How To Impress At A Job Interview And Stand Out

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How to Impress At a Job Interview

Going for a job interview is not a walk in the park; it requires more than your level of knowledge, job experience or qualification. Throughout my years of job hunt I’ve met with people who believed they did well at the interview as they answered every question correctly but were shocked to still get a regret mail. This article is about how to impress at a job interview.

Interview can be very tricky most times as you don’t know exactly what the recruiter is looking out for. His grading criteria may not be the obvious as that is expected from every candidate; he may be looking out for little gestures and body language that many applicants may find unimportant.

I have tried to capture below some things though seeming irrelevant can stand one out in an interview.



Arriving early for an interview goes a long way to help you securing the job, as not only will you have enough time to compose yourself and be psychologically ready; but can also give you enough time to engage to find out more about the organization before being interviewed. In addition some recruiters frown at applicant coming late for interview, arriving early indicates your level of competence, discipline and time management.


The way you present yourself or appear for an interview explains a lot about who you are to the interviewer. Going for an interview not properly dressed and well groomed; like you are truly ready to take up the job immediately sends a signal to the recruiter; that you are not resourceful and don’t pay attention to detail. It is always advisable to look corporate and neat even if it means borrowing clothes. This is one of the most important ways of how to impress at a job interview.


You must be able to communicate effectively in English Language and be able to present yourself well. An applicant must have be knowledgeable about the job role he is being interviewed for and must have done his research about the organization. An interview is an opportunity to sell yourself to the interviewer and you must do this creditably. You should practice well how to provide a brief intro of yourself, your work experience and personal objective as these questions would always come up. Applicants who deliver at this stage have already establish a good impression on their interviewer.


Irrespective of how you feel about questions asked; never put on a moody face or display inappropriate body language that suggest you are tired or worried. Always put on a smiling face and maintain eye contact with your interviewer at all times; portraying high level of confidence and respect. Never walk in for an interview session looking confused and tired even if you’ve walked half the way. Remember look alive.


Right from the moment you walk into an interview venue till when you will be departing; always ensure you leave a positive impression on all your contacts. You can never tell which of them might provide you with the next valuable information; during the course of the recruitment. Remember always stay optimistic.

I hope this article on how to impress at a job interview was informative and value adding. Always remember that you only have a few seconds to make a first impression which may ultimately decide your success or failure at an interview. So always put your best foot forward.

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