How To Earn Money From Facebook In 13 Simple Ways

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How To Earn Money From Facebook In 13 Simple Ways

In this post, you will learn how to earn money from Facebook in 13 simple and freeways. Facebook is without any controversy the largest social media network in the world. You can use Facebook to sell globally and to list a garage sale locally, or to promote your personal website online. But like everything in life, you must be persistent if your campaign doesn’t work the first time. Just refresh and try again until you begin to create the kind income you want. But for you to start making money, people would want to know that you are a real person to deal with.

So have a complete Facebook personal profile by adding your picture and a logo of your business in the cover photo area. Also, put the exact city you live with contact information and website link if you have one. Besides, you can make your personal account different from your business account or use your personal profile for everything. It is your choice. Now that you are clear on what you must do to set a credible facebook profile, let us go to how to earn money from Facebook.

The Things You Can Sell on Facebook?

You can sell virtually everything on Facebook as far as you don’t need to show your personal ID or present a Doctor’s prescription. Also, you can sell used cars, secondhand items, handmade items, ebooks, and to advertise garage sale when you want.

What You Cannot Sell on Facebook

However, these are some of the things you cannot sell on Facebook. They include.

  • Alcohol
  • Illicit drugs
  • Tobacco
  • Firearms
  • Animals
  • Real money gambling products
  • Certain healthcare products

How to Earn Money From Facebook

Once you finish creating your face account with a complete profile, you can start selling your items or services if you own any. You could also market other people’s services or products. You can follow these steps below to earn from Facebook right away.

  1. Write a Facebook Post

If you want to start by selling to your friends on Facebook, write a post. Start from the field “ where it says what’s on your mind?” Next type in what you want to sell and add a picture of that item. Also, you can post it using the “share posts with your friends only” option.

Note that your post will be seen by others if your friends share the post. Also, if you are new to selling on Facebook, copy other sales pitches on Facebook.

Next, you need to follow up on the sales using Facebook Messenger. So if your friends like what you posted and wish to buy begin a conversation with them on Facebook Messenger. The app will enable you to connect with your prospects and those who have bought from you before.

  1. Join Local Buy and Sell Groups

How to earn money from facebook is not a secret. So, if you want to sell locally join a local buy and sell group in your locality on Facebook. It is easy to sell on Facebook because when you make a post for one Group, you can target many other Groups using options on Facebook to that easily.

And to find more groups in your locality, use the Explore Menu and click on the “Buy and Sell Groups” You may filter the options using group names. Also, before you start posting in any group first, read the guidelines so that the moderator of the Group does not delete your post.

Create your own group: Note you can also Create your own group. So if there are no Groups for your items you can start one.

  1. Sell on Facebook Marketplace

You should also make sure you sell on Facebook Marketplace. This place is free for everyone to market their product or services and to buy from in their local areas. Here, everyone has access to your post and can share to their friends. Who knows, you could make some sales here.

  1. Earn Refer-a-Friend Bonuses

You could also earn from referring a friend bonus if you successfully refer some of your friends and they buy from the company you refer them to. Also, this method is on this list of how to earn money from facebook because it pays. You can try this company called Rakuten they offer social media bonus when you refer a friend.

To earn from this opportunity, use social share media buttons in your account to send your referral link to your friends. You can also use an email invitation in your account to send your referral link to friends. And when they sign up using your referral link, you will earn a bonus.

  1. Enter Contests

You can join contests and Giveaways groups to search for latest opportunities to enter contest. Also, you can earn an entry from companies or blogs that run contests. All you have to do to earn an entry is to share your link on Facebook or follow their Facebook page.

Also, most of these sentries are free except for the time it will take you to enter contests. And there are different giveaways. You may even win Amazon Gift Cards, kitchen Gadgets, or a back yard grill set.

  1. Create Facebook Ads

If you are confused about how to earn money from facebook, you can start by creating Facebook ads. To start creating Facebook ads, you must have a Facebook page for your business or website on the internet. Your page is your website’s business card. Also, you are qualified to create a page for a business or a website. And you can create a page in minutes easily and it is free.

After creating your page, share posts to those who follow your page ( followers are like a mailing list). Also, creating a post is just like writing a post for your personal Facebook timeline. So, send messages often to your loyal followers in different areas depending on the business you run.

A message could be that ”Motivateyoudaily will publish a weekly post to give you tips that will keep you motivated for the whole week”. Also, you can make money posting adds on Facebook to people who are not currently following your page. Learn how.

  1. Invest in Facebook

You could start buying Facebook share or stock. Anybody can buy Facebook stocks because it is a publicly quoted company on the NASDAQ Index. So, if you are new to investing in stocks just note that the shares go up and down and then back up.

Besides, if you hold your share long enough you will make a profit when you sell eventually. Like any other thing you buy, you can sell when your cost price is less than your sales price. The stock as of the time of writing this article is $187. You may also choose to by ETFS. Learn more.

  1. Host a Fundraiser

Hosting a fund raiser event is listed on how to earn money from facebook because you can use it to lift others going through a lot of difficulties. It is doing a good deed. You won’t profit personally from the fund raiser. But you can help to raise money for personal causes using CrowdFunding.

This is increasingly gaining popularity as a way to raise money that will pay bills without going to others outside Facebook. Create a fundraising page for any of your causes like a personal emergency, crisis relief, education, faith, sports and so on. You will be surprised at the number of charity causes Facebook Community will support. Try it now.

  1. Apply For a Job

Facebook has a job board to help you find a new job in your local area. Companies in your locality advertise for openings using Facebook. They advertise using the Job tabs for permanent and or part-time positions. Also, many Facebook Groups list available online jobs. To get those jobs, join those groups to learn more about the requirements.

  1. Become a Social Media Manager

If you have enough experience with how to manage a corporate social media account, you will be paid for it. That is why this strategy is in this catalog of how to earn money from facebook. Apart from Facebook, to be versatile, you should learn about how to manage other social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Also, if you are a social media account manager your responsibilities include:

  • Arrangement of social media posts
  • Replying to comments and relating with followers
  • Also, Producing social media graphics
  • Checking ad campaign metrics
  • And increasing the audience size
  1. Join Facebook Groups and Help Others

Another way to earn money on Facebook is to join groups and answer people’s questions. So if you are a blogger and business owner, you can try this option. To earn, find Groups in the area you like and have expert knowledge about. For instance, if you are an investor join many investing Groups and answer their questions.

And as you help people, your reputation grows and you can start including a link to your website in a resource box when you respond to their questions. This will increase traffic to your website and page rank or your affiliate commission too. But read and understand the posting Guidelines before you post.

  1. Create Facebook Live Videos

If you love the camera you can start building your brand by using Facebook live Videos. This is another way on how to earn money from facebook that you can try. You may create a video that shows how you work from home or how to use a product live.

You may also host alive question and answer session. Your viewers will send their question by message and you answer them on air. Lifestreaming is gaining popularity as internet bandwidth’s speed improves.

  1. Look for Critical Security Flaws

Facebook and other big websites are searching for ways to close any security flaws that could let a hacker on their website. Therefore, if you enjoy testing websites, the Facebook Bug Bounty program will allow you to report coding flaws that need to be closed.

Also, when you do this job properly, you will be paid for finding flaws that are yet to be reported to Facebook. However, even if the bugs have been reported, you can still report them.  Doing so helps to make user experience for everyone better.


Everyone can learn how to earn money from Facebook. Also, you can use Facebook to sell locally or internationally and sell your old vehicle to make money. You can also promote your personal website online. Moreover, if you join groups and relate with other Facebook members, running a paid ad could give you some income that would astound you. No matter what your goals are, start right away.

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