How To Get Scholarships For Master’s In The USA

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How to get scholarships for master's in the USA
How to get scholarships for master's in the USA

Do you want to start your academic journey in the United States? Positive news International students can apply for several fully supported scholarships in the United States of America.  

We will go into detail about fully funded scholarships available at leading universities in the USA, their advantages, and the step-by-step application process in this post.

In 2022–2023, prominent colleges in the USA will provide more than 1500 fully paid master’s scholarships to international students. In addition to covering tuition, housing costs, health insurance, and travel expenses, these scholarships offer an average monthly stipend of $1000.

What is the meaning of a master’s degree?

A postgraduate degree that demonstrates a person’s advanced competence in a particular field is a master’s degree. A master’s degree program typically calls for the completion of 30 to 60 credits in major-related courses. A candidate must have an undergraduate degree, preferably in a field linked to the postgraduate program, to enroll in a master’s program. Graduates with a master’s degree can start working right away or go on to acquire a doctorate to improve their specialization.

Numerous master’s degrees are available for students to choose from, including those in business, language, history, science, and health. Graduate programs are not offered by every university, and each program’s curricula can differ. Before applying, it’s good to investigate various master’s programs to find the one that’s best for you.

Advantages of master’s study in the USA

A master’s degree has numerous, long-lasting advantages, including:

  • greater earnings

Your potential income may grow if you obtain a master’s degree. Depending on the field, persons with master’s degrees could be paid more than those with bachelor’s or associate’s degrees in the same field. A master’s degree might be used as a replacement for professional experience to increase your pay.

  • Opportunities for advancement

You may be more qualified for management and leadership positions by earning a master’s degree. Many companies prefer to hire people with advanced degrees when filling senior roles. A graduate degree might give you the training you need for certain work responsibilities or promotions in some professions. For instance, master’s degrees are required for employment as nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, and social workers.

  • Competitive advantage

Having a master’s degree can help you stand out from the competition while applying for jobs. In comparison to applicants with bachelor’s or associate’s degrees, you can have a higher chance of getting a job offer if you have a master’s degree. A master’s degree demonstrates that you have the commitment, enthusiasm, and work ethic necessary to succeed in the position.

  • networking possibilities

There are more opportunities to network with other professionals in your sector while you are enrolled in a master’s degree.

After graduation, an internship might lead to a job offer because it might connect you with people who are already authorities in your subject of study. As you advance in your job and gain experience in your sector, you will, at the very least, expand your professional network.

  • preparation for higher education

A master’s degree in a similar field might help you prepare if you want to pursue a professional degree like a PhD, M.D., or J.D. Although the majority of professional programs don’t demand a master’s degree, getting one might demonstrate your commitment to the industry. Additionally, it enables you to create a more comprehensive application that will dazzle admissions officials. During your master’s degree, you may develop relationships with teachers that will be helpful if you ever need a letter of recommendation or reference for an application.

A master’s degree is highly valued by many graduates of higher degree programs. Students choose to pursue a master’s degree in their chosen field of specialization due to the possibility of long-term benefits like higher earning potential, a competitive edge, and more knowledge.

Duration for Masters in the USA 

Depending on the university and the subject, a master’s program can take one to three years to finish. It typically takes at least four years to complete undergraduate degree programs. A PhD program may take at least eight years to finish.

Requirements for master’s student in the USA

  • Before applying to a master’s program, candidates normally need a bachelor’s degree.
  • Some institutions demand that prospective students submit official transcripts, compose an essay, appear for an admissions board interview, and pass the GRE or GMAT test.
  • To assess a candidate’s character and dedication, most colleges also ask for letters of recommendation from prior teachers or employers.
  • Before allowing admission, certain master’s programs may request that candidates have some professional experience.

List of master’s scholarships in the USA and how to apply for Masters’s scholarship in each school 

Fill out an application for completely financed scholarships to pursue your dream of attending a prestigious university, such as Yale University USA, Harvard University USA, Clark University, Boise State University, Berea College, and many others.

Here are some schools in the USA that offers scholarship for Master’s student 

1. Fulbright Scholarships in the USA

International students can have full access to a supported scholarship through the Fulbright Program. 

These scholarships are exclusively available for masters and doctoral programs of study.

The complete tuition, a living stipend, the full cost of housing, the cost of travel, and health insurance are all covered by the Fulbright Foreign Student Program.

 USA Universities: institution

USA: location

Masters / PhD: Level of Study

How to apply

  1. Make online application 
  2. Prepare academic transcript and Degrees
  3. Take GRE general test and TOTEL
  4. Prepare two essay
  5. Three recommendation letters are required
  6. Prepare academic resume
  7. Submit an online application.

2. Stanford University Scholarships

The Institute offers scholarships for master’s and PhD students both internal and international.

Location: USA

Level of Studies: Masters / PhD

How to Apply 

  1. You must create an account with the school online and start your application
  2. Complete and submit the application
  3. A self-reported transcript is required
  4. A Resume
  5. Two recommendation letters
  6. Two Essays are required with a maximum of 1,750 words 
  7. List two goals and objectives that you are working on 
  8. A video story not longer than two minutes.

3. Yale University Scholarships USA

 This scholarship is open to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies who want to study abroad. The average Yale need-based scholarship is over $50,000, but it can range from a few hundred dollars to over $70,000 annually.

