IGTV- What you need to know about Instagram TV And How To Use It

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What You Need To Know About Instagram TV ( IGTV ), And How To Use It

Have you noticed the lovely new button on your Instagram handle? It is called IGTV ( Instagram TV ) Yes, it is the latest innovative addition to make your video sharing experience so much better.

IGTV, this remarkable new button is a video tab integrated to work on your Instagram page which allows you to make and share videos up to 1 hour long. This new feature – IGTV – enables Instagram user to view and upload longer videos. As described by the Instagram press, this new product is created to explore the full power of vertical video fully.

When defined by Rochelle Chhaya, managing partner – Investment at Omnicom Media Group Singapore, he said “With the increasing importance of video, this just means that now marketers will not only need to optimise between screens but also between delivery platforms,” Therefore, with the full understanding of the importance of Video in the ever dynamic world, Instagram seeks to connect the limitations of mobile video streaming which many other video streaming channels like YouTube are still a long way off.

What makes IGTV unique

Instagram TV comes with the several unique features such as the power of easy scalability; this means that no matter the screen resolution of your smart device, this sturdy little button is customized to reorganize to suit your device without any such limitations in usage.

Also, IGTV comes with simplicity features: you can quickly view Videos without having to check or search for videos made by the people you are following, as soon as you open your Instagram app, you can quickly view and explore all of this videos in an easy interface.

This application allows you to comment; view videos ranging from videos directly sent to you, videos for following, favorite videos and access previously viewed videos. You can quickly do this using the following added buttons; “For You,” “Following,” “Popular” and “Continue Watching.”

IGTV is also integrated to resemble your TV services because it has varieties of channels and also, you can create your Instagram TV channel. The Idea behind than innovative little “button” is to increase the connection link between you and everything in your world and the World at large.

IGTV is a whole new platform within a platform. A vertical video can easily be shoot on your device, uploaded on Instagram TV and shared. This new app – IGTV- is user-friendly and you can make your video without any expensive equipment.

How to use IGTV

If you have recently updated your Instagram app on your device,  you probably have the IGTV feature already. Just tap on the little TV icon on the top right side of your app or download the IGTV app on your device – can be downloaded in iOS store and Google play store. When downloaded ;

  • Open the IGTV app
  • Click on continue – you do not need to sign up or login if you have your Instagram app installed already

When logged in, you will the following categories mentioned below

  • ‘For you’ tab: here, IGTV suggests videos that you might like.
  • ‘Following’ tab: shows you videos by the creators you already follow on Instagram.
  • ‘popular’ tab: you find the trending videos here.
  • ‘continue watching’ tab: to continue watching videos you watched before.

When you come across a video,  it starts to play on the background without sound, to really watch,  tap on the video to get on full screen with the sounds enabled. You can search for videos and also browse for videos from users that you are following . You can continue watching videos  where you left off with the ‘continue watching’ tab on IGTV. You can swipe right to left to move from one video to another. To navigate on this app is straight forward,  it keeps you hooked, switching from video to video, browsing videos and uploading your videos also.

How to create your IGTV channel

  • Tap on your profile photo
  • Select create my channel
  • Give your channel your name and your channel is created.

How to upload videos on IGTV

  • Click on your profile button on IGTV home screen.
  • Click on either the ‘+’ button or the ‘upload video’.
  • Allow IGTV to access videos from your device.
  • Select the video you want to upload.
  • Fill in the important details -name, description – and a video cover.

The video format for upload is Mp4, the maximum file for 10 minutes videos is 650MB, and the maximum size for 1 hour video is 5.4MB. For now,  IGTV doesn’t allow video recording from the camera like Instagram,  you can like and comment on other users videos. IGTV doesn’t allow filters or goofy faces to mask faces in videos, as of now,  we can assume it is purely meant for proper videos. You can also cross post videos to your Facebook page.  For now, you can not get money from uploading videos on IGTV but when the app grows, you can know to expect. You can create your channel, post contents and create an audience with this technology .


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