Hulk Hogan Net Worth, Biography and Career

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Hulk Hogan Net Worth
Hulk Hogan Net Worth

Terry Gene Bollea who is better known as Hulk Hogan is an American professional wrestler, musician, actor, television personality, and entrepreneur. If you are very familiar with this legendary wrestler, you will realize that he can easily be recognized by his large frame, long white hair, handlebar mustache, and trademark feather boas.

While growing up, this wrestler was into music and Baseball sport. but he later chose wrestling as his sport. That decision has made him what he is today as he became a very popular wrestler and garnered several fans who he referred to as “Hulkamaniacs” in his interviews.

His career started when he met trainer Hiro Matsuda who came through and put him through all he needed to know as a wrestler. He came into the limelight when he appeared alongside Sylvester Stallone in the movie ‘Rocky III.’ Since this incident, he had enough fans and he became famous.

Hulk Hogan (Age, Parents & Education)

Hulk Hogan was born on the 11th of August 1953, in Augusta, Georgia, USA to his parents whose names are Pietro Bollea and Ruth V. Bollea. Talking about the occupation of his parents, his father is a construction foreman while his mother is a dance teacher.

This amazing family moved to Port Tampa, Florida when he was quite young. He would have probably been a professional baseball player if not for the injury he sustained in his childhood. One of the things he was also involved in while growing up was the Fretless bass guitar.

He played this for nearly a decade for Florida-based rock bands. The Legendary wrestler attended ‘Hillsborough Community College’ and the ‘University of South Florida. He later dropped out of school so as to focus on his musical career and that brought about the ‘Ruckus’ band in 1976 with a couple of signed musicians.

Around this Florida region, a lot of wrestling competitions were organized, hence many wrestlers would head to the bars in Florida where ‘Ruckus’ performed. Hulk Hogan discovered that his area of expertise is in wrestling as Jack and Gerald Brisco, brothers and tag team partners, noticed him and were impressed by his physique.

Being motivated by the Brisco brothers, he left music and started training under Hiro Matsuda, who was known for training wrestlers for ‘Championship Wrestling from Florida’ (CWF).

Hulk Hogan Wife and Children

Talking about his relationship and the personal life of this legendary personality, Hulk Hogan is happily married to Linda Claridge. He found love in the eyes of this great woman and got married to her on 18th December 1983. They are proud parents of two children; a daughter and a son whose names are Brooke and Nick respectively. Due to some dispute that is very common among celebrities, they separated in 2007 and he later got married again to a lady named Jennifer McDaniel in 2010.

Hulk Hogan Net Worth

Hulk Hogan Net Worth is estimated to be $30 Million. His net worth is a result of his success in the wrestling world and because of the titles, he has won. A good amount of his fortune also comes from his appearance in movie roles, endorsement deals, and music.

As we all know, few celebrities mismanage their funds, run into a scandal, get into trouble due to tax evading, or whatever. Hulk Hogan is one of the few unlucky ones as he was living a lavish lifestyle and he almost went bankrupt when he ran into a scandal and divorce issue. All thanks to the fact that he did not go into bankruptcy.

Hulk Hogan Career, Wrestling, Movies, Songs & Awards

After training for a year with Matsuda, he got the opportunity to fight Brian Blair on August 10, 1977, and when things didn’t work out with Matsuda, he left him and CWF. He planned and decided to partner with his friend Ed Leslie (Brutus Beefcake) to form a tag-team and joined ‘Louie Tillet’s Alabama Territory.’

In Alabama, they wrestled as ‘The Boulder Brothers.’ After some time, they quit ‘Tillet’s Territory’ for ‘Continental Wrestling Association (CWA) in Memphis when the promoter Jerry Jarrett offered them $800 a week.

Hogan started becoming successful and famous as he won his first wrestling championship after defeating Bob Roop for the ‘NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Championship’ in 1979. In 1979, Vincent McMahon gave him an opportunity to join WWF.

He was unstoppable as he won his first match at WWF by defeating Harry Valdez. In 1979, he suffered his first big feud with Andre the Giant in which Hogan was defeated.

He kept pushing through as he also participated in the ‘New Japan Pro Wrestling’ in the 1980s, where he displayed more traditional and technical wrestling maneuvers and adopted the ‘Axe Bomber’ as his finishing move.

The Japanese loved and admired him so much and that earned him the nickname ‘Ichiban’ (Number 1). He achieved super-stardom and came into full limelight when he won his first ‘WWF Heavyweight Championship belt in 1984 after defeating the Iron Sheik.

He remained the WWF champion for 1,474 days from 1984 to 1988. He kept breaking boundaries as he won the ‘Royal Rumble matches in 1990 and 1991, becoming the first wrestler to win consecutive rumble matches. Hogan pinned Sgt Slaughter at ‘WrestleMania VII’ in 1991 for his third ‘WWF Championship title.

However, he lost the title to The Undertaker in the ‘Survivor Series.’ After a mere six days, Hogan won it back but due to Rick Flair’s intervention, the title was declared vacant.

In 1994, Hulk Hogan joined Ted Turner’s ‘World Championship Wrestling’ (WCW) and defeated Ric Flair in his debut match to become the ‘WCW World Heavyweight Champion.’ He defended the title for 15  months and he lost it to The Giant, but the title was later declared vacant on a contract clause basis.

He won the ‘WCW Heavyweight Championship’ for the second time after defeating The Giant in 1996 and after 12 months, he lost it to Luger by submission. Only five days later, he regained the title, before losing it to Sting. The title was declared vacant after several controversies; Sting won it eventually at the ‘Superbrawl VII.’

In 1998, Hulk Hogan defeated Savage in a much-interrupted ‘no-disqualification match which won him his fourth ‘WCW Heavyweight Championship and he eventually lost it to Goldberg later that year. He is always unstoppable as he defeated Kevin Nash for his fifth ‘WCW Heavyweight Championship’ in 1999.

‘Nature Boy Ric Flair bested him in a ‘Steel Cage First Blood Match’ at ‘WCW Uncensored’ to take the title from him the same year. His final ‘WCW Heavyweight Championship’ came in 1999 when he defeated Savage.

After all the victories, he returned to WWF in 2002 at the ‘No Way Out event. He won his sixth ‘WWF Championship’ at ‘Backlash,’ before losing it to The Undertaker at ‘Judgment Day.’

In 2002, he teamed up with Edge and won his first ‘WWE World Tag Team Championship’. Shortly after, Hogan lost against Brock Lesnar when the latter lost consciousness courtesy of a bear hug.

Despite Hogan losing consciousness, Lesnar thrashed him mercilessly. As a result, Hogan went on a hiatus. He returned and defeated Vince McMahon in ‘WrestleMania XIX’ in 2003, which left Vince furious.

Subsequently, he made Hulk Hogan sit out the remainder of his contract. The legendary wrestler disguised himself as a wrestler named Mr. America and debuted on SmackDown, after which Vince McMahon made several unsuccessful attempts to reveal his true identity.

After the SmackDown show went off-air, Mr. America took off his mask to reveal his true identity and quit the WWE show in 2003.

In addition to being a wrestler, he has also acted in several movies, including ‘Suburban Commando,’ ‘Rocky III,’ ‘And Mr. Nanny,’ ‘No Holds Barred,’ ‘Spy Hard,’ and ‘Santa with Muscles.

Hulk Hogan opened a beachfront restaurant called ‘Hogan’s Beach,’ situated in the Tampa area, in 2012. Lastly, Hulk Hogan as a wrestler was honored at ‘Madison Square Garden during a live WWE event on February 27, 2015.

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