Establishment: Yale University

in the USA

Student Level: Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD

Requirements  to Apply 

  • Two teacher endorsements
  • Application or waiver of fee of $80 
  • Results of Standardized Testing
  • A report from the school and the counsellor which includes a transcript.
  • Last Report
  • Year-Mid Report

4. University of New Haven Scholarship

For international students, the University of New Haven Grant is a fully financed scholarship. This award is only available for graduate work. This grant will cover 75% of their graduate program’s tuition as well as an hourly wage and an opportunity for experiential learning.

College or university: University of New Haven

in the USA

Study Level: Master’s

How to apply 

  • Make online application 
  • Prepare academic transcript and Degrees
  • Take GRE general test and TOTEL
  • Prepare two essay
  • Three recommendation letters are required
  • Prepare academic resume
  • Submit online application

5. University of Memphis Scholarships

For international students, there is the University of Memphis Scholarship, which is fully financed. This grant is available for both graduate and undergraduate courses. The scholarships range in value and pay the price difference between domestic and international tuition rates for non-Tennessee residents.

Memphis University is the organization.

in the USA

Undergraduate and master’s degrees

How to apply

  • Apply online to the school
  • Pre-requisite degree
  • copies of your academic records and any awards
  • English language proficiency certificates
  • Personal statement or purpose statement
  • a passport photocopy.
  •  After applying for admission, go here to submit your scholarship application.

6. University of Minnesota Fellowship

For all international students, the University of Minnesota Fellowship has a fully supported scholarship. This award is only available for master’s degree programs. This scholarship covers all living expenses, travel, health insurance, and tuition.

United States: Minnesota University

in the USA

Study Level: Master’s only

How to apply

  • Choose your program of study
  • Review the school application criteria
  • Contact the  program of interest you want to study 
  • Check the application for the school deadline
  • Apply to the school portal.

7. AAUW International Fellowship Program

This award is entirely financed by the AAUW Fellowship Program. The American Association of University Women, USA, is the organization providing this scholarship. Students around the world are eligible to apply.

 Only graduate and postgraduate studies in any of the university’s subject areas are eligible for this award. The AAUW Fellowship Program always offers annual awards ranging from $18,000 to $30,000, subject to renewal requirements.

Study in the USA at The American Association of University Women

How to Apply

  • In your pursuit of intellectual endeavours, three instructors or professional colleagues who are familiar with you, your work, and your academic background may serve as recommenders.
  • evidence of the greatest level.
  • evidence of ongoing enrollment (currently-enrolled applications only).
  • evidence of a bachelor’s degree
  • or evidence of a PhD or M.F.A. (postdoctoral applicants only).
  • the official declaration of TOEFL test results or waiver application.
  • a letter of acceptance.
  • C.V./Résumé
  • Pass the eligibility test for the selection committee to consider you.
  • Fill out the form, then submit it.

8. ACI Foundation Scholarship

International students may apply for the fully funded ACI Foundation Scholarship. For undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral studies, this fellowship is available. This scholarship offers a $10,000–$15,000 US educational stipend for housing, books, and other costs associated with attending school.

Organizing Body: ACI Foundation

in the USA

Undergraduate, Master’s, Doctoral, or Postdoctoral

How to apply

Login to the school site and check for the document needed for your choice of course 

9. Onsi Sawiris Scholarship

For international students, the Sawiris Scholarship program offers fully financed undergraduate and graduate scholarships. Full tuition, a living allowance, travel expenses, and health insurance are all covered by this leadership.

Institutions include Harvard University, The University of Pennsylvania, The University of Chicago, and Stanford University.

in the USA

Undergraduate and master’s degrees

How to apply for a master’s scholarship:

  • Application for the Onsi Sawiris Graduate Scholarship.
  • A resume is a required document.
  • certified copy of graduation.
  • a transcript copy.
  • a copy of your exam results (GRE, GMAT, TOEFL iBT).
  • two letters of recommendation.
  • Contact AMIDEAST at 19263 or send an email to with questions about the scholarship.

10. Rotary Peace Fellowship Program

Internationmastershipan applies for fully financed scholarships called Rotary Peace Fellowships. These scholarships are exclusively available for masters and doctoral programs of study. The Rotary Peace Fellowships Program covers mastership and field masters in addition to tuition and fees, board, and round-trip transportation. 

Organization: Universities in the nations listed below

United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Thailand

Studying at the master’s or certificate level.

How to apply

  • Check the eligibility requirements and restrictions and the application guidelines.
  • Look into the courses and activities offered at the various Rotary Peace Centers. You’ll be asked to rank the top two centres.
  • Prepare your application, which should include a resume or CV, essays, recommendations from professors or employers, transcripts, and test results. Everything has to be written in English. Transcripts and test results are not required for certificate candidates.
  • To arrange an interview, get in touch with your neighbourhood Rotary district before submitting your application. A requirement of the application procedure is district endorsement. 
  • Before any interviews, your district must receive your online application by May 15th.
  • Complete the district representatives’ interviews. By July 1st, districts must submit their endorsements to The Rotary Foundation.
  • Hold off on learning the election results until November. You will be informed of the Peace Center where you will study if you are selected for a fellowship.
  • Apply for admission to the college where your Peace Center is housed. Being chosen for the fellowship does not imply acceptance into the school.

Finally, a master’s degree is a postgraduate degree that demonstrates a person’s competence in a particular field.  Master’s degrees are required for employment as nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, and social workers. It enables you to create a more comprehensive application that will dazzle admissions officials.

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