How To Fix In Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph June 29, 2023
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How To Fix In Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

How To Fix In Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

Many of us face challenges when it comes to finding time for exercise occasionally. When our email inbox is overflowing, our boss demands another late evening meeting, our children require bathing, feeding, and transportation, and we haven’t had a meaningful conversation with our partner in weeks, our workout routine often gets pushed aside.

However, it is precisely during these hectic periods, when time seems to slip away, that prioritizing exercise becomes even more crucial. This holds true not only if we have specific goals or are training for a race, but also because even a short 20-minute workout can significantly enhance our mood, mindset, and overall well-being. This, in turn, benefits not only ourselves but also our boss, children, and partner.

So, how can we carve out time for exercise when life feels overwhelming? Here are strategies to ensure that our workouts remain a consistent part of our lives, regardless of how busy we may be.

How To Fix In Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

Be A Proactive Observer:

If you often struggle with the conflicting desires of staying fit and relaxing at home, you may be interested in discovering simple exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own room. Instead of being idle on the couch while indulging in your favourite TV show, consider incorporating easy workouts into your routine. For example, during commercial breaks, you can perform squats or lunges on a fitness mat without losing focus on the program.

Another helpful suggestion is to follow a certified personal trainer on YouTube. There are numerous fitness tutorials available that specifically cater to workout routines, nutritional guidance, and wellness tips aimed at assisting you in achieving weight loss, improving your performance, and promoting overall well-being. What’s even better is that this approach is not only affordable but also enjoyable, offering a pleasant means to maintain good health.

Look Out For A Workout Friend:

If you struggle to find the motivation to dedicate 30 minutes of your day to exercise, consider inviting a friend or classmate to join you. Whether you opt for a brief jog around campus or take a break from studying to visit the gym, you’ll experience increased excitement and enthusiasm. Does your university provide regular fitness classes? This could be an excellent chance for you to meet new people and enhance your workout by trying out new exercises.

Take A Break Outside For Lunch:

It’s time to free yourself from your daily routine and take a break from studying in the library. Give yourself permission to disconnect from your laptop and savour your lunch break outdoors. Going for a brief walk not only enhances your concentration but also uplifts your mood regarding upcoming exams. Engaging in physical activity doesn’t necessarily require intense workouts; it can be as effortless as taking a leisurely stroll in the nearby park or walking to a nearby coffee shop. Put on comfortable shoes and begin to discover the surroundings!

Alight From The Bus A Stop Sooner:

After attending your lecture, if you realize that you haven’t engaged in any physical activity throughout the day, there’s still an opportunity to burn calories. Instead of mindlessly browsing through Instagram or reading the news, consider listening to music and alighting from the bus a stop or two earlier. Even a brief 10-15 minute walk on your way back can have a significant impact by the end of the day. Moreover, it will aid in alleviating the stress you’ve accumulated.

Indulge In An Activity You Enjoying Doing:

Developing and utilizing self-discipline is often essential in the realm of physical activity. However, honestly speaking, there is little value in engaging in an activity that brings you no joy. If running is something you detest, there’s no need to force yourself into it. Your adherence to a workout routine is much more likely if you genuinely enjoy the exercise.

To make things simpler, opt for a type of exercise that aligns with your lifestyle, personality, and preferences. If you’re unsure about your true passion, don’t hesitate to explore various forms of exercise until you discover what suits you best.

Always remember that you’re not obligated to participate in an activity that you despise.

Publish It In Your Calendar:

If you give exercise the same level of importance as other aspects of your life, you may find yourself more enthusiastic about it. Imagine a scenario where you have to unexpectedly pick up your child from school and have no backup plan. How would you handle this situation? Would you cancel a meeting or bring some work home with you?

The reality is that when a situation calls for it, we find a way to leave the office at the appropriate time. Therefore, establish a schedule and adhere to it. Remember, you also deserve to have some personal time for yourself.

Record Your Activities:

There is a well-known saying that suggests that if you don’t track or quantify something, it is as if it doesn’t exist. Although this statement is somewhat exaggerated, it holds some truth, particularly in the context of exercise.

To effectively monitor your progress and identify areas for improvement, it is recommended to record your workout sessions in your calendar. By totalling your exercise sessions at the end of each week, month, and year, you can keep track of your achievements.

Tracking your activity levels and maintaining records of your progress can help you stay focused and recognize any decline before the habit is completely lost.

A helpful tip: If you prefer a more modern approach, you can opt to use a fitness app instead of traditional note-taking methods.


Consider this: you’ll consistently discover reasons to avoid exercising. If you believe that you cannot spare 30 minutes for physical activity, bear in mind that you can divide that time throughout your day. By doing so, you’ll still be able to meet deadlines, socialize with friends, make phone calls, and adhere to your original plans. Eventually, incorporating exercise into your daily routine will simply become a matter of time!

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