How to get scholarship to study In USA

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How to get scholarship to study In USA
How to get scholarship to study In USA

The United States of America is filled with numerous scholarships in many prestigious and globally competitive universities. Due to this, it is good to say that many student would prefer to study in an American university if given the chance. However, getting the kind of scholarship criteria needed in other to be accepted in an American university in the United States can be extremely difficult to catch if not rightly planned early and accordingly. It is very crucial to understand that applying for a scholarship in any university does not necessarily means filling up paper works and also sending those preparation for college scholarship admission , this means studying hard and as well maintaining a good and impressive academic profile in your previous educational levels.

Strong academic profile like English language competence, can speed up your chances of studying in an American university. There are many universities with scholarship opportunities for you to choose from, you might want to apply for a university with fully funded tuition fees and other miscellaneous that you might be needing throughout your stay in the United States.

With the possible chances of studying for a degree in the United States for free, you will also be having endless options for experiencing most of the American culture. Apart from getting improvement on your English language skills, the country is such a great place to explore other things like its vast land area and its world-renowned tourist spots and as well visiting its numerous national parks. Movies, food, theaters, music and some mind-blowing festivals that will call to your attention if you are planning to explore this beautiful country in a more lively and colorful yet meaningful way.

Studying abroad, US precisely is expensive! No wonder, the majority of student who desire to study in the US wants a scholarship. Here are 10 tips to guide you in other to win scholarship for your studies in the United States.

How to get scholarship to study In USA

The United States of America is filled with numerous scholarships in many prestigious and globally competitive universities. Due to this, it is good to say that many student would prefer to study in an American university if given the chance. However, getting the kind of scholarship criteria needed in other to be accepted in an […]

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Why at Lipscomb University? At Lipscomb, students have the opportunity to learn through its undergraduate and graduate programs that are highly recognized in the nation. Also, students will gain an extensive understanding of the practical skills needed for your chosen career path.




1. Application of Scholarship

Many student who missed out scholarship opportunities due to not applying on time or applying for the scholarship after the said deadline.

Most time these students spent more time preparing for their GRE exams, universities shortlisted carefully and writing powerful essays. By so doing fails to prepare themselves towards the application process. Which guarantees them failure and missed scholarship. This is actually there are no more scholarships left for the year!

Some mistakes students do is to think that the university admission deadlines and the scholarship deadlines are the same. Most time they apply for scholarship together with the rest of admission applications.

However, most cases these two deadlines are usually different. The deadline may varies depending on the school, some cases, admission deadline might be two month late than scholarship deadline.

It is up to you to clearly look for scholarships / admission deadlines vs financial aid. In other for a student to be eligible, he/she must plan well ahead of time and again be sure to not miss the deadline.

2. Scholarship Eligibility or Requirements

There are numerous of scholarships available for international student, each of these scholarships with its own eligibility and criteria and as well as its own requirements.

A student must be able to meet certain criteria before being able to apply for the scholarship. Make use of Google to access financial aid / scholarships at your universities of choices and find out if you are up to their eligibility and criteria.

3. 10th, 11th or 12th Marks

These marks may not heavily influence scholarship decisions. When universities makes assessments on your educational abilities, what exploits you did 4-6 years ago, may not really matter as your more recent achievements.

For instance, for scholarships on master programs, most US universities will only consider your undergraduate – B. Tech or BE degree – marks. While some universities do access you’re 11th and 12th grade scores. But just few will consider those score while making decision.

4. Educational GPA or Percentages

Previous academic performance are very crucial when making scholarship decisions. If a student poorly performed in his/her GRE of GMAT and yet still have a high GPA, he/she still got a chance of getting the scholarship.

Many universities would want to place much emphasis on the undergraduate GPA. They access your GPA across all semester / total aggregate GPA and year. Moreover, the application is usually judge generally in other to decide if the scholarship is awarded.

5. GRE or GMAT or IELTS or TOELF Scores

A good test score is important – GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL – is part of what will get you high chances of getting a scholarship.

Students who do not perform well in their standardized tests, bus still score high in their GPA in their undergraduate degree. These set of students still have a decent chances of getting a scholarship. You need a decent score.

6. Leadership and Volunteering

Leadership and Voluntary skills are accessed significantly by your university of choice when considering student for scholarships. Possessing a good leadership spirit by stepping forward whenever you can.

Learn how to handle people, budgets, and / or projects. A leadership skill would be serving as a group leader or on the board of executives of social organization or an academic in your undergraduate programs.

Volunteer to assist others. Start a social media group to help others too. You could also organize seminars and create awareness for school kids on issues pertaining to drug abuse. Sexual abuse, online privacy, adolescent health and safety.

These is very crucial due to the fact that scholarships endowments are typically made to encourage students who have ideas for the society and as well take up the responsible role of a leader and help others to succeed together with the society.

This is what makes you stand out from the other applicants who just have high GRE/GMAT scores and high academic percentages.

7. Achievements, Publications and Recognition

All achievements, publications made or recognitions are crucial for scholarships.

Achievements matters a lot. This means a student must always be at the top in terms of paper publications, oratory competitions, wining sport competitions of any kind, and also recognized as the employee of the month etc. These achievements will help strengthen your scholarship application.

Be sure to provide necessary documentations as evidence for your achievements alongside your scholarship application form.

8. Scholarship Essay or Statement of Purpose

It is difficult to separate your scholarship application from the crowd. After all, even when you meet the criteria to it, you are still likely to fall among the applicants with similar grades, performance, activities, goals and aspirations.

This is where you get the chance to beat up those point with a great application essay. The essay is the best chance you have left to fully convince the university why you should receive the scholarship, it enables the scholarship provider know more about the applicant. And these also allows them to know more about your school and home life.

Most schools ask you to write an essay and giving clear reasons why you should be given the scholarship and also explain your story / your goals, etc. sincerity is what you should put up while explaining why you should be given a scholarship. The essay should be able to show your passion, your plan to accomplish your goals and how you want to do it, your skill. It should also describe how this scholarship can make you achieve a successful journey.

Your essay or SOP should be perfect and also show your zeal to succeed and how you want to accomplish these goals.

9. Recommendation Letters

Most scholarship applications will demand for your recommendation letter from your head of department or even a professor or anyone whom you make reports to professionally. Finding someone with a good recommendations will help.    

Recommendation letter must highlight your academic performance, leadership skills. The person whom you’ve recommended should be able tell hoe he knows you and how he has objectively accessed your achievements.

10. Scholarship with More Requirements

Reasons why some student do not apply for scholarship with more requirements based on application work required. These type of scholarship can be a good bet for this particular reason. Sometimes students tends to have higher chances due to less competition.

You must endeavor to put in much energy in terms of assignments and essay writings, or video recording, but at the very end of all, a scholarship is worth the effort of work.


You should be sure to ask and make credible findings of your target university about the availability of scholarships, application process and deadline, eligibility.

Even when the information you have is from a website, these chances means that you might come across more complex and comprehensive info.


When you start searching for scholarships, do not get too overwhelmed, browsing through various university sites like admission pages, department pages, etc. You would have a much easier life if you are aware of the office awards the scholarships.

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