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“I’m traumatised” Woman whose partner was shot after she refused Burna Boy’s advances in a Lagos club recounts what transpired

by Busytape
"I'm traumatised" Woman whose partner was shot after she refused Burna Boy's advances in a Lagos club recounts what transpired

The lady who denied Burna Boy’s overtures at a nightclub, culminating in the sh0oting of her partner and his friend, has spoken out about the incident.

Briella said that she, her partner, her best friend, and her spouse traveled from America and London to Nigeria for the wedding of a childhood friend.

On June 8, 2022, after the wedding, they headed to Cubana Lagos nightclub to celebrate the newlyweds.

They were enjoying themselves in the VIP section of the club when she said that a man approached her on behalf of Burna Boy.

She said that she informed the man that she is married and has no interest in Burna.

The man returned a second time, to which she provided the same response.

When he arrived a third time claiming that Burna wanted to see her, the group with Briella became agitated with Burna’s friend, which led to a confrontation.

The verbal altercation developed into a physical altercation, and Cubana security intervened to end the altercation.

As Burna’s friends returned to their seats, another altercation broke out, prompting security to interfere once again.

However, Briella said that Burna’s friends began firing…

She said that the ensuing turmoil prevented her from locating her partner and best friend.

In this state of confusion, she said that one of Burna’s friends lifted her up and flung her “so violently” to the ground, injuring her left shoulder.

She said that one of her friends attempted to get Burna to talk with his boys, but he laughed and left the club with his security.

She stated that Burna Boy’s friends were also firing at those trying to exit the club and “didn’t care who got hit.”

She further said that when she reached a location she believed to be secure, the man who first approached her on behalf of Burna noticed her and asked, “You were the one doing shakara, right?”

She said that he then reached into his trousers to get something like a pistol, but her friends intervened to protect her.

She said that she subsequently learned that her partner had been shot in the head and that his friend had been hit in the leg.

She added that the incident had traumatized her, and after seeing Burna Boy’s reaction, she has felt much worse.

After the incident was reported, Burna Boy responded incoherently.

He tweeted: “Nigerian social media can say Burna Boy started Boko Haram, e no go sh0ck me.”

Read Briella’s post below.

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Felicia Renee Hopkins June 22, 2022 - 7:42 am

To the world now listen they acted like that I wouldn’t never go back to that club screw them ignorant fools real grown men don’t behave like that a real man has respect dignity class about them self they should have named them self ghetto boys foreal


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