How To Move On After A Heartbreak And Healthy Ways To Heal

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how to move on after heartbreak

Heartbreak can be very painful. It can disturb your sleep, yourself of sense, and your appetite. In the beginning, sitting with your pain is the best way on how to move on after heartbreak. Take the time to allow yourself to grieve without judgment. Then, take part in constructive activities that help you make sense of what happened and move on with your life.

How to move on after heartbreak

Cut off all contact for real

Absence does not make the heart grow fonder in this case. Absence is just what you need to, process your feelings, cool off, and change your perspective at the end of a relationship. A period of no contact, No texts, emails or social media messages is recommended because you need time and space to get emotional clarity. When you just break up off your relationship, your emotions are all over the place — you will likely miss your ex so much and overlook all the reasons for the breakup in the first place just to have them back again.

Feel the feelings and don’t force yourself to get over it

Getting over a heartbreak can take a lot of work, energy, and time. You might believe you’re over it, then have a dream about your ex and be overcome with feeling all over again. It may take a long time, and that’s fine, so take it easy with yourself. It can help to talk to somebody about it,such as a trusted friend for guidance moving through the feelings.

Don’t shit talk your ex too much

Of course, it feels good to talk trash about your ex with your friends, and hearing that you were better than them from the beginning feels like a medication, but don’t rely on it. Listening to your friends bring down a person who made you feel bad, feels like it should be justified in the grand karmic scheme of things, but your health and happiness need not be dependent on another person’s pain and suffering.

Get the energy out

This is so much needed if you’re feeling a lot of annoyance after a heartbreak. Sadness, anger, grief, anxiety, depression are all energies that want to be let out of your body.

One of the greatest ways to get the energy out is to get out and get moving. Go for a walk, jog, or a run while playing your favorite music through your headphones. Punch a punching bag. Get your sweat on in any way, and do it constantly.


Forgiveness is just not about the other person or letting them go. Forgiveness is about you. In fact, the meaning of forgiveness is to stop feeling annoyance or blame at anyone who has done something wrong.This is a good start on how to move on after heartbreak.

Most times if a relationship didn’t work out, it simply wasn’t meant to be. If we’re coming from a place of full self-esteem, we would know that and move on. But usually in a relationship we feel something like a spark with someone for reasons that we do not understand. Don’t allow this hurt and anger define you while they’re out there moving on and enjoying their life. By letting go, you break the chains that bind you together and allow yourself to live a happy life with the person you are really meant to be with. Write a letter of forgiveness, say a prayer, or have the intention to forgive that person.

Spend a lot of time outside

It’s a cliché, but fresh air will help clear your head after a heartbreak. Take at least two hours from every day just to get out of your Cave of forgotten Dreams and make friends with The Outside.


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