How To Message A Recruiter On LinkedIn

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph April 21, 2023
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How To message A Recruiter On LinkedIn

Looking for a job can be a challenging and daunting task, as you may already know from your job search experience.

However, it is perfectly acceptable to contact recruiters directly through LinkedIn, even though it may feel uncomfortable to do so.

LinkedIn is a platform specifically designed for this purpose, and 93% of hiring managers use it to seek out potential candidates.

Therefore, it is a valuable tool that you should utilize to your advantage.

LinkedIn is a highly useful resource for communicating with recruiters in your chosen field, but it’s important to know how to reach out to them professionally.

Additionally, it’s crucial to understand how to message recruiters without coming across as spammy while increasing your chances of being considered for an interview.

Therefore, it’s essential to first understand how to approach recruiters on LinkedIn, followed by learning how to create a concise yet impactful message that elicits a response.

LinkedIn has rolled out a range of functions that facilitate the networking of professionals with businesses, colleagues, and other professionals on their social media sites.

Among its most notable tools is LinkedIn InMail, which has been instrumental in fostering professional growth.

LinkedIn InMail:

LinkedIn InMail is a paid feature that enables users to send messages to individuals on LinkedIn, even if they are not connected.

This feature is particularly useful for reaching out to important business decision-makers who are not in your network.

Additionally, job seekers can also use InMail to connect with recruiters and share information about their career interests.

 However, users should be cautious when sending multiple InMail messages, as the feature can be expensive and may quickly exhaust your monthly message allowance.

Therefore, it is important to use InMail strategically and selectively to ensure that each message is impactful.

LinkedIn provides an InMail credit to users when the person receiving their InMail messages responds within 90 days.

The reason for offering this credit is that the platform is proud of how well this feature works.

By carefully selecting recipients, the risk of not receiving a response is reduced.

Although your recipients may not respond to your messages, it’s probable that they will at least read them.

According to LinkedIn’s statistics, more than 85% of messages are opened, with approximately 5% of those resulting in a click-through.

These numbers suggest that even if you don’t initiate a conversation, you may still be perceived as making progress toward a sale.

How To Message Recruiters On LinkedIn

Ensure You Have The Correct Recruiter:

To prepare for reaching out to recruiters or hiring managers on LinkedIn, it’s crucial to identify the correct person.

The most effective approach is to search for recruiters by entering your industry and the term “recruiter” in the search bar, such as “marketing recruiter.”

Additionally, you can limit your LinkedIn search to a specific region to locate recruiters in your locality.

However, it’s essential to verify that the recruiter or hiring manager is still actively recruiting and has not changed jobs or industries.

Establish Your First Connect Outside LinkedIn:

Although it may appear counterintuitive, it’s advisable to establish your first point of contact on a different platform than LinkedIn.

 For instance, you can follow a recruiter on Twitter so that they receive a notification containing your name.

This approach makes it possible for them to recognize your name and face when you eventually connect with them on LinkedIn.

Once you’ve connected with a recruiter outside LinkedIn, take the time to check their LinkedIn profile.

 Adjust your privacy settings to allow them to see your name and headline when you view their profile.

This will enable them to view your complete profile in return, and they may even request to connect with you before you ask to connect with them.

Make A Personalized Connection Request:

After finding a recruiter on a different platform and checking out their LinkedIn profile, you’re now prepared to establish a connection with them.

 However, before you click the “Connect” button, hold on. You must first determine what you should communicate.

It’s crucial to include a message when sending connection requests. If you receive a connection request from someone you haven’t met, and they haven’t added a message, would you approve it? Most likely not.

By including a message, you’ll have a greater chance of being accepted when connecting with recruiters on LinkedIn.

What is the most effective approach for initiating communication? To successfully reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn, it’s crucial for job seekers to begin with a personal aspect that can capture their interest.

For example, you could mention having attended the same college as the recruiter, or highlight a mutual connection (in which case, consider asking for an introduction from that person).

Adding a customized message to your LinkedIn connection request can increase the likelihood of it being accepted by recruiters.

