How To Stay Motivated In School

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph April 6, 2023
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How to stay motivated In school
How to stay motivated In school

Let me guess why you are here…… One is, you are a student who is mentally exhausted and looking for motivation to re-energize. Two, you have a friend who is a student and mentally exhausted so you want to be the messiah by looking for a solution.

Or things are rough at home, emotions are high, the alert is not popping as it used to and you are probably wondering how to carry on with school with all that is happening.

If my guesses are correct or seemingly correct, then we are together in this. Yea, I remember my third year in college when I almost hit the rock. I was not only mentally exhausted but physically weary and emotionally unavailable. That’s a lot, right?  

The reality is, college is stressful so anyone who makes it to the end should be celebrated with double honors. Come to think of it! Maybe that is why some universities do celebrate that student in character and in learning. Who knows?

Imagine telling your parents that you want to drop out of college because you are not motivated anymore. Ridiculous right? Do not worry, I have got something for you. I am going to share with you practical tips that will get you back on track with academic activities.  So let’s get it right away.

How To Stay Motivated In School

Consider First Thing, First:

The primary purpose of being in school is the purpose of education. That is why you went through the rigorous process of entrance screening and examinations. Remember when you were shortlisted for admission and how you went over the roof? Nobody said schooling was going to be easy, nobody said it was going to be a walk in the park. But you chose to attend college regardless.

So anytime you are in your lowest moment and wondering how to pull through, remember the excitement you felt the day you were shortlisted and bask in the euphoria of that joy.

Remiscening this day will not only help you reconsider your why but also motivates you for the future. It helps you begin to visualize what your convocation day will be like. Dress in a fine glittering dress with heels for women and double strap shoes for men white a neatly designed two pieces suit, walking through the hallway with people chanting congratulations. I am certain you do not want to miss this moment.

Break Attainable Goals Into Smaller Chunks:

Stop concentrating on the final page count if you’re finding it difficult to write a collaboration tools paper for class since it appears like such a daunting task. Dissect the paper into its portions, then concentrate on each one separately.

Breaking goals into smaller chunks, more manageable portions makes it much simpler to maintain motivation and stop procrastinating. Also, it’s far better for your mental wellness.

Generate New Challenges:

You can maintain interest in what you’re doing by switching up your strategy. Some high school projects have a tendency to become formulaic over time, and you could feel as though you’re just doing what you’re doing. This could make you feel exhausted and unmotivated. To push yourself, switch things up.

If you wrote a historical piece in your course on creative writing last semester, for instance, you might want to start reading a poem this semester. Try choosing a topic you haven’t studied before, like history, if your previous book report was on a biography.

If reading your math course all night has made your eyes hurt, go online for videos with engaging teachers that tackle arithmetic problems in a different way.

Make Assignment Your Priorities:

The fundamental to succeeding in school is maintaining a laser-like focus on your work. When you begin to work on any of your workloads, make a list to gain a general understanding of it. Make a plan next.

It’s best to give your most difficult and time-consuming jobs a top priority. Even though it’s tempting to start with the easiest jobs, starting with both the ones that require additional time and effort can help you better organize your calendar.

Sort your assignments according to significance to figure out your priorities. Then, prioritize your time differently and focus more of your effort on the tasks that will have the biggest effect on your general coursework and grades. You’ll need to schedule your work time over a number of weeks for projects that require more work.

For instance, while it is vital to complete all homework projects, preparing for something like a midterm exam comes before composing an essay for an English class. Consider each activity you do as a step closer to achieving success in college.

Nonetheless, refrain from letting a task go unfinished just because it appears to be “less important.” Please keep in mind that all activities must be finished, regardless of how they may affect your grade.

You’ll feel more driven to do the upcoming, simpler projects if you finish your more challenging and time-consuming studies first. Instead of trying to climb a mountain, picture yourself descending from its summit.

How to stay motivated in school
How to stay motivated in school

Ask For Help:                                                                    

Ask for assistance if needed; your friends and family want you to succeed. Teachers, close relatives, and even school counselors can serve as mentors. They can assist you in developing a study timetable that’s convenient for you and is available to help you achieve your objectives.

See if you can form a targeted study group by speaking out to your acquaintances and fellow students at school. Letting out your anger to others can occasionally benefit your mental health.

Celebrate Your Wins:

A wonderful strategy to get motivated is to give yourself credit for your accomplishments. When you finish a task or assignment, reward yourself right away. Maybe you should switch off your phone and only bring it back on when you’re done with your work. Or, if it helps you, treat yourself by going for a stroll or having a snack.

Celebrate your wins irrespective of how insignificant you think they are. Whether you contributed to group work, solve a difficult problem in class, or get recognized by your lecturer. Celebrate it. The celebration does not necessarily mean throwing a party, something such as treating yourself to ice cream or taking a selfie still counts as a celebration.

Document Your Progress:

Learn how to keep a win journal while in school, this helps you to be motivated when you are in your feelings. Document your journey and process. Keep account of every significant progress either in your journal or Google Drive. Make it accessible so that you can always make references.


Your Weakness And Failures: Success is not the absence of failure, the ability to scale through any circumstance is what count as success. Give equal attention to your failures same way to appreciate your successes. For instance, if you have failed a course before, write it down. Acknowledge it. If you are contented for an elected position and failed, document it. This is will help you to have a better understanding of yourself and the lapses you need to fix.

Study Time Management Techniques:

Have you ever felt as though you couldn’t possibly complete everything you have on your plate? That you lack the will to begin because you believe you will never complete it?

You must improve your time management skills. Using time management techniques will help you maintain a manageable schedule, live a less stressful life, and make the most of your study time.

Also, you’ll realize how busy you really are. Sometimes you need to make some cuts since your table is too full. It’s possible that you have enough time to complete everything, but you’re simply wasting it. Knowing that everything is achievable makes it simpler to stay motivated.

Consult a Professional:

Feeling unmotivated could be a side effect of a few different drugs or a sign of a mental condition. Discuss this with your parents and/or your physician, therapist, or guidance counselor if you’re struggling to stay motivated. You might need to address an underlying issue that is the root of his lack of drive.

Get Involved More:

Being motivated by the thought that another person is depending on you. Participate more in the leisure activities and sports teams at your school. You may be inspired to board the bus throughout the morning by the idea of having an extra-curricular meeting, a sporting event, or an impending occasion in which you will play a significant role. The last thing you want to do is let your teammate down.

Find A Source Of Inspiration:

Sometimes our motivation is low, pictures, poems, and quotes can all offer a much-needed pick-me-up. What motivates you? It might be a message from a friend wishing you luck with your decision or a drawing created by your kid. Inspiration comes from a variety of sources. Discover what functions in your life and keep them nearby!


Remember your initial motivation for pursuing a degree throughout the entire process. Think of yourself as fortunate toward being able to follow your passions and build a profession in them.

Choose any of these suggestions that resonate with you the most, and use them to keep yourself inspired and productive throughout the semester. I am rooting for you!

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