Bridal Hair Inspiration: Ideas for Stunning Wedding Day Hairstyles

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph July 14, 2023
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Bridal hairstyles
Bridal hairstyles

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion filled with love, joy, and celebration.

As the bride, your hairstyle plays a vital role in completing your overall bridal look. Choosing the perfect bridal hairstyle requires careful consideration of your personal style, wedding theme, dress, and facial features.Bridal hairstyles

During this journey, we will delve into different bridal hairstyles, offering inspiration and guidance to help you achieve a breathtaking and timeless look for your special day.


Different Bridal hair styles

Before doing any bridal hairstyle, there are things you must put into consideration which include;

Personal style and comfort: Consider your personal style, whether it’s romantic, classic, boho, or modern, and pick a haircut that complements your preferences. Additionally, be sure that the hairstyle you choose is one that will allow you to move freely and enjoy your wedding day.

personal style and comfort

Wedding theme and dress: Consider both the design and neckline of your dress as well as the general attitude and theme of your wedding. Your hairdo should harmonize with these components and improve the entire bridal image.

Some bridal hairstyles include:

Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyles

Effortless waves: Enhance your natural texture with loose, cascading waves, framing your face and offering a relaxed and romantic look.

Effortless wave

Braided half-up style: Incorporate delicate braids into a half-up, half-down hairstyle, adding intricacy and texture while keeping your hair off your face. This hairstyle combines the best of both worlds, with part of the hair pulled up and the rest left down. It offers a balanced and flattering look for various hair lengths.

half plaided

Floral accents: Adorn your half-up hairstyle with fresh flowers, delicate hair accessories, or bejeweled clips for a whimsical and romantic touch.

Floral accent


Classic Bridal Updos

Elegant chignon: Create a timeless and sophisticated look with a low or high chignon, adding twists, braids, or intricate detailing for a touch of elegance. The chignon is a classic bun style that can be worn low or high on the head. It’s versatile and works well with veils and hair accessories.



Graceful bun: Opt for a sleek and polished bun, either positioned at the nape of your neck or higher up, to achieve a refined and chic bridal style.


Romantic updo: Embrace soft curls, twists, or braids woven into an ethereal updo, exuding romance and femininity.



Vintage-Inspired Bridal Glamour

Retro waves: Emulate the glamour of old Hollywood with classic, glamorous waves, elegantly styled to one side or cascading down your shoulders.

Retro waves

Victory rolls: Channel vintage charm with victory rolls, sculpted curls, or pin-up inspired hairstyles, adding a touch of retro sophistication to your bridal look.

Victory roll

Birdcage veil: Pair your vintage-inspired hairstyle with a birdcage veil for a nod to classic elegance and timeless glamour.



Bohemian and Natural Bridal Styles

Loose boho waves: Embrace loose, tousled waves for a carefree and bohemian-inspired bridal look, perfect for outdoor or beach weddings. Effortless, beachy waves paired with floral accents create a bohemian, relaxed vibe perfect for boho-chic brides.

Losse boho

Floral crowns: Complete your boho style with a flower crown, adorning your loose waves or braids for a nature-inspired and ethereal aesthetic.

floral crowns

Textured braids: Incorporate braids, fishtails, or twists into your hairstyle, creating a textured and bohemian-inspired look that complements a laid-back bridal vibe.

textured braids


Accessories and Finishing Touches

Statement hairpieces: Incorporate a statement hairpiece, such as a crystal-encrusted comb, a delicate tiara, or a sparkling headband, to add an extra touch of bridal glamour.


Veils: Choose from a variety of veil styles, such as cathedral, fingertip, or blusher veils, to complement and elevate your chosen hairstyle.


Fresh flowers: Enhance your bridal look with fresh flowers, whether tucked into an updo, woven into a braid, or worn as a crown, adding natural beauty and a touch of romance.

fresh flowers

Other types of bridal hairstyles Include;

  • The traditional updo includes drawing the hair up and tying it at the back of the head. It is a classy and timeless hairstyle. It is a flexible option that goes well with a variety of bridal gown designs. This traditional updo is the most common and often used because it is free and simple, making you feel comfortable and not worry about the hair dangling at your back.
  • Soft, flowing curls that cascade over the shoulders give off a beautiful, ethereal appearance. Both long and medium-length hair may be worn in this hairstyle.
  • Braided Updo: A sophisticated and distinctive touch is added to the bridal hairstyle by weaving intricate braids into an updo.
  • Sleek Bun: A low bun or high bun that is sleek and polished radiates elegance and refinement is perfect for formal weddings.
  • Braided Crown: A crown braid that is wrapped around the head like a halo gives the bride’s appearance a bohemian and fairy-tale feel.
  • Ponytail with Volume: A voluminous ponytail that is tall at the crown gives the bridal hairdo drama and modernity.
  • Classic French Twist: A refined and classy French twist is a classic choice that oozes refinement and elegance.
  • Sleek Straight: Brides with naturally straight hair can create a beautiful and contemporary bridal style by wearing their hair sleek and straight.
  • Old Hollywood waves or retro-inspired finger waves provide a hint of vintage glitz to the bride’s appearance.
  • Messy Bun: A creatively messy bun that frames the face with loose tendrils provides a touch of carefree charm and goes well with a more casual wedding look.
  • A side-swept updo is a romantic, asymmetrical design that is ideal for showcasing beautiful earrings. Hair is pulled to one side and shaped into the updo.


On your wedding day, your bridal hairstyle should complement your inherent beauty and represent your own flair. You may choose a hairstyle that enhances your entire bridal look by taking into account elements like your own style, the wedding theme, your clothing, and your facial characteristics. Remember to pick a hairstyle that makes you feel beautiful, confident, and prepared to go down the aisle, whether you decide on a traditional updo, a romantic half-up style, a bohemian-inspired appearance, a retro glamorous wave, or any other style that speaks to you. You will project timeless elegance with the proper haircut as you set off on this memorable journey of love and pleasure.

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