10 Ways To Gain Admission Into University Without JAMB

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how to gain admission without jamb

Sometimes your JAMB score isn’t too good, or you couldn’t meet up with the JAMB post UTME or admission requirement.  You need to know how to gain admission without JAMB. Find out below possible ways this can happen.

How To Gain Admission Without JAMB


  1. IJMB –Interim Joint Matriculation Board

This is exactly what IJMB is: it’s an A—Level program that runs for 9 months.

For IJMB, you need a study centre that can help you prepare very well for the exams. And once you do the final exam and have the certificate it qualifies you for a Direct-entry admission into 200 level in any university of your choice.

The program runs for about 9 months. It’s just that the only disadvantage is the certificate is only valid for 5 years. Although, I have heard many people say it doesn’t expire at all. I think the reason for this is the fact that most bodies review their syllabuses after a period of 5 years. So, in the process of this, they might make many changes to their courses and subject and this might render certificates issued before then obsolete. This is one of the common ways of how to gain admission without JAMB.

  1. JUPEB –Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board

JUPEB stands forJoint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB). It is almost similar to IJMB as it’s equally an advanced level programme which guarantees successful candidates direct-entry admission into 200-level in any university of their choice.

  1. Diploma Program

The diploma is just like the regular diploma program run by tertiary institutions and educational agencies. It runs for 2 years and after the 2 years, you purchase your direct entry form and get admitted to 200 level.

  1. Pre-degree Programs

Pre-degree is a program created by Nigerian universities to get candidate admitted into 100 level of their schools, after a period of 1 year.

The school will take you through the programs that will prepare you for the exam.

Pre-degree Programs are quite different. After the exam, you’ll be admitted into 100 level, and you’ll only get admitted into the university that offered the program. Not qualifying for any of the courses offered by the school means the money you paid is gone. This is the most popular route of how to gain admission without JAMB.

  1. Remedial Programs

Remidial program is the same with pre-degree programmes.

  1. Foundation Program

While it’s pretty expensive, it’s run similar to IJMB.

Foundation Program is a program you also do for a period of 9 months and you get admitted into 200 level.

Pre-degree and foundation Programs, where you’ll have to be in the school, and the school will take you through the programs that will prepare you for the exam.

  1. NOUN –National Open University of Nigeria

This option is a brilliant initiative meant for those who want to work and school. If you don’t have any sponsor, or you want to support your family while you are undergoing the university degree program, then this is the best option for you. You need nothing more than your SSCE certificate to get admitted into the National Open University of Nigeria.

One of the reasons I advise people to go for this option is their speed. They don’t strike! . However, their graduates don’t participate in the NYSC program at the point of writing this article.

  1. Part Time Programs

Part time program is similar to NOUN, the only difference is that the former needs your physical presence.

Part-time degree programmes are not hard to find today. Almost all the universities have theirs. Apart from exclusion from the NYSC and an extra year, the part-time degree programmes are the same with full time degree programmes.

  1. DLP –Distance Learning Programs

As the name implies, you can study from distance and obtain a degree certificate or a diploma that qualifies you for direct entry into relevant university. This too will allow you to work and school.

  1. Study Abroad

You can get admitted into any foreign university without JAMB.

This is an expensive option, even if you chose to school in other neighboring countries, like Ghana.

You can simply browse for a list of good schools around West Africa. But before you do, you must have a very good sponsor to support you financially.

So, those are the 10 good ways to get admitted into higher institutions without JAMB. Before you give up on your educational dream of going to higher institutions yet, give one of them a trial.

Remember, the basic qualification you’ll need is your SSCE results.

I hope you found this article on how to gain admission without JAMB value adding. Please share your thoughts on it through the comment section.

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