I was the happiest guy when I met you at age 21, a virgin. On her birthday, Israeli DMW praises his wife

vincity June 4, 2023
Updated 2023/06/04 at 7:44 PM
Isreal and wife
Isreal and wife

Isreal DMW, the artist Davido’s logistics manager, praised his wife for holding onto her virginity till marriage.

Isreal thanked his wife for retaining her chastity while celebrating her birthday today.

Isreal admitted that his fondest moment was when he first saw her at age 21 while still a virgin.

He observed that a lady being a virgin is now rare and uncommon in Nigeria generally as well as Benin, where they both originate from.

 “My dearest wife. Meeting you as a virgin  at 21, makes me the happiest man forever. It is never common in our Benin and Nigeria. Never at all. Thanks so much”.

Isreal DMW ties the knot

On Thursday, October 20, 2022—the usual wedding day—the couple exchanged vows.

The couple’s native Benin City hosted the traditional white wedding.

Isreal and Sheila appeared in pictures wearing a traditional attire common to the people of Edo State.

The pair celebrated their white wedding with Davido, Chioma, the Cubana Chief Priest, and the DMW team in attendance two days after the traditional wedding.

As Israel’s DMW celebrates his wife’s 22nd birthday, fans are in shock.

Isreal DMW sparked a commotion online earlier in the day when he disclosed the age of his wife Sheila Courage.

Isreal shared the birthday of his wife, who is 22 years old, on his Instagram page.

Isreal declared his love for his wife in his birthday greeting.

“My beloved wife. Greetings on your 22nd birthday. Love you always.

On her part, his wife had thanked God for his favours and gifts.

Sheila admitted she had originally intended to write a lengthy caption, but had changed her mind. “I honestly wanted to write a long caption, but what can I say? I’m helped by God himself, and I’m grateful for all the blessings and gifts ABBA has made available until me….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COCO. ABBA’s Delight”.

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