How To Give Yourself A Relaxing Facial Massage At Home

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph June 22, 2023
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How To Give Yourself A Relaxing Facial Massage At Home

How To Give Yourself A Relaxing Facial Massage At Home

If you have ever appreciated the radiant appearance of your skin following treatment and pondered, “That luminosity is remarkable!”.

A crucial element for achieving a vibrant and timeless complexion lies in the skilful practice of facial massage. Not only does massaging the face alleviate tension, but it also enhances blood circulation, provides an immediate lifting effect, and even improves the absorption of your skincare products.

Continue reading to discover the advantages of facial massage and gain insights on how to perform one in the comfort of your own home.

What Does Facial Massage Mean?

Facial massage, originating from China, Mexico, Hungary, and Sweden, has undergone significant development throughout history. Its evolution encompasses various techniques such as facial lifting massage, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, and Swedish-style massage, all stemming from the ancient practice of therapeutic massage that emerged around 4,500 years ago.

By applying the principles of body massage to the facial muscles, facial massage effectively alleviates facial tension, which is known to contribute to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, it enhances blood and lymph circulation, promoting skin rejuvenation.

Facial Massage’s Health Benefits

Massaging the deeper layers of the skin is where the real advantages of massage therapy can be found. The skin consists of different components such as the roof (epidermal tissue), framework (dermal tissue), and foundation (subcutaneous, adipose, and muscle tissue). Skin issues and conditions don’t solely impact the surface; they actually extend down to the foundation. By applying focused and effective pressure to the facial muscles, we can address skin conditions from the base upwards, resulting in improved outcomes that endure for a longer period.

Benefits Of Facial Massage

Makes The Blood Flow Faster:

By engaging in a five-minute facial massage, you can enhance blood circulation in the skin, which can last up to 10 minutes. This increased blood flow brings about an influx of oxygen and nutrients that are vital for the skin to perform important tasks. The immediate effect of improved blood circulation is a noticeable radiance, as the skin receives a rejuvenating glow from within when blood reaches the surface. In the long run, this process promotes the production of collagen and elastin more effectively, leading to a complexion that is stronger and more resistant over time.

Systematic Lymphatic Activation:

The lymphatic system acts like a waste disposal system within the body, responsible for eliminating waste and toxins from various tissues, including the skin. However, our sedentary lifestyles often hinder the proper functioning of the lymphatic system, leading to a sluggish state. This sluggishness results in the accumulation of toxins and blockage of lymph nodes, leading to a swollen appearance of the skin.

Lymphatic drainage involves employing a soothing massage method aimed at facilitating the circulation of lymphatic fluids within the body. By specifically targeting the lymph nodes located under the ears and on the neck, this massage technique helps facilitate the elimination of toxins and excessive waste. As a result, it reduces swelling and assists in reducing skin puffiness.

Enhances & Plumps Skin:

Our faces tend to accumulate a significant amount of tension, ranging from furrowed brows to pursed lips and clenched jaws. In our youth, approximately 43 muscles underneath our skin have the ability to rebound swiftly from this facial tension.

However, as we age, these muscles gradually lose their firmness, causing the facial structure to weaken. Consequently, jowls become noticeable, the skin around the eyes becomes less taut, and the overall appearance of the face begins to sag. Additionally, as these folds deepen, fine lines and wrinkles, such as forehead lines, may also start to emerge.

Facial massage provides similar benefits as a non-invasive facelift by enhancing the firmness of the underlying muscles. Just like exercising the body, regular muscle stimulation through facial massage and even face yoga can enhance the strength and resilience of the skin. Over time, this practice can contribute to reducing wrinkles, promoting a tightened and lifted appearance while maintaining a firm and smooth complexion.

Increase In Product Absorption:

Massaging your skin also aids in enhancing the absorption of the beneficial components found in your preferred skincare products. The generation of warmth from your hands and the stimulation of facial muscles create heat, which renders the skin more receptive to product absorption.

Consequently, this heightens the efficacy and potency of essential ingredients, allowing them to effectively penetrate the skin’s deeper layers, known as the foundation. As a result, specific skin issues and conditions can be targeted more efficiently.

How to Give Yourself a Relaxing Facial Massage at Home

Cleanse Hands & Face:

It is crucial to consistently begin with a fresh foundation. Prioritize the preparation of your skin through a thorough cleansing and complete removal of any makeup. Additionally, make certain that your hands are free from dirt and bacteria to avoid transferring them onto your recently cleaned complexion. It is essential to prevent the reintroduction of dirt and grime into your skin through massaging.

Warm Product In Palms:

To achieve an effective facial massage, it is crucial to focus on smooth movements. Avoid any sensation of tugging or dragging your skin. Enhance the gliding motion of your fingers by applying a small quantity of serum, oil, or concentrate. This not only facilitates the massage but also allows the active ingredients to penetrate deeply into your skin. Begin by placing a small amount of the product in your palms and gently rub it to ensure even distribution across your hands and fingertips. We recommend trying the Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil for optimal results. Alternatively, you can combine the massage with the cleansing step using our Stone Crop Cleansing Oil.

Apply Firm But Gentle Pressure:

It is important to exert adequate pressure during a massage to effectively sense and manipulate the muscles beneath the skin. Instead of focusing solely on the skin’s surface, it is recommended to target the muscles and apply purposeful pressure. However, it’s crucial not to exert excessive force on the skin. It’s worth noting that a facial massage differs from a deep tissue massage, so while firm pressure is suitable, it should still be gentle in nature.

Massage The Lymph Nodes First:

To start, initiate the activation of your lymphatic system. Employ your fingertips to gently manipulate the lymph nodes situated beneath your ears and along the sides of your neck. Employ broad circular motions, starting from below your ears, descending towards your throat, and then ascending along your jawline. By doing so, you will facilitate the movement of accumulated fluid that is causing sensations of puffiness or swelling.

Knead Your Face’s Sides:

Afterwards, focus on the edges of your face. Employ circular movements to gently massage the outer regions of your face, including the jawline and the cheekbones. It is essential to apply upward and outward pressure rather than downward force. This technique aids in elevating loose skin and preventing additional sagging. Dedicate two to three minutes to repeat this process, with particular attention to the areas where tension tends to accumulate, such as the jawline.

Streamlined Forehead Lines:

To address those bothersome wrinkles on your forehead, place your fingers between your eyebrows and gradually glide them upwards along your forehead. Repeat this movement across your entire forehead, delicately lifting and stretching the skin. Massaging in the opposite direction of the lines, instead of going along with them, can assist in smoothing them out effectively.

Use Extra Caution Around Your Eyes:

Moving on to the region around your eyes, it is crucial to exercise extreme care due to the delicate and thin nature of the skin in this area. Begin by placing your fingers on both sides of your nose and softly glide them upwards towards your temples. This movement aims to alleviate puffiness, firm sagging skin, and invigorate the eye area.

Focusing On Your Neck And Décolletage

Conclude your skincare routine by focusing on your neck and décolletage. Employ gentle, upward strokes to massage the skin, starting from your chest and moving up to your neck and jawline. This technique will revitalize your lymphatic system and diminish the appearance of any small wrinkles that may have formed in this commonly overlooked region.


This practice can have positive effects on improving blood flow, relieving stress, and gradually enhancing and firming your skin’s appearance. You have the flexibility to decide whether to incorporate it into your morning or nighttime regimen. However, we recommend performing it before bedtime to provide an additional rejuvenating boost to your skin, considering it carries out most of its important processes during sleep.

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