How to Properly Moisturize Your Face

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how to moisturize face
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Moisturizing is very important for everyone’s skin. It should be a part of everyone’s standard routine. Moisturizing helps you re-hydrate your skin leaving it soft and smooth and with such hydration comes the benefit of elasticity and preventing you from aging faster. It is so important to moisturize your face daily and learning how to moisturize face properly.

Moisturizing comes with its pros and cons, whereas it replenishes your skin with lots oils, if done wrongly can result in clogged pores, We all have different types of skin and therefore different methods of moisturizing. Generally we have two types of skin; dry and oily skin of which can be divided into; moderately oily, very oily, moderately dry and very dry skin. How to moisturize face has to done properly. To correctly moisturize your face /body, make sure to check if you have a dry skin or oily skin as it requires two different skin regimen.

How To Moisturize Face (Dry Skin)

Contrary to popular notion, dry skin should not be washed too often as it loses nutrients too fast and can lead to irritating skin. Make sure to moisturize immediately after washing your face so you stay hydrated for a longer time please do not apply too much as that is just a waste and does nothing.

Pick the right formula

Try using a moisturizing cream especially labeled for dry skin or very dry skin as it contains more oil and ensures more hydrated skin; this is better than piling a lot of cream into your face simply because you are using a moisturizing cream for oily skin.

Use a Face Mask

You can also try a face mask especially twice a month to give your skin a lot more added nutrients. For your skin type is sure to include the following ingredients;

  • Olive oil
  • Argan oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Egg yolk
  • Carrot and
  • tomato

How To Moisturize Face (Oily Skin )

Wash more frequently

If you have an oily skin, it is recommended you wash as least twice a day but definitely more and not to use hot water or steam on you face as it rids you of essential fatty acids. Remember to wash your face before going to bed; it helps reduce the amount of dirt that will be clogged on your skin when you wake up.  Wash your pillow covering more often about 2 -3 times a week as they are likely to be clogged with dirt after one night, this is a good practice for every skin type as it keeps your skin healthy and dirt free all night long.

Pick the Right Skin Moisturizer

Use moisturizing lotion intended for oily skin and ensures to use a little quantity as possible of the moisturizing lotion.  Make sure to look for a lotion labeled “normal to oily skin”. Check out the ingredients of the moisturizer, make sure it is a water based moisturizer as it is more preferable and you probably do not need more oil.

Face Mask Regimen

You can also try a face mask but this should not be done for less than 2 weeks at intervals. The ideal Face masks for your oily skin should be an exfoliating face mask as it helps gets rid of dead cells and unclogs your skin pores.  Try using a natural exfoliating face-mask that contains ingredients such as

  • egg whites
  • cucumber
  • milk,
  • lemon
  •  Avocado

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