper wont make your partner less stubborn.

I hope this article on how to deal with a stubborn partner added value. If there is anything we missed out and you would love to share, kindly do that through the comment box.

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