Express Gratitude:

Once the recruiter approves your connection request, it’s important to express your gratitude with a personalized message.

 You can thank them for accepting your request and convey your interest in any job opportunities they may have.

It’s wise to network with recruiters even if there aren’t any current job openings, as this can help keep you on their radar.

 Keep your message brief but meaningful, and consider attaching your resume.

 Send Your Resume To The Recruiter:

After your connection request is accepted by the recruiter or hiring manager, you should use email or LinkedIn messages to communicate with them more directly.

To obtain the recruiter’s email address, check the “Contact info” section of their profile. If it is not available, send a message on LinkedIn instead.

In the message, briefly describe your experience, qualifications, and what kind of job you are seeking.

Attach your resume and ask if it would be appropriate to talk on the phone.

Keep In Touch:

You now have knowledge of how to contact recruiters on LinkedIn, but the outcome may not be immediate.

 Recruiters may respond by saying that they will keep your resume on file, which isn’t very encouraging.

However, you can take action to make sure the recruiter remembers you by keeping in touch.

 It’s not a good idea to annoy the recruiter by sending frequent emails asking for job opportunities.

Instead, you can touch base in a casual and friendly way every few months.

For instance, you could send them a link to an article about a new trend in their industry along with a quick message saying that it reminded you of them and hoping they are doing well.

Maintaining a calm and comfortable dialogue can enhance the likelihood of the recruiter recollecting your name, resulting in perceiving you as an amiable and well-informed individual who is willing to assist.

 This persona would be desirable to a potential employer.

After building a significant connection, the recruiter will contact you regarding job openings.

Avoid sending multiple emails or messages to the recruiter’s inbox inquiring about new positions. Instead, occasionally send a message to maintain the connection.

Things To Note When Messaging A Recruiter On LinkedIn

How To Message A Recruiter on LinkedIn

Keep It Professional:

Make sure to use a professional tone while communicating with recruiters, regardless of the communication tools you choose to use.

While it may be okay to use a casual approach while chatting with friends and family, it is crucial to show a professional tone when reaching out to hiring managers or recruiters to maintain a formal relationship.

Cross-Check For Errors:

After a recruiter has indicated their preference for text communication, it is important to be mindful of your language and phrasing.

 Ensure that your text message is accurately written and carefully crafted.

It’s important to use appropriate tone, language, and phrasing when communicating with recruiters or hiring managers through messaging.

Your message should be well-crafted with accurate information to effectively convey your intended message.

Additionally, it’s important to avoid spelling out words, using acronyms or abbreviations, or including emojis or emoticons in your messages.

If you choose to add a signature, make sure it is appropriate for professional use.

Lastly, it’s advisable to proofread your message for grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, and auto-correct errors to avoid any potential embarrassment.

Be Particular:

Recruiters for agencies have to handle several job listings, so they don’t have much time to read lengthy messages.

That’s why it’s important to include only the essential information in your message and avoid any unnecessary content when contacting recruiters.

 Crafting concise and focused messages can improve your chances of getting a response and ensure productive and efficient communication.

Be Polite:

It’s important to be polite when communicating with recruiters or hiring managers.

Keep in mind that they receive numerous messages daily, so sending an impolite message and expecting their help with job opportunities is unproductive.

Therefore, it’s crucial to use polite language to persuade them to reply and assist you in the best way possible.

Be Straightforward:

Recruiters are usually very busy and communicate with potential candidates in a brief and clear manner.

Therefore, when contacting recruiters or hiring managers, it’s crucial to keep your message concise.

It’s best to avoid providing lengthy information about your background and work history.

Recruiters receive many messages each day and cannot afford to read through long ones.

Therefore, your messages should be brief and straight to the point, conveying your message effectively without overwhelming them with numerous questions or requests.

A suitable message should include straightforward yes or no questions that they can respond to quickly.


Reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn could be intimidating, but if you maintain a courteous and businesslike demeanor during the interaction, there is no need to feel anxious about the process of contacting them. In reality, you might even land a job opportunity by doing so.